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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz C-Class Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • algavalgav Posts: 1
    Can you tell me the miles per year, and what state are you in. How long did it take to negotiate the deal, and was the car in stock.

    This is the same car I am considering.

    thank you
  • The car was purchased in Athens, GA - and the lease was 12,000 miles. The sales people were great and everything was done over the phone. They car was located in South Carolina and they paid the trucking into GA. I understand the MF MB Credit is offering has increase somewhat this past Monday. If you need any other info. let me know. Hope this helps.
  • hi, what dealer in ca did you go to?
  • severan, i am getting ready to get a C350 at MB Bellevue, WA as well. Looking at the same options that you have. Wondering if you can share the sales guy name with me. Thanks!
  • Thanks for all the information I exchanged on this website. I pulled the trigger yesterday:

    c300 4matic Sport
    P1 package + Metallic Paint + iPod Kit
    27 months, 15k miles/year
    Residual 65%, MF .0025
    MSRP 39500, Sale 34400+Tax+Title
    1st payment $571, monthly $571.

    I had the option of taking 12k miles/year with 67% Residual, coming out to be $543 monthly with $543 1st payment. But for $750 more I was getting 7300 miles, which is 10 cents/mile. Purchasing later would be 20 cents/ miles. Thought would go with peace of mind.
  • Nice deal! Can you tell me where you got it? I'm looking for a similar setup and also in CA.

  • denebjdenebj Posts: 16
    Hello guys,

    I am looking at some C350 Year 2008, I saw one with P2, multimedia at 40k, do you think I can get it at 32k OTD ? I am seeing a couple of 6k off MSRP on 2009 models on this page so for me it would be 10k off MSRP. Am I dreaming ? I will pull the trigger on a new car probably end of january, so if there is still some 2008 out there it could be realistic ?

  • 10k off MSRP could be a feat. I got 5k off from MSRP (on a 2009) and it was like pulling teeth for weeks. It almost appeared to me that additional incentives from Mercedes may be needed for the dealer to bring it down further. Who knows, that may be coming up due to weakening economy. Not sure about your area, I couldn't find a 2008 C-class in DC Metro area.
  • PowerFx drop me an email : severan AT
  • I have been reading all these postings about such great deals on this forum page, but no one is letting the true consumer know where to purchase these great deals. I would like to know where these numbers are coming from on this forum page since not one list where thy bought from or who sold them this car. I think that most of this information is nothing but wishfull thinking from poor consumers who are sent out trying to purhcase/lease with similiar parameters that never existed. How much BullS#*t can you produce on one subect. Why isnt there a truthful statement on this site rather than false expectations and eronious numbers?

    Where is the TRUTH??? I have waisted several days driving from store to store with not even being close to what is posted here.

    Good luck to those that are in the market but beware of the B.S. listed below!!!
  • whit5whit5 Posts: 59
    if your interested in a 08 c350, there was one at Foreign motors west in Natick,MA ,They offered it to me at $10k off sticker, i think sticker was $44k. it was loaded ,had all...that was 6 weeks ago. It was dark blue exterior with black interior. if it was white or silver i would of bought it. if you call ask for WILL, tell him Gary sent you, he will take care of you very well. great guy. Or ask for Lenny the sales manager. Good luck
  • whit5whit5 Posts: 59
    i hear you on that , no one lists where they got there deals. thus the reason i posted one where i was offered a deal and gave dealer name and contacts.
    people if u truely have a deal and have made a purchase why not list where u got this great deal , otherwise its all BS. :confuse:
  • whit5whit5 Posts: 59
    Also my friend just bought a 2009 c300 4matic sport from Foreign motors west in Natick, MA at $500 month lease, 12k yr, $4k down...if you want similar deal contact Will or Lenny . tell them Gary sent you.
    i dont know any other info on the lease terms above. just know his Dp and payments. i think residual was 57%.
  • denebjdenebj Posts: 16
    Thanks !! so it seems possible !! I am in Dallas so it is quite far :) I will contact the dealer and see what kind of price he can give me.
    A question though, I prefer to contact the dealer by email, how do you get an offer ?, I mean, do you just ask for a quote and wish that he will say to you, "it is 5k off msrp" ? Is there a classic email ?

    Thanks, it is my first car so I am a newbie :)
  • e2009e2009 Posts: 23
    I find the best way to obtain an offer from a dealer is to go to MBUSA web site and build your vehicle. The web site will take to any dealer in the USA by state and city. Select your distance that you are willing to travel to buy your vehicle. You can compare prices from other web sites. Most dealer reply within a day or so. The E-mail goes to the Internet Department of the dealer you selected. You can just ask for a quote on the vehicle with the options you requested. You can ask for E-mail reply only but some will call anyway. After you receive a few quotes you will get an idea of the prices available. You may want to check with your Auto Club and Costco to use as a base in pricing. Most dealers handles the request very well.
  • gotgt3gotgt3 Posts: 34
    Nice numbers. I've been shopping and got slightly higher numbers for p01, no ipod, no metallic paint. How did you get them to go down to 34K? Also this is for the 2009 model right? Do you tell them to throw in the paint etc once you've passed the impasse? I am not sure how to get the number I want at this stage...
  • gotgt3gotgt3 Posts: 34
    How did you get the dealer to pay the 1st payment? Do you still have to pay the TTL or the dealer agreed to the 1st payment and taxes title tags for you?
  • whit5whit5 Posts: 59
    a dealer will never agree to pay TTL, unlesss of course they robbed you on the price of the car and your paying MSRP, then im sure they will... 1st month you can sometimes get out of them...sometimes.
  • Yes it is a 2009 model, but didn't have the recent price increase on the tag ($39,500). Remember Mercedes increased the price by $800 in October. So the same car also sells for $40,300.

    I negotiated with EuroMotors in Gaithersburg first (Fred Gordon), he came down to 34,800. Then I called up the internet sales lady (Rebecca Raines) at HBL in Tysons, and challenged her to beat the price. Also told her that she needs to account for Maryland's low processing fees of $99 vs Virginia's $300. So she had her sales manager call me up. He offered the deal without wasting any time at all. $34,400 inclusive of processing fee + tax + title + aquisition fee. I stopped by the dealership on my way back from work, picked up the car in 45 minutes.

    I think it helps if you can look up their online inventory, pick a car and then call them up with your offer for that particular car. That is how I negotiated, for the whole car I want which in their parking lot.

    I tried to negotiate for a better MF with both EuroMotors and HBL, but they didn't budge. 0.0025 is what Mercedes offered for this lease and there was nothing they wanted to do about it.

    Good luck!
  • MBProMBPro Posts: 5
    There's a lot of misinformation about money factors floating around these posts. Before you accept what you read as gospel, keep in mind that nowhere on a lease contract is the money factor printed. Mercedes money factors have not changed during December.
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