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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz C-Class Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • hpoohhhpoohh Posts: 35
    Hi Orionc230k,

    Congratulations to your new C230K sport sedan.
    I am looking at the 04 325i or the 05 C230K
    did u get the 05 model or the 04 from Penske? Is that a demo? $5000 off MSRP seems unbelievable. I've purchased by previous 3 vehicles from Penske (Not Mercedes tho) do you think they could offer the same deal to me. Pls email me, i might want u to hook me up.

    Thank you
  • ggu2ggu2 Posts: 8
    Thanks for the reply and details.

    I decide to take the offer tomorrow with out of the door price @ $35,000

    It seems that the current market incentive of $2,500 (on '04 C240 model btwn 10/4 - 11/1) was applied already.
  • ravi2ravi2 Posts: 1
    Hi everyone....just bought a 2004 C230 coupe RWD today. I went in to see the 2005 model but the price was too high and the dealer said he had a 2004 model that had 0 miles on the odometer. The price I paid was $24882/- Albaster white+Oyster leather+Moonroof package+6 CD changer+heated seats plus $250 destination charges and taxes. I feel very happy as I think thought this was a great price. The dealer is in Greenwich Connecticut and the service was excellent.

    Also does anyone have experience driving in the C class Rear Wheel Drive in light/moderate snow. I hear a lot about FWD being better in slippery conditions vs. RWD, but am not sure with Traction control. Would you advise snow tires or other precautions ? Thanks
  • postoakpostoak Posts: 537
    Wow! That may be a record low price for a new C-class. You should be very happy!

    As for your questions, I think you need to ask them in the main C-class forum. Or better, use the search function in that forum as these questions have been asked and answered before.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,824
    Yes, let's reserve this discussion for pricing/buying info exchange only. If you use the search tools at the left, you'll easily find some C-class discussions, where other members will give you feedback about the vehicle's performance.

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  • ggu2ggu2 Posts: 8
    Congrad Ravi!!! It's indeed a good deal.

    I just picked my 2004 C240 Wagon yesterday (paid out of the door price of $35K even). My friend is in the process of getting the same deal. I believe that the Manufacturer to Dealer incentive ($2k for C230 and $2.5K for C240) really helped.

    Be careful driving in Conn (I lived in Orange for 6 years) on RWD cars during winter for sure.
  • I am trying to negotiate a deal in the Bay Area, but the dealers are giving me the go-around. I would like to know the range of the price over invoice other customers have paid for the C-class.
    Also, last year in December, there is a dealer incentive on the C-class. How would I be able to check out whether there will be any incentives in the near future? I am not in a hurry to buy though, what I really want is a reasonable price.
  • postoakpostoak Posts: 537
    I suspect in the Bay Area you should be able to buy BELOW invoice. Check out and see what they say for your zip code.
  • I purchased the 2005 C230 sedan with metalic paint, entertainment and sunroof package with MSRP of 34,800. Paid 31,150. Went through internet/fleet department. I had two dealers within a couple hundred dollar difference, all the offers I got were under invoice.
  • Got my RED (hard to find) 2005 C230 Sport Sedan w/ Automatic, Sunroof pkg, Lighting pkg (loved the Xenon), and CD Changer for $31100, throw in the $1500 Love Mercedes coupon that made the price $29600. Only 15miles on the odometer, loved the car. It's a lot cheaper than similiar equipped BMW 325i which will be replaced soon.
  • I'm in North Carolina, and the dealer in Raleigh refuses to move on price if they have to bring a car in. The dealer in Winston Salem offered me the c230 with a $35,600 sticker for $33,900 after bringing in the car from Tennessee...

    Should I go back and press for a lower price, or am I right at point for North Carolina?
  • Hi epikgtz,

    don't know about your area, i am in S. CA, so there are like 5 MBZ dealers around here. I looked at the Edmunds TMV, seems like they are going for $1200 over invoice. However, if you go to, you will see that they are offering $1200 below invoice. (I got mine for $1800 below invoice w/ 2 weeks of shopping around) If you wanna get one, you might try carsdirect or simply print out that page when you go to that dealer. In addition, going through Fleet Department would be a easier solution.
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 780

    Where did you get the "Love Mercedes" coupon? Can anyone get one?

  • Just bought a 2004 C230 Coupe with Pewter metallic paint, Auto Trans, 6CD changer and panorama sunroof package with rain sensor and auto dimming mirrors for $23,920 (destination charges included). Window sticker was $30,250... I think it was a reasonably good deal for a nice car and a 1.9% MB Credit loan rate was offered by the Dealership as well. How'd I do???
  • My friend attended the Love Mercedes driving event and he just give that to me since it's a big fan of BMW and he got a 325i and i got my C230K.
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 780
    Thanks. Does anybody have a coupon they're not going to use?
  • potemkinpotemkin Posts: 196
    '05 Coupe w/Sunroof package, Lighting package, Power driver seat with memory and Orion Blue metallic paint for $27,767.00.

    The drive out price came to $29,621.52 including 6% sales tax, tag, title, etc.
  • c320sc320s Posts: 2
    How did it work out 4U? I also live in NY, got the 4matic wagon. very satisfied.
  • twoof1twoof1 Posts: 308
    Just picked up a 2005 C230wz Pewter/Charcoal with a Automatic, Sunroof, CD changer for $31,000.00 ($1,500.00 under invoice). Add to that a $1,500.00 Mercedes Love Drive coupon and ended up with a deal at $29,500.00 ($2,500.00 under invoice!!) This was in southern California.
    So far I love the car, can't wait to put some mileage on it. With gas at almost $2.50 per gallon here I averaged 29mpg on my first tank of gas!!!!
  • rip5rip5 Posts: 2
    2004 c320 sport sdn , or, 2005 c230

    I am looking at both, both 6 sp std . I believe the price will be about the same on the current 39/mo lease ($1,800 driveoff + 320/mo). I am leaning towards the '05 simply because of the improvements discussed on the board, but the 320 seems to have some nice upgrades, plus a v6.
    Comments in reviews talk about better shifter, and gas mileage is better with the 4 cyl.
    any suggestions or input on pros / cons of each appreciated.
    JK So California
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