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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz C-Class Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I would look up the car value on and the current money factor is .00159 not .00179. The residual is correct at 59%.
  • rxkerxke Posts: 150
    Has anyone purchased a new 2010 C class 300 4matic and experienced the gas mileage in city/suburban driving and highway driving? I am considering a few cars and would appreciate knowing your real world gas mileage experience.

  • rach4rach4 Posts: 8
    Thanks Badger,

    I will look into that. So far three different dealers have told me that for $10,000 miles it is .00166 with a 60% residual. Also thanks again Storm for your information. I'm really glad you mentioned the acquisition fee because two dealers already tried to hike it up when I was negotiating.

    I would appreciate if anyone can give me feedback on this deal which I intend to sign a lease for tomorrow:

    300C class sport
    Premium package 1
    Ipod integration
    MSRP including destination fee: $38,640
    Invoice: $36,597
    Selling price: $34,295
    Drive off: $1030 (ttl + first month)
    Acquisition fee: $795 (included in monthly fees)
    10,000 miles
    Monthly - $468.80 (that includes taxes)
    Disposition fee - $595

    Should I try to do any better or is this good?
  • Hey rach4, sounds like a good price. So far the best I can do is

    2010 4 matic c300 sport
    15,000 miles
    35,800 buy price
    2000 cap cost reduction
    508/month (that is the drive off payment all fees and taxes included)
    They used .00159 as MF and 57% residual

    Your deal is better than mine.
  • storm10storm10 Posts: 175
    I suggest to know your exact and total drive-off, so you can compare to other dealers, because: Drive off: $1030 (ttl + first month) can be misleading. Is $1,030 - cap reduction? Just get the total figure - how much is out of pocket.

    You can save a little more if you pay Acquisition fee upfront, instead of including in financing. Because it is a fee - you don't pay a tax on it. But if you finance it - it will become a part of the selling price, so you will be charged tax and bank interest on $795. Just make sure that aq fee is included in your drive-off total amount. This will give you a little saving on the overall deal.

    The selling price is very good - $2,300 below invoice. You are probably in California.
    The Invoice amount is correct. By the way, you can always check the exact invoice of any Mercedes-Benz here: Mercedes-Benz Invoice Calculator. You need to enter MSRP and enter 0 in Gas Guzzler tax, because C-Class does not have it. This way you can always double-check, if dealer gives you the real or fake Invoice figure.
  • storm10storm10 Posts: 175
    C300 4 Matic averages 17 mpg in City drive and 25 mpg on the highway. It can vary depending on your driving habits, but very close to reality. There is a trip computer on board inside the speedometer, which shows your current fuel consumption, while you drive, so you can change your driving habits based on what it shows, while you drive. You can take notes while you test drive the car.

    One thing for sure - mpg can be much better on highway, especially during long trips. When I drove from LA to Las Vegas using cruise control - my average mpg was 34, but it was not 4 Matic.

    Also, make sure that you really need 4 Matic. If you get just Rear Wheel Drive - it will give you a little better performance, saves you a little money on gas and insurance will be a little less expensive. Also - you'll probably get a better deal on RWD.

    RWD has plenty of safety features including ESP(Stability control), Brake Assist and lots of other features even if you drive on really bad road or weather conditions.
  • bergenbergen Posts: 7
    white exterior , black mbtex interior + P1 package
    C300 sport AWD, NJ (Bergen)
    3300 down (including tax/lic,acq,1st month)
    451/month (35 months left)
    10K/year, 3 years

    Jan 12 and beyond, I was told the regular maintanence included with the lease.
    I initially reduced to 420/month, but later added tire/wheel multishield insurance that jacked up to 451/month. I think I could have skipped the insurance and stayed with 420, but that even looked good to me. How did I fare?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,666
    Taxation of the acquisition fee depends on your state of residence.

    Most states charge tax on it, even if paid upfront..

    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • rach4rach4 Posts: 8
    Hey Storm,

    You have really been so helpful. I ended up signing today:
    C300 sport - white (black interior)
    Premium package 1
    ipod integration
    Down payment $1,913: includes tax, title, license, and wear & tear, which allows up to $5000 in damages upon return - definitely worth it for me!!!)
    $460 a month
    10k/36 months

    I didn't pay the aquisition fee upfront cause I didn't see this until I had already signed everything. Oh well, I guess I know for next lease! Thanks again for all your help!
  • storm10storm10 Posts: 175
    Since you don't SELL Acquisition fee, and because you CHARGE Acquisition fee for services - you can not charge SALES tax on it - in any State. The same as you can not charge SALES tax for any LABOR services, as long as there is no SALE of goods involved.
    When acquisition fee is paid upfront - it is not a part of Cap Reduction, it is part of Drive-Off amount, therefore it's not taxable.
    Some Dealers structure deals, where they roll Acquisition fee as part of cap reduction in their computer, which is illegal. But technically it is not, because the contract will state, that acquisition fee was financed - meaning it was not paid upfront. They just show bigger cap reduction.
    For example: I want to put $3,000 down toward the car and finance the bank fee. Or: I want to put $2,100 + $900 aq fee upfront. Both examples you have to put $3,000 down.
    However the difference is: first example you have to pay sales tax on $3,000 and second example you pay tax on $2,100.
    Any dealers financial software like ADP, R&R, Advent etc... will NOT calculate tax, if you move acq fee upfront, instead of increasing the cap cost...
  • storm10storm10 Posts: 175
    Give some details on your purchase experience. How many Dealers did you contact? Did you call, e-mail or requested quotes before the visit? Just share the process....
  • rxkerxke Posts: 150
    Congrats on the deal. What city are you in and what dealer did you use?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,666
    Plenty of states charge sales tax on services and labor..

    Most states will charge sales tax on any amount paid upfront on a lease, including acquistion and document fees, unless the money is specifically for a government agency fee..

    That may not be the case in your state, wherever that might be... but, it is in KY, OH, and many, many other states.

    Most states recognize the acquistion fees aren't really for any service rendered... they are just a way to pad the leasinig bank's profits.


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • rach4rach4 Posts: 8
    I am in California. The dealer definitely did do the second scenario you mentioned. They dropped the cap cost and put the acquisition fee in the financing. Oh well, at least I know for next time!

    In regards to the questions about how I did it and where I got it. The way I did it is I sent out requests and put please email me only (some people didn't respect that at all!). In the request I stated what I wanted and asked them to tell me what sale price they would lease it to me for. I asked for them to also tell me the residual and money factor for 10,000 miles. Only two dealers would do it. So I started by trying to get each one to go lower. Once I had got them both to change their price I asked them to give me the breakdown of drive off and monthly payment to make sure they weren't throwing things in. Then I again negotiated and got them to lower a tiny bit and match. I was fairly satisfied with the price, but then I emailed all the other dealers that called me or emailed but wouldn't give me a price and I said that I was going to be getting the lease tomorrow for xxxx price and if they could go lower I would go their instead but that they had to actually state all the details over email so I had it in writing. I ended up with almost all of them emailing back offering less. I finally got the $460 and while I was there another dealer offered $455 , but I was so exhausted from the process it wasn't worth the $175. The reason I actually did it all over email is I back down when confronted in person or over the phone; however, it worked out to my advantage! Thanks for the feedback everyone. Good luck to you! Oh and it was the Los Angeles area! Oddly enough I ended up at the one I thought would always have the highest quote, which was Beverly Hills.
  • storm10storm10 Posts: 175
    I did not know that there are States, where they charge SALES tax on LABOR, which does not involve any SALE. This seems to be illogical and unfair, especially when you don't have pay for the Government labor, but forced to pay for private business labor...

    ..."Most states recognize the acquistion fees aren't really for any service rendered... they are just a way to pad the leasinig bank's profits."...

    Acquisition fee is for the service rendered. It is a fee, that is paid to people, who spend their time to do the paperwork and arrange financing for the bank, which is labor...

    Well, in CA you can do the trick for sure. Other States - you have to check, if there is a sales tax on labor...
  • chiradchirad Posts: 5
    hello everyone! just looked at a 2010 C300 sport 4 matic in chicago with P1 package, Multimedia pkg, Panorama roof and AMG wheels.
    MSRP $46835
    Offer: $5000 down with 36 month lease at $597/month. includes taxes and maintenance pkg
    seems high? any help???
  • storm10storm10 Posts: 175
    Read posts on this board posted after 1/12/2010, thats when program changed... They bought similar cars. Also shop your numbers with different dealerships and ask if they can do better...You can do it through the e-mail.
  • jrzjrz Posts: 4
    what is the best price to pay for a black C300 sport with automatic and wood trim only? Best price to buy or best price to lease. I am in Ft. Lauderdale
  • I just bought c300 4matic heated seats and wood grain for $35706. msrp was $39804. Check for best price. That was in Boston.
  • I was able to get the following deal from a couple of dealers in the bay area:

    2010 C300
    Premium Plus Package
    Burl Wood
    MSRP: 41,955
    Purchase Price $37,082
    1st Payment + Taxes (Drive-off): $1270.42
    Cap Cost Reduction: $1500 - See Note Below
    Payment Incl Taxes: $529 per month
    36 months - 15K miles/month

    On the cap cost reduction, this was paid as an incentive from USAA to Mercedes Benz. If you are a USAA member, you can get dealer incentives on all models of Mercedes and Chevrolet as well. Membership has its privileges I guess.

    Anyway, I want to thank all the previous users of the forum for helping me negotiate something I felt comfortable with. Hopefully this helps someone else. Also, make sure to check for current financing rates for MB.
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