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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz C-Class Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hi,
    Yep, I just help another dude got a better deal than me, he got the same thing like I got but w/ pano roof and tele aid for $500 more.
    I don't think I am allow to post dealer name on this forum. I tried to pm you but I could not find out how to pm. Anyway, I will email you the dealer if you give me your email.
  • Since my first post, a couple of days ago here is what I have learned. Would love some others to help.

    The dealers in my area will sell the 2009 c300 sport 4matic at invoice (in my case thats about $3,000 under sticker with p1,p2,mm,ipod and lit sills). Invoice was not too difficult to get to - so I am trying to determine how much below invoice is possible.

    The 2008's have an additional $2000 in dealer incentive money from MB.

    No finance incentives on new cars just certified pre own.

    I am an extended warranty buyer - we keep our cars 5 to 6 years and drive about 12K a year. When we resell its always easier with a transferable warranty and we like having the big items covered. The MB 7yr/100k warranty is attractive to us but runs $4605. We are being quoted 10% off the warranties.

    Anyone have info to improve my leverage?
  • 604doc604doc Posts: 182
    Name of dealership ok, individual sales people not so much. :)
  • Thanks for your pricing experience comments and would you state what your area of the county you are in?
  • Hi,
    I am planning to buy the 2008 Merc C300. And my dealer mentioned that they are out of C300 and offered me a C350 in Red color with P2 package for $35,250 ..I got abt $3500 rebate from what he said and $1000 as transfer of vehicle from diff dealer..

    Can you please advise me if this is a worth price to pay...

    Also can you please PM me the dealer in tampa bay who offered you upto $10K off.. My email id

    Cool Buddy
  • cuoinon,
    Can you please PM me the dealer info. I am buying a C350 this weekend and would really be thankful if you can email me the particulars and options.. I see you got a great deal here... My personal email

    Cool Buddy
  • After dithering for a month, I'm almost ready to pull the trigger on purchasing this car. I live in central Jersey and though some dealers seem to have limited inventory, others indicate that I can still get the options and color I want.

    I've received a quote of $33,500 for the following:

    2008 C300 4MATIC
    P1 Package
    Metallic paint
    iPod Integration Kit
    Destination charge

    Although this seems pretty good, I'm a little concerned that two dealers had no problem meeting this price. Can I do better?
  • allenj - Sounds like a decent deal. What dealer are you working with - Ray Catena?

  • Seems like an invoice minus $2,000 dealer cash deal. I would shoot for another $2,000-2500 more off if it's on their lot.
  • AJAY - I am in the Northest (New England) area.
  • You can do better..coz from my dealer Mercedes is offering the dealers $3k to $4k refund to get rid of 2008. I am also looking for the same car.. Plz keep me posted on the best offer u get and I will do like wise..
  • No, I'm not working with Ray Catena. Of the five dealers I contacted, Catena was the worst. They would not provide an internet quote and kept phoning me even though I told them it was easier to contact me by e-mail. The closest I came to a quote was "a couple of hundred over invoice".
  • Yeh, you're right. Using Edmunds' numbers, invoice on this car is $34,954. Add the $875 destination charge and you're at $35,829.

    I know there's some dealer holdback involved but I've always understood you should never get involved in a discussion on holdbacks (Consumer Reports says you should!).

    Interesting to hear that the incentive may actually be more than $2,000 in some areas (as mentioned by coolbuddy).
  • My lease ends on my current vehicle(Maxima) in 5mos. Should I trade now to take advantage of the dealer cash on the '08 C350s or wait till my lease ends?

    When I went in July, the dealer cash promo wasn't on, just the lease special. They wanted me to put some ridiculous amt down and still my payment was going to be 700-800. I'm probably 3500-4000 upside down right now on my car. Thanks.
  • I got mine from from Lokey Mercedes, I would recomend this guy who has almost the same first name with indi colt quaterback last name. He took good care of me, went over everything, and got the best deal for me :) . Just tell manny, I send you, he will know the deal.
    good luck,

  • Ok - so far the best I can do on a 2009 C-300 is invoice. I do have the 7 yr/100K warranty (list at $4620) down to $3800 (first offer was a 10% discount) but have not tried the people in California who will sell an MB warranty for $200 over cost (not sure if that is less than $3800). I want to add the clear bra anddoor edge treatments - which is now down to $695 (from $795). Still not an overall good enough deal to pull the trigger. Can anyone out there tell me if the possibility exists to purchase a 2009 C300 (sport 4matic) BELOW invoice? Plus the exact car I want is not any lot in my immediate area - so 1 dealership wants trucking costs....Cheaper to have one built for me? May wait till mid winter in the end...unless October has incentives. If you are buying a C300 sport 4matic please post so we can all learn from each other...thanks!
  • 2008 Merc C-300 (RWD) + P2 + IPOD+ Multimedia + some extras.. MSRP at 39950, Got it for $35600 + Tax @3.9%APR....Plz let me know that is ok..or did I loose any thing on it...Checked with about 5 dealers and that was the best I got...
  • Coolbuddy, if your new car has metallic paint and the price included the destination charge then, yes, you got a pretty good deal. Otherwise, no.

    The car I'm thinking of buying (2008 C300 4MATIC with P1 package) is now $33,000, down from the original $33,500 I was quoted.
  • Just today, I was quoted $1,400 below invoice on a 2009 model (not the sports model). And this was BEFORE any negotiating!

    Don't know what what the policy is in your area but where I live there is no charge (to the customer) for trucking within a 100 mile radius.
  • Hi allenj:

    I live in NJ too, could you tell me what dealer is offering you below invoice pricing? I went to Millenium in bridgewater and Morristown, and both are quoting small discounts to msrp. I want a C300 sport with automatic.
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