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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz C-Class Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • is it coupe or sedan? I'm looking at brilliant silver automatic C230 kompressor sport, with a sunroof and 6 disc changer. My total price was $32,709 with taxes,tag,and dealer fee. I also have a trade in for $2200, I'm going a good deal.
  • what are love coupons and how do I get one
  • jrock80jrock80 Posts: 66
    I am in love with this car! Has anyone recently purchased one? I would be interested to know what kind of pricing and APR % they got. Comming from a 2004 Accord EX V6 Sedan, Mercedes doesnt include much as far as standard equipment. Things like metallic paint, heated seats, sunroof, and CD changer are standard on a Honda but optional on a Mercedes. Anyway, any help would be appriciated.
  • I'm ready to purchase a new 2005 C230K Sport Sedan and my local dealer has one in stock with the following options:


    Brilliant Silver w/Black Int.

    Pwr. Driver Seat & Steering Col w/Memory

    Split Fold Down Rear Seat

    Entertainment Pkg.

    Sunroof Pkg.

    Automatic Transmission


    MSRP $35,690

    Invoice $33,245


    Dealer will sell me the car for $33,600 (I assume this is excluding any dealer fee's as that wasn't discussed). The salesman won't go any lower and says there is "no more room to work" on the car. At this price it's lower than Edmunds TMV, but higher than some of the other deals mentioned here I'm wondering if this is considered a "good deal" or should I look elsewhere?


    Also, I intend to buy the Mercedes extended warranty (we keep our cars for a long time) and was told by the salesman that the price on this is non-negotiable per Mercedes Benz??? Any truth to this and/or is it possible to receive a discount on a MB extended warranty? Thanks!
  • I was offered $32,817 on a 2005 C230 Sedan MT with these options: 324 Sunroof Package, 317 Comfort Package, 319 Lighting Package, 873 Heated Front Seats, 325 Rear Seat Package. I'm in Northern Virginia. I may counter a bit lower if I can...never hurts. Where are you located fireball? You may want to get a quote from other area dealers...or even not so close dealers.
  • Could you please specify the dealership. Thanks.
  • Anyone know if this will continue. My understanding was that the Love Coupon expired on 12/31. Also, now that the MB Winter Dream event is over, any idea on what the next lease special / dealer incentive will come from...
  • Do you mind sharing the dealership?
  • Atlanta Classi Cars - i live here and almost bought one last summer - the 2004 when the 2005 were being delivered. I agree - Volvo has been very aggressive. I have two older MB and my mechanic told me to forgo the new MB and look at BMW - better car better price.
  • Sure, its HBL of Tyson's...Haven't been there yet, but I like upfront pricing like that. Just submit a request online and see what you get.
  • I've contacted several dealers in my area (Tampa Bay, FL.) and only one will give me a firm price quote over the phone($2500 off MSRP on a car they have in stock that is not my first choice in color) without coming into the dealership. All the other dealerships have told me (over the phone) that they are willing to give me a "fair deal ABOVE THEIR INVOICE PRICE on a car". My local dealer with the car I'm interested in buying is not willing to budge off the $33,600 price... leaves me sort of stuck. I just don't foresee any "invoice", or "below invoice" deals on a 2005 C230K happening in my area. Any thoughts?
  • I will be shortly in the market for a new lease. Please post the lease deals you are getting for C230 sports-sedan for 3yr/36k time frames.


  • Are you still debating the purchase of this vehicle? If so, what is the color package. Dealers in NC are nowhere near this number.
  • ltrojanltrojan Posts: 11
    Hi all. I was at the dealership and they quoted me a Lease Acquistion Fee of $1095! That sounds way too much? I argued but no luck. Is this the right amount? I thought it would be much less than that?
  • Well, does it include anything else? First month's payment? Security deposit?



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  • ltrojanltrojan Posts: 11
    Nope. Just the Acquistion Fee. I think they were trying to pull a fast one on me. I leased a C Class 3 years ago and the Fee was ONLY $595. What did other people pay for this fee recently?
  • Hi all,

        Please sound off your newbie alert because this is my third posting. Hope I don't sound to stupid with some of my questions :)


    I just wanted to ask everyone if the Leasing special for the C230 sport sedan is good or not.


    This is from the website: but I'll try and summarize.


    Montly payment $349. (10,000miles/month)

    MSRP of $32,180.

    Total gross capitalized cost of $31,046.94.

    Capitalized cost reduction $2,255

    Acquisition fee $795

    Total payments equal $16,661

    Purchase option at lease end for $19,308

    $0.25/mile over 32,500 miles


    Now first off the terminology is throwing me off and after looking them up is Cap cost reduction just a down payment? is the Gross capitalized cost the agreed upon sale price of vehicle? I know I should be asking these basic questions in the leasing forum but hope you'll forgive me since I am trying to see if this is indeed a good deal.


    Last question is about the First Class lease credit card, where you don't pay for anything smaller then a credit card. Sounds awesome on paper but how is it in practice? Anyone experience gotchas or is this just as it states?


    Thank you in advance!!!
  • kyfdx@Edmundskyfdx@Edmunds Posts: 25,898
    Not all that familiar with Mercedes leases.. but here goes..


    Looks like a 39 month lease..


    The gross cap cost looks like the sale price..Just $1100 off MSRP


    The cap cost reduction is a downpayment..


    Did it say anywhere in the ad, what the total due at signing is? Looks like it could be downpayment + acq.fee + 1st payment Total of about $3400...


    Not a great lease deal for a car that only stickers for $32K.. Make the typical $400 upfront payment and this lease would be about $430/mo. for only 10K/yr.. and 39 months..


    Not sure how the equipment levels match up... But, the BMW 325i at the same price level is a better lease deal, right now..




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  • postoakpostoak Posts: 537
    I've never seen one of these manufacturer's leases that were a good deal. Everyone I looked at included a "down payment". Give me enough money up front and I can lease you an MB for $1/month! (I hope you get the idea.) Also, these are usually pretty stripped down models. The car you actually drive out with will usually have more options and have a correspondingly higher payment. Finally, the discount isn't as much as you could usually get in a bargaining session with the dealer.
  • ltrojanltrojan Posts: 11
    OK, after weeks of research and negotiating with different dealers in So. Cal., I've finally done! Here's what the final deal ended up being:


    C230 sedan - automatic, sunroof package, entertainment package, power seats.

    MSRP $35,400

    Invoice $33,500

    Gross Cap Cost (sale price) $30,800

    12K miles/year

    39 month lease



    The best part of the deal was that it was $0 down. No doc fee, taxes, or registration fees. The $795 acquisition fee was rolled over though. Only 1st month out of pocket = $425. MANY dealers tried to get me to put the "regular" drive off of $1500-$1900. I'm glad I didn't.


    So how'd I do? Did I get a good deal?
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