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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz C-Class Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • storm10storm10 Posts: 175
    It's even worse - legally you can't co-sign for a boyfriend. You can't even co-sign for a husband. However you can go on the same application with the husband as a primary buyer, since your credit is better. Besides, it does not do any good to reestablish his own credit, unless he can get approved on his own. The rates will depend on the bank who approves him - it may be other than Mercedes-Benz Financial, and different banks have different terms, so the best way to take the guesswork away is to contact Dealers directly, explain the situation and ask if they have 09 in stock. Of course you need to contact multiple Dealers so they can compete to earn your business. You can contact any Mercedes-Benz Dealership in one place here
  • nace818nace818 Posts: 140
    I received the original window sticker for my 2008 C300 and was surprised to see for the interior MB-tex. All the while I thought it had leather. Is this common, because the dealer I bought it from (used) even had it advertised as leather. I know it is more durable and looks just like leather. Even if no one else can tell, I know it is more like vinyl.
  • storm10storm10 Posts: 175
    Mb-Tex is not vinyl - it's a leather substitution, which is much better quality and last longer than even leather. Most people can't even see the difference between a leather (which is on your steering wheel) and the rest of the upholstery. About 20-30 years ago Mercedes-Benz put leather in almost every car, but today they sell about 1/4 of a million cars per year only in US alone, so I guess they are running out of enough cows in Germany to produce leather interior on this large scale. But you are safe, because about 90% of the C-Class sold in US have Mb-Tex.
  • nace818nace818 Posts: 140
    I agree with the durability. Ten years from now my interior will look better than one with even the premium leather option. If only they could find a way to inject that leather aroma, it would be perfect.
  • So it turns out that Sep 2009 was a better time to get an 09 C300/350 than Oct 2009. The manufacturer rebates on a C300/C350 were 4000/5000 in Sep, while they're 2500/3500 in Oct. Looks like many vehicles were picked up in September due to the huge discounts (for example, mfctr rebate of 4000 + dealer rebate of another 5000 on a C300), thus clearing out a lot of inventory, eventually leading the dynamic price adjustments to reduce the rebates in October.

    I bought a C300 yesterday for 7500 below MSRP, and am reasonably pleased about it. This carries the same amount of dealer discount as a 9000 markdown in September. On that note, I wanted to thank this forum profusely. If it hadn't been for you guys, I'd have had no idea of what kind of discount to shoot for. THANK YOU ALL!

    If October sales of 09 models are poor, the rebates in Nov may go up, but the choice would be very limited. As it is, the choice in October is tiny compared to that in September.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,650
    Mb-Tex is not vinyl - it's a leather substitution

    MB-Tex has been around for a long, long time.. Call it whatever you want, but it is vinyl... It might be very high quality vinyl.. . but, still..

    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • storm10storm10 Posts: 175
    Glad to hear that you made a deal. What was the process - what tools did you use to get this deal?
  • Hi, I am also in the market for a 2009 C300/350. Which process did you use and where did you buy. Can you provide the dealer and the name of the sales person. thanks.
  • (Disclaimer: This post turned out to be slightly long. Sorry about that.)

    I got it at "Mercedes Benz of Princeton" in Princeton, NJ. The sales person was Alex something (I forgot his last name, and don't have his business card with me right now), but I felt that it didn't really matter who the sales person is.

    Basically, I thoroughly researched the msrp and the prices of all options/packages of both C300 and C350 on both 2009 and 2010 models, in order to show that I'm a well-informed buyer. I also read up on all the things they usually say to push you off guard, and prepared appropriate responses. This really worked to my advantage in two ways. First, I wasn't surprised by any of his "sales moves", and so I didn't have to think or react on-the-spot, which helped me focus all my neurons on a single entity - the price. Second, after trying to pull a couple of sales tricks on me, he decided that it was pointless and just gave up!

    Though I had a preference of exterior/interior colors and options/packages, I didn't show it and pretended that I was equally interested in all the vehicles that he had. As a result, he couldn't figure out which vehicle I was eyeing. This also helped me because, had he known how precisely one of his vehicles matched my criteria and how disappointed I would be with any of the other vehicles, he would have dangled it in front of me and ripped me off. And this was pretty much the only vehicle that matched my dream combo of colors/options in over 4 states (yes, I called almost every dealer in NJ, NY, DE, CT and eastern PA and none of them had what I wanted).

    Finally, during the bargain, I didn't mention (or allow him to mention) the price, but talked about the discount instead (I guess it's the same as talking about the price, but I was more comfortable with the discount). I directly told him that I wasn't interested in wasting either his or my time, that I had other dealerships to visit after his, that I knew I'd be doing them a favor by taking an 09 model off their lot, that I knew they had sold similar cars for 9K off the MSRP in September, that I was looking for the same amount, and asked him to give me a simple yes/no answer. I expected him to laugh at me deridingly at my 9K figure, but he didn't. He showed me the official manufacturer rebates for Sep and Oct. I looked carefully, and though a part of my brain was telling me that this might be their latest sales ploy, I gave him the benefit of the doubt and instantly reduced my number from 9K to 7.5K in line with the rebates, while he was saying 5K. I refused to budge and he kept stalling. Meanwhile, a salesman from another dealership called me on my phone and I started speaking to him loud enough for this guy to hear ;-) Soon after, he agreed to 7.5K. The end :-)
  • Folks, need guidance to close out C 300 auto, P01 and Multimedia package. I was eyeing to get one for months and only now the price has come down. I'm in Baltimore area and there are only 3 to 4 dealerships close to me. So far I got $34,140 + tax, tittle..on a 2009 model.

    I'm still not satisfied with the price based on other posts in this forum. Please suggest me how uch i can go down to seal the deal... The good thing is so far i did not go out to a delaership in person

    I'm thrilled and excited to own a MB but that should not blindsight my price deal...

    I will post on this forum once I finalize my deal...
  • storm10storm10 Posts: 175
    It seems that New Jersey is extra aggressive on prices. Why don't you get some quotes from there...
  • From what you mentioned, looks like the MSRP is around 39,400-ish. Is that right? If so, then you've so far managed to get a 5K discount over the phone. Which is a great start! I'm reasonably sure that, if you go to the dealership, you can certainly bring it down by another 2-3K (or more, depending on how desperate the dealership is to get rid of their 09 stock).

    It's understandable that salespeople might not be willing to go so low over the phone, without the guarantee that you'll buy it. But once you're present in the flesh, they'll likely be more convinced.
  • Thanks Strom and klusner for your advice. I took Strom advice to pull them $7.5K below sticker price.

    Finally i got the car for $33,550 from a sticker price of $41,050. The car includes auto, P01, multimedia package, ipod & wood trim. Only one dealer gave me the price while i ringed the other with this price they called it a myth.

    I took the delivery of the car yesterday from MB of Annapolis with all paperwork taking care of, even with license plates put in before i can took the care out from their lot. The whole process was smooth and they even gave us lunch coupons from a local restaruant.

    Overall the process was smooth and thanks to this forum for providing me with the information to get a bargain deal.

    About the car, the biggest difference I see between 09 and 10 models are with how ipods are integrated with COMAND interface. While 10 models read all the playlist and display it in the 7" display but the 09 models only pull the song name into the dash. This is kind of annoying because I'm not able to browse through the playlist and pick one. I haven't tried the media register yet. But will try it today.

    Please let me know if you find any additional information on the internet about COMAND interface. I googled it but couldn't get any information.
  • Good to hear that you made a great deal. Congratulations!
  • SoCal.

    18" AMG Wheels

    Sticker: 47,308
    Paid: 38,308 + Tax + Title (9K under sticker).
  • Congrats for your new car. Even i am in market for a new C300/350, but i am not getting the same discounts in Oregon. Can you please tell me from which dealer in SoCal you got the car from so i can see if they have any more in stock and can offer me a competitive pricing for it. Appreciate your help.
  • Congrats for your new car. Even i am in market for a new C300/350, but i am not getting the same discounts in Oregon. Can you please tell me from which dealer you got the car from so i can see if they have any more in stock and can offer me a competitive pricing for it. Appreciate your help.
  • Sure. I got it from Keys Van Nuys. They had a LOT in stock.
  • storm10storm10 Posts: 175
    California is the most aggressive State as far as pricing for a new Mercedes-Benz, because they have 44 Dealerships to compete - especially SoCal and they outsell all other States by far. But the State Government knows about it and they don't allow to sell cars to other States, unless you pay sales tax (which is the highest in the country over 10%). In Oregon you pay more for the car, but you have no sales tax. However - legally you have to pay sales tax of your residence (where you live). You need to convince the Dealership to sell it to you. If it's a lease - forget it - no Dealership will go for it. If it's a purchase - they may go for it, but you have to pick the car in person and they will give you a ONE WAY ticket to drive it back so you can register the car where you live on your own. If you can save thousands of dollars - then it may be worth to drive or fly to Los Angeles to pick it up. Try to contact Beverly Hills, Downtown LA Motors, WI Simonson and Penske. You can contact all of them (and make sure to explain situation and put your phone #) at
  • Thanks for your response, it really helped. I called up all the dealers today, couple of them had '09 C300 and will let me know their offer tom.I am not sure if they can provide me the ticket to drive one-way. They were talking about shipping it to me for which i will have to pay around $600-$700.

    The best offer i have got till now on C300 is about 9k off which sounds good to me.
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