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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz C-Class Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • You're right. Thanks for the info. I was confused.
    I'm now dealing with Anaheim. They actually remembered your deal and say they're willing to repeat it. Did they really give you the comp room to the Wynn Hotel in Vegas?
    What options did you get?
  • I am considering the MB C280 4matic. Found a dealer that uses them for loaner cars. A bunch of them have just come off loaner and they are selling them. Prices seem very good, 39K miles for $22,000. Any thoughts on this deal? Any experinces buying CPO loaner cars from dealerships? Any help is greatly appreciated. I was considering the BMW 328xi and Audi A4 quattro, but those seem to be priced at least $3000 higher, which is out of my budget.
  • storm10storm10 Posts: 175
    Mileage seems to be high, but you did not mention the year of the car. Anything more than 12,000 per year is considering high mileage. On another hand, if you don't drive a lot - it may be a good deal, because the mileage can catch up with it's age and the car will continue to retain it's value. Original warranty is 4years or 50.000 miles whichever comes first, so it has only 11,000 miles left. But if it is Certified (you have to make sure), you get additional year and up to 100,000 miles warranty. The good place to research CPO pricing is here: Find Certified Pre-Owned MBZ Locally, - just wait a few seconds until it loads in real time.
    Hope it helps.
  • I got a quote for a 2010 C300 sports sedan with premium package 1 and multimedia package for $2200 down, $550/month for 39 months. The Mercedes dealership is also taking my leased BMW out of my hands that has 5000 miles over the limit at no cost to me. What do you think about the price?
  • My local dealership has a new (~500 miles) 09 C350 for sale MSRP $46,640. They have it on sale for $41,640 is this a good price? Looking at previous post, it looks like they were going for up to -10K below MSRP with the incentives at that time. Are their any current incentives? And what would be a good offer to take this 09 off there hands?
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 780
    Most dealers punched their 09 leftovers before the incentives went down. Usually, the dealer "buys" the car for its service loaner fleet. If that's the case with this car, the dealer cash was $5k. You should be able to do at least $8-9k off.
  • kennynmdkennynmd Posts: 424
    I agree with vinny. I heard they buy them when incntives were out and never technically titled them so they are still "new". I was offered 9k off sticker at one time...good luck
  • Just offered $1800 under invoice for any 2010 C300 in inventory in CA dealership. Texas and Kansas offered $1250 under. It evens out because shipping costs eat up a good chunk of the $1800.

    Thanks for the info -scgirl1-.
  • upperupper Posts: 5
    $40,085 MSRP
    2010 c300 sport.
    7 Speed
    18" AMG
    $36000 Invoice

    $613 for 60 months or
    $560 for 66 months
    $5000 sign off

    is this good? bad?
    any tips to avoid dealer scamming me once i actually go to the dealer?
    any deals i should know about?
    Can i still ask for more? like make them add rear spoiler or something?
    How is the warranty? what does it cover? where can i get more information on warranty?
    What should i get once i paid the $5000 walk off from the dealer?
    I know it's a long question, but it's going to be my first new car. I've driven used car my entire life, don't know anything.
  • Today walked into an NJ dealership and was able to get c300 sport p1 for $100 under invoice with 1.9 for 66 mos. No haggling no nothing, I just made the offer and they accepted it, took 10 mins. Almost too easy, now I feel like I could have gotten a better deal but I think I did ok, unless there was some hidden rebate from MB, otherwise #'s make sense and was about 1k less then TMV posted.
  • 2010 4Matic Sports Black
    10,000 miles/36 months
    P1 package
    Multimedia package
    Plus free maintenance for 3 years (estimated value is $700).

    MSRP: $43,000
    Sale price: $36,700

    $1500 down (includes tax, all fees and 1st month payment)

    This is supposedly an aggressive year-end deal to move the cars off the lot. How does this deal fare as far as year end clearance goes?
  • storm10storm10 Posts: 175
    Mercedes-Benz extended their winter event specials for one more week. Anybody who didn't make a deal - still have another chance until January 11th. You can check all current specials here: Mercedes-Benz Current Specials
  • rxkerxke Posts: 150

    I will be shopping for a 2010 C class in Feb or March. I live in Westchester county (NY). Who gave you8 a good price/sales experience?

  • rach4rach4 Posts: 8
    Newbie, sounds like a fantastic deal. Can you give me a little more of the breakdown, the interest rate and the residual? Also, is the $425 before or after taxes?

  • sburmosburmo Posts: 2
    I am looking to purchase a 2008 c350 - 24k miles on it, nav package, great condition - the dealership is quoting 34k. That seems high to me.

    Please help!
  • storm10storm10 Posts: 175
    2008 is a 2 year old model, I think you can buy 2008 E350 close to this price and it's much better car. Also if you finance 2010 C350 - you can get as low as 1.9% APR, but 2008 model should get aprox. 6-7% APR. So if you finance - you will spend about the same amount over the term of financing.
    Original warranty is 4 years or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first. So you will have 2 years/26k miles left. However, if this car is MB Certified - then you'll have 3 years/76k miles left. + certified means the car is extra clean and has clean history.
    You can research prices on Certified pre-owned Benz anywhere in USA here: Mercedes-Benz Certified Pre-Owned anywhere in USA - so you can have an idea of pricing. Just wait a few seconds until it loads.
  • rach4rach4 Posts: 8
    Can anyone tell me what a good selling price right now would be for a 2010 C300 Sport with P1 and Multimedia. The MSRP is $41, 365 and the invoice, $39, 130. I am looking at a 36 month lease. With 12,000 miles the residual is 59% and the money factor is 0.00179. I appreciate any advice that may help me to negotiate. Thanks!
  • storm10storm10 Posts: 175
    I can confirm that invoice figure is correct. Also, make sure that lease Acquisition fee is no more than $795, because dealer can mark it up, if they want to. They can also mark up the money factor - so watch it. Residual can not be changed by dealer, unless you take less or more miles.
    Try to offer $1,500 below invoice and see what happens. Try more than 1 Dealership...
  • rach4rach4 Posts: 8
    Storm10, Thank you so much for your response, it definitely helps since I am so new to leasing. Would you by chance know if it's possible to ask them to throw something in, such as free maintenance or more miles without changing the money factor? Thanks again!
  • storm10storm10 Posts: 175
    More miles does not affect money factor - it affects Residual value of the car at the end of lease (the part of the price that you are not paying for). Higher mileage at the end means lower residual value. Means you have to finance larger amount, so your payment will be higher. You need to decide if you really need 12,000 miles per year, which is 1,000 miles per month. Most people drive less. You can lease through MB Financial with as low as 7,500 miles per year. Less miles = lower monthly payment.
    To make your life easier - negotiate bottom line: How much is total amount out of pocket $, and how much is total monthly payment $ - all inclusive. This way you don't end up negotiating taxes, DMV and bank fees, and any other fees separately from the deal.
    You can request quotes from any Mercedes-Benz dealership anywhere in US here: Access to ALL Mercedes-Benz Dealerships in USA
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