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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz C-Class Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • lexusguy1lexusguy1 Posts: 11
    The invoice on the car is 40,307. If you subtract the holdback (1298.25), you get a cost of 39008.75.

    How did you get them to go 900 under that cost??? Thank You for sharing.
  • storm10storm10 Posts: 175
    Actually invoice is $40,907. You can calculate the exact and real invoice (not approximate) here: Mercedes Invoice calculator.
    So its $2,807 under invoice! This sounds impossible or mistake. If you can get $1,700 under invoice on C350 - you should take it.
    Unless he took some kind of employee program deal or some incentives, that are not available to regular people....
  • benytonbenyton Posts: 4
    Thanks for the price info. I couldn't quite figure out the actual invoice before I bought, so I just based my decision using kbb, truecar and edmunds figures. All I did was submit an online price quote request through to area dealerships with the specs I was looking for. I ended up with 3 quotes in 4 days; 38999, 38860 and 38300. I then went to dealership where we test drove the car (and also the closest to home) and asked if they could beat the lowest price. Lo and behold, they said they could give me 38100. All I said was throw in some all season car mats and you have yourself a deal!

    I have to say, it was the easiest car purchase ever. Online shopping is definitely the way to go for me! :)
  • lexusguy1lexusguy1 Posts: 11
    May I ask what is the dealership name? Should I approach the internet dept?

    I would love to get the same discount.
  • benytonbenyton Posts: 4
    The dealership I went to was MB of walnut creek in california. I would definitely submit an online price quote request with your specific C350 specs to several businesses first, take the best offer, and then approach the dealership. Hopefully, the prices they quote will already be within or below your intended purchase price (as was mine). Then take the best offer and ask the fleet manager (or sales rep if you already talked to someone) at the dealership and see if they can beat that offer. The rest is history!

    Good luck and hope that helps!
  • storm10storm10 Posts: 175
    You got excellent deal and you had a good shopping strategy.
  • storm10storm10 Posts: 175
    Today, Mercedes-Benz extended March C-Class lease and finance specials until May 3rd. They also improved their programs and lowered rates for E, GLK, S and R Class.

    Mercedes-Benz USA records March sales of 19,637 Passenger Cars and Light Truck Vehicles - which is an improvement of 25.9 Percent over March 2009, so I guess MBUSA is trying to set record sales this year. It's good, because they continue to keep low rates.

    You can see all the current April specials here: April, 2010 Mercedes-Benz Lease and Finance Specials vs. March, and also compare them to March specials - to see what changed.
  • poorprofpoorprof Posts: 109
    The dealer is telling me to get a 4-matic C300 instead of a regular one because the lease for a 4-matic is cheaper than the C300 (identically equipped otherwise). Any truth to this?
  • storm10storm10 Posts: 175
    It's unusual, but true. Actually, it's not cheaper - it's almost the same. But considering that C300 4Matic is more expensive car - but if you get the same payments - it's a better deal. If you read my previous post #1086 and click on the link with specials - you'll notice, that C300 Sport and C300 4 Matic have exactly the same special lease deal: same down and the same monthly payment, but MSRP is different.

    However, don't forget that 4Matic consumes a little more gas and insurance can be more expensive for a 4wheel drive. So it depends where you live and if you get snow in the winter - get 4 Matic, but if you live in So California or Florida - non 4Matic may be a better choice anyway.
  • seekingaudia4seekingaudia4 Posts: 66
    edited April 2010
    The C300 is somewhat under powered already, with 4matic, more so. But if power is not critical, 4matic is definitely the way to go with the better lease, not just for snow countries, but for areas with frequent major storms.
  • joemc2joemc2 Posts: 8
    Just picked up the 2010 C300 4 Matic w/heated seats/bluetooth/IPOD jack

    $487 mth
    15,000 MPY

    Dealer rolled all costs except 1st payment into lease price. They also made my last payment on my Acura.
  • Kirstie@EdmundsKirstie@Edmunds Posts: 10,677
    edited April 2010
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    Corporate Communications

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  • thavornthavorn Posts: 20
    edited April 2010
    What should I expect to pay for a 24,555 mile? Asking for $24988. Want to go for a test drive and drive home if reasonable price. Any helps are very much appreciated.
  • storm10storm10 Posts: 175
    You can see how much cars alike are selling here: Certified Pre-owned Mercedes-Benz locally or nationwide, so you know the market, just wait a few seconds until it loads in real time. Of course, these prices are still negotiable, but it will give you an idea...
    Certified MBZ comes automatically with an extended warranty and generally completely reconditioned and in excellent condition...
  • kayatxkayatx Posts: 12
    That is one hell of a good deal.. or was...
  • storm10storm10 Posts: 175
    Mercedes-Benz residuals just dropped today - which is bad news for leasing.

    Although MB Financial lowered some rates too, still - a lot of models leases have worsen. But the good news is: all previous C-Class specials are extended till June 1st.

    The BIGGEST savings in May comparing to April are on CLS550, ML Hybrid and R-class. You can see all of the Mercedes-Benz financial specials here: May, 2010 Mercedes-Benz Finance and Lease Specials and see the breakdown of what changed in May from April.
  • ChooooChoooo Posts: 1
    Good for you! I have a 2006 C230 and wore out the rear tires in 11K miles. I asked the dealer where I bought the car if they had put the cheapest tires they could find on the car. He said that it was common for the tires with 17 in. rims to wear out in 10K to 12K miles. What a bummer! :mad:
  • njbenznjbenz Posts: 2
    Hey guys, the guy at the dealer said his deal is better than the promotion out right now...let me know what u think.
    c300, 4matic, sport, w/premium 1 package

    down: 5000
    miles: 12,000
    $399/month for 36 months.
    the msrp is 40,970.
  • storm10storm10 Posts: 175
    Ok guys, based on my sources, 2011 Mercedes-Benz C-Class will not change at all, except very few details:
    Sport sedans will get standard LED daytime running lights; models without bi-xenon headlights receive black headlamp inlays - so headlights will look a little nicer. All models will get new headlight control switch and relocated ESP controls.
    Also, C63 AMG will have available P31 Package, which will boost 30 more Horsepower and it comes with red calipers for brakes.">link title
    If Dollar will continue to get stronger vs Euro, I don't think pricing of 2011 models will increase either. But I still think you can get better deal on 2010 model, before 2011 arrive: especially if you want to purchase and finance.
    There is a rumor that C-Class will introduce convertible model in mid-year. By the way, they already released E-Class convertible a few days ago. The car looks awesome!!! You can see E-Class convertible specs and photo gallery here: 2011 Mercedes-Benz Changes Specs and Media
  • 604doc604doc Posts: 182
    Thanks for the info. A C350 is on my short list when my current lease expires.
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