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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz C-Class Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • svrjsvrj Posts: 5
    Can you give me the name of the Sales person so I can deal directly with him.

  • fattysnaxfattysnax Posts: 3
    hey svrj. I can't post names on the forum here. want to give me an email address?
  • svrjsvrj Posts: 5 Thanks
  • I used carbargains and the best offer I got was 1750 minus invoice

    09 C300 Sport 4matic
    package 2
    wood trim

    MSRP at 44,915
    Invoice on at 42,231 with those options

    Normally it would be $40,481 but because they needed to swap the car over 50 miles they gave me a price of $41380

    (this is because its the color and exact package i want -_-)

    I get 1000 off because of fleet program

    Final price $40380 before tax and doc fees

    What do you guys think?


    Final price
  • svrjsvrj Posts: 5
    Pl post the name of the dealer & Location. Thanks
  • asr3asr3 Posts: 1
    Is $35500 + TTL a good price for
    2009 C300 sport 4 matic, premium 1, ipod integration,burl wood trim

    Please advise
  • svrjsvrj Posts: 5
    I have see post on this forum where they have been able to negotiate upto 16 % of the MSRP. Where ar eyou located ?
  • Can anyone recommend a Georgia MB dealer to get the best price for a C300 Sport?

    Please advise
  • C300 4Matic

    2009 P2 $37k - 1k (fleet program) = $36k

    2010 P2 $39.5k - 1.5k (fleet program)= $$38k
    P2, MM $42k - 1.5k = $40.5k

    i am not too sure these are great deals, especially the 2009 because $37k is already factored in with the 3k MB incentive and I think he didn't subtract much from it. what do you guys think? immediate feedback would be great b/c we want to get one very soon.
  • I just got an incredible deal on a new 2009 Mercedes-Benz C 300 and wanted to share the fruits of my labors with everyone here. I have been watching the forums and discovered that Mercedes is offering a $4,000 incentive from the factory to try to clear out the remaining 2009s. I am also a USAA member which earned me another $1,000 off and I negotiated a healthy discount. I called a number of dealerships and found my best deal with Frank & Sunil (fleet department) at Mercedes-Benz of Anaheim in Southern California. This is my 3rd C Class and by far my favorite. My new car is a black / black, has the sports package, 7 speed auto transmission and burl walnut wood trim. The MSRP was $35,545 and I bought the car for $26,995. I put $0 down and financed it for 72 months at 5.24% for a payment of 483.60. I think I did pretty well. Before you consider buying or leasing a Honda or VW check out the deals on 09 C 300s.
  • The dealership that you are dealing with is being greedy. I just picked up a 09 myself. I did some research and found out that the manufacture is giving a $4,000 incentive. If you work with the fleet department be sure to have them check to see if you should get an additional discount because of the company you work for or any groups you are a member of. Frank at Mercedes-Benz of Anaheim asked me who I worked for and what groups I am a member of and I recieved an additional $1,000 by being a USAA member. Just about every corporation has a fleet account with Mercedes-Benz and you will probably qulify if you ask.
  • that is a great price you got. being in So Cal, i assume you got the RWD? yeah, these bastards are greedy and my negotiation skills aren't good enough. but i used a different strategy to get my price lowered. so, i called around to find out who got 09s in stock (b/c i know they can really offer a low price as opposed to getting it from another dealer). and this dealership just so happens to have one in:

    White Sports 4matic with P2, Ipod, Wood trim asking $41k.

    i told him that another dealer give me $35.5 (instead of $37k) but they didn't have my color. I got a call back by his manager, we could do $35.5. i asked him if he could do better and he said that is a great price. I should have said can you do $35k because the answer is always 'No'. White was still not our choice of color, so just as we were about to call our original dealer to match the price, the manager calls me back says he actually have another in silver but was $700 more. i told $35.5 and we'll take it. got another call back and he congratulated me on a new car. oh, i told him about the fleet and got another $500 (freekin' MB changed it from $1k to $500). So, final price $35k.
  • what options did you get? that is a great deal.
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 780
    Please tell me about the $1000 USAA cash. I'm a USAA member and haven't seen anything about it--it doesn't appear that you had to go through the USAA purchase program.
  • The believe USAA is part of MB's Fleet Program where USAA members get a discount off the final negotiated price. Just go to and click on the Only Mercedes-Benz and click the Fleet Program. There are different discount for different model and year.
  • WOW!! you got a great deal!

    I would also like to share my shopping experience because I just got an '09 C300 sport, I also live in SoCal. :)

    Its black/black, 7-speed auto, multimedia package, AMG 18 in wheels, and iPod integration. MSRP was $39,600...i got it for $31,600. I'm not a member of any associations and i did not get fleet rate.

    I paid cash for it, so out the door was $35,000. btw, i got it from Walter's Mercedes of Riverside Internet dept.
  • Did you get premium 1 or 2? I'm looking a premium 2 + multimedia maybe + 18 AMG but it's not a must. I live in orange county, sould I call or email? Thanks in advance.
  • I just leased a 2009 C 300 Sport White w/ MM + P2 + Ipod + Amg wheels .. MSRP of $44,XXX . I got it for $38.5k 10k miles 39 mo lease .. payment is $435+tax. No cap cost buy down.. about $2k drive off that included 1st pay+ title/lic + bank fee.

    how did I do?
  • vchadvchad Posts: 97
    not bad scottamc,

    i mean there is a 3k rebate, you could have gotten probably 4.5-5k off msrp plus the rebate for a total of 8k easily I think. So you weren't too far off, dont stress. Just enjoy ur car.
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