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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz C-Class Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Mercedes C300 sport 4matic 2009
    P1 package
    Wood trim
    MSRP 42890 quoted 39500 (500$ below invoice)
    MF 0.002
    Lease for 39 months/12000 K
    Payment: 471$/month, Upfront = 3350 downpayment + 795 Acquisition + First month payment + Tax. Residual value = 55 % at 39 months
  • jgurajgura Posts: 16
    I think I did some serious damage on this one and I wanted to post here after lurking enough around the forum.

    2009 C300 Luxury 4MATIC with P1
    MSRP - 39850
    39 Mo Lease
    12,000 Mi/yr
    $2480 Down at Closing
    $439/mo INCL NJ Taxes

    !!!!!!!! I think this was way below invoice.Go get em this month guys as I think Feb may change the residuals lower.....
  • dannnvdannnv Posts: 6
    I am looking to pull the trigger in a new 2009 C350 with P02, MultiM, Leather, AMG wheels. I see lots of confusing prices with people talking about leases but I am buying. I think I should be able to get a pretty good deal on this since I have heard many people opt for the C300.
    Can anybody confirm they paid below invoice and about how far below? I am not looking to hammer this dealer I just want to get a good deal. I got about 10% off my current 1999 C280 when I bought it. Can I get about the same now on the 2009???
  • liche90liche90 Posts: 25
    yea you can probably get 10% off.
  • dannnvdannnv Posts: 6
    Thanks. What are you basing this on? Anybody else buy a C350 and get in this range? Is this really pushing ? I just think MB has to be giving incentives to sell below the so-called 7% invoice price with the market down.
  • I took delivery of my C350 last month. Similar configuration, also with the Pan. roof and ipod connection and was able to get a 10% discount
    here in GA. Hope this info. helps. BTW, I leased for 39 mos.
  • dannnvdannnv Posts: 6
    SO another person who leased. DOes nobody buy anymore? So would you expect the same deal on car price whether buying or leasing? I don;t want to push the buy price if there is a reason the lease price is less. Thanks .
  • To me, it made more sense to lease for the following reasons. If I purchased the car, total cost including 7% GA tax would be $44,390.
    After 39 months, the car's value is around $23,500.

    With the lease, I paid no money down. Everything was included in my monthly payment of $555. The dealer paid my first month's payment so I will pay a total of $21,090. (38mos x 555.) and the car after the 39 months is worth $23,500, so I could purchase it or just walk away. For me, it was the same as purchasing except my money stayed in the bank. If you add the 21,090 plus the residual value of 23,500, it's basically the same as if I purchased it. Now I also don't care if the car's value declines further over the 39 month period. Either way, the dealer gets his selling price, from you or MB leasing.
  • dannnvdannnv Posts: 6
    Thanks. You must have a different config. What was sticker including delivery.
  • We're in the market for a pre-owned 2008-09 C300 Sport. A local MB dealer has a certified pre-owned 2009 C300 Sport: P01, AMG Sport wheels, Auto tranny & Ipod. With under 300 miles on the clock.

    I've been following this forum and the general consensus for price paid for a new C300 Sport is around $4-5K below MSRP. But I have no clue where to begin with an almost 2009 C300 Sport with only 300 miles.

    Given that it is MB certified, and dealer has this vehicle listed at $37,800. How much should I pay for this vehicle?

  • aokhanaokhan Posts: 15

    I was offered 2650 below invoice on any c-class I wanted, no matter what accessories etc. For example, I was offered the following. MSRP 40040 invoice 37899

    so 37899 minus 2650 is my price then plus taxes and DMV fees.

    Penske West Covina, CA and Walters mercedes riverside, ca

    edmunds is not very good at displaying manufacturer to dealer incentives cause obvioulsy there ar eincentives goign on right now.
  • aokhanaokhan Posts: 15
    by the way, it was a cash price. if financing, you can do better since they make more money off the financing
  • aokhanaokhan Posts: 15
    If you can find a mercedes 09 that was deliverd on the lot prior to november 08 you can get another 800 discoutn for the same car since mercedes privcing went up. ask the saleesperson, they make the same money eitherway....
  • Hello everyone,
    Just purchased 2009 C 300
    wood trimming
    18" AMG wheels

    for $3,000 below Invoice.

    My experience was exhausting. The salesmen are nice when you first meet them but once you try to negotiate with them they are short and rude. It was annoying trying to negotiate with them because all they keep saying is they are not making any money. One exception Fletcher Jones mercedes the best customer service I encountered.
  • MSRP $45,840

    Configured -

    2009 C350
    Premium 2
    Panorama Roof
    Multimedia package
    18" 5 Spoke AMG Wheels

    Good luck!
  • MBProMBPro Posts: 5
    10% here--3K under invoice there--P.T. Barnum had it right---"to the egress." The blind may but aspire to lead the sighted----Taxes here, first payment there---what onanism to blither on and try to divine the all and everything of your "deal."

    Where have you gone Joe diMaggio?
  • gotgt3gotgt3 Posts: 34
    So in an nutshell, if it aint here it's there - just hidden under a different guise?

    MBPro, I had posted my digits in an earlier post and soccer suggested I run them by you. Could you take a look and let me know? I don't feel like I'm getting any decent deal from anyone and am really looking at alternatives now. Noone I've worked with has offered anywhere near 4-5K off invoice. If I strip cars of features I dont need, it seems the MSRP-invoice gap shrinks instead of widens...

    thoughts? Suggestions?
  • dannnvdannnv Posts: 6
    I am not sure I could divine much from this post.
  • MBProMBPro Posts: 5
    Nothing to divine where there is no divinity. In which case, the art of the deal becomes no more than the maya of the Hindus.

    You can afford a C Class. Wonderful. A quality vehicle. Can you expect it to be represented by people of similar quality, salespeople with a degree of respect for your intelligence? And vice versa. Can't you imagine every salesperson has suffered every ploy and lie from buyers? Including some of the crazy claims in here.

    Did you ever wonder if some BMW salesperson posts crazy numbers in the Mercedes site, hoping that you'll just wear yourself out making yourself crazy looking for the ephemeral deal that doesn't exist? Or the reverse?

    Today is the thirtieth. Sales are sparse. Inventories are swollen. Deals evolve from the vortex of supply, demand, and floor expense.If you have not already consulted with a salesperson, call and ask the operator who the top salesperson is. He or she will have more influence with management. Go to the dealer today or tomorrow. Find something on the lot. Smile at your salesperson and say "I could own (lease) this one now. I have been to two other dealers. Please give me your best price. One time. No back and forth. I do not want to meet the manager. Please tell the manager if the first price goes up or down a penny, I promise you I will have to return to the dealer who treated me as I wished."

    Maybe you'll get a deal.

    A year from now you probably won't remember what you paid.
  • Looking to buy a C350 fairly loaded:

    18" AMG wheels
    P2 package

    My dealer quoted me $43,850. Please let me know if this is a good price or should i beat him down more and by how much ?
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