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Pontiac G6 Brake Problems



  • i have done that but it works temporarily ...i still have issues with it. that it is going to cost me 500 to 1000 dollars to fix my problem
  • At the third repair shop, which was a pontiac dealer, they replaced the brake switch stating it was bad. That was pretty cheap. But, when they did this they said the module thingy that calibrated the brake switch was not calibrating it and would also need to be replaced. I had them go ahead and replace it after they described what would happen without it calibrating. So with the new module, brake switch, and labor my cost was around $450. The good news is that so far the brake lights have been working properly again. It has been a couple of months so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that its fixed for good. I would say the $1000 range is quite inflated on the repair.
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,721
    Well, If I had this problem, I would demand for it to be fixed, or let me out of the lease, as it is under warranty. I would simply word it to the Pontiac Rep and the dealership, that the car is not safe to drive, and that the car is under warranty and they are unable to fix is correctly. I also would file for a lemon, I would stand my ground, and I would not drive the car like that. If they told me that I would have to pay that to get out my lease, for a car that does not work correctly, that is "unsafe", They cannot force you to do this, as they are breaching their end of the contract, with not providing you with a satisfactory car to drive for the lease amount time.

    You guys need to get a case started if you have not done it already, contact the company "Pontiac", and word it precisely, then see what they have to say. Throw in the fact that the car is unsafe and not drivable. Stay professional about it with them. Keep all records from any trip to the repair shop at your dealer. Get the name of the service manager, and give this to them as well. Hope this helps, Keep calm, they cannot force you to drive it or pay to get out of it, since you have a legitimate case, and legally they are not hold their end of the contract.

    As a lease owner, it is your responsibility to do basic maintenance, oil changes, tire rotations, keep up fluids. Keeping it clean, staying within normal wear and tear. I don't think replacing a shifter is one of them.
  • Just so anyone who comes later due to the brake lights being reversed intermittantly. On my 05' G6 the problem seems to have been resolved by replacing the body control module out. Replacing the switch and relearning did not work. I'll try to follow up if there are any changes.
  • Well I got out of that lease early last week. Boy was I glad. My lease wasn't up until 2010. I couldn't wait no longer. It stayed in the shop for almost a week, and they claimed they fixed it. I didn;t give it a chance, so I traded it in. I bought a Pontiac Torrent and hoping and praying that I will not have a lot of problems.
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,721
    Okay, thats all cool, BUT, did they stick you with a huge upside down balance to roll into the new car?? If they did that, than that is not right.

    Personally, if you gave another brand a chance, you could have better luck, Even the used G8's with a few 1,000 miles on them can be had for a about $25k , give or take. Some loaded! GM has too many cars too worry about. Atleast get a car that doesn't depreciate so much, that you are in a money pit. Literally, I was able to trade out of my Accord, after 1yr into the lease. Owing nothing on it! I want my Accord back! Sit in an Accord, or new Acura, you'll see, feel the difference.

    Although no problems with my G6, 7,600miles, I will try to trade next spring!
  • Well, it was a good deal. I had the GM discount which knock off $2200 and then $1000 rebate. But I did put down $4000 to get my payments much lower. I rolled over $7000 in the a new loan, but I thought it was good. Good luck in trading it in next year. So hopefully I will not have alot of problems with this suv.
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,721
    So essentially because you had a bad product from Pontiac, the dumped the problem on you..... Pontiac did not help you at all. The Dealer didn't either. They just didn't take the car back, ROLLING $7,000 into the new loan! For something that is not your problem, Pontiac breached the lease contract or warranty, not providing you a safe car, not satisfactory. You got royal screwed, and to top it off, you got another pontiac.... Wow, I am sorry, but I am mad just hearing about this. You did, they used you. They made a defected product that is unsafe, and in order to get out, you have to absorb the problem! They did not help you. Plus you put down your well earned $4k!! That is a bad deal! Plus the fact that Pontiac SUV, depreciates so fast, they are not selling well now too. Pontiac depreciates so fast anyway. Your already after having it new, way upside down. See, this is why people ask my, why did you choose a Pontiac? I kid you not, I had a guy yesterday ask me, what made you choose Pontiac. I have an 08 G6, I really like it, offers alot, it is fun, but it does not compare to my 06 accord, that has refinement, and amazing engine, I told him, it wasnt my choice, Plus, I came from an 06 Accord. I told him, I will be back to the Accord. I will next spring, though I signed the lease last spring, I am investigating ways to get out, and certainly not rolling money from it to the new lease. It is possible.

    Sorry, if I seem really harsh, but hearing about that, you really got hammered on that deal. They saw you were desperate, and shown you the only way out, I wouldn't have done that. When in reality, they took advantage of you, and your money. Too late now, but you'll know next time. :) :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • Yeah what you said was really harsh!!! You do what you want and I will do what I want!!!!!!!!!!!!That is my problem in putting down whatever I felt like it. I got another Pontiac because that G6 was getting on my freaking nerves. I put down money to have my payments where I can afford, if you must know. I've seen and heard many people being upside and down!! I wasn't going to let it go back as a repo. I just couldn't wait until the lease ends, because it was to far away and too many problems. Here in the economy, people do that in these days. This is my third product from Pontiac and I just one bad product was defective. This vehicle I have now is not a lease, I f got it financed it!! We all know that the only cars out here that doesn't depreciates is the Accord and maybe Toyota, but other cars will.

    I never would have thought, I would've got a bad comment on what I done. Who are you to judge, I see you still have that junk!!! You was the one who made a bad deal or decision choosing a Pontiac over a honda. Honda is best American car out there. There is no other way out of your lease!!
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,721
    Okay, I totally did not mean it that way. You took it all the wrong way. I am sorry.
    Honestly, I did not mean anything by it. I did not choose my G6 by choice, I guess I am just frustrated for that fact that I am stuck with this car for awhile. I will try soon. It is frustrating to see how you had to dig yourself out of Pontiacs problem. Seriously, they should have stepped up and did something for you. It makes me so mad when they give you a contract to sign, and your held up to it, but yet they "company" are not. I am sorry. I will be back to Honda, I am thinking either an Accord or a Acura tsx.

    Really, it makes me mad they did that to you, you shouldn't have to use your well earned dollar. I just feel you had other options than doing this, that is all. Its sounds harsh, but it was not aimed at you, it was geared for Pontiac, and the dealer for not stepping up to help you. I still feel that they took advantage of you. The fact that there are many other great brand out there.
  • I accept your apology. I'm sorry for being mean!! You know that the dealership put that G6 car out their for sale from where I purchased it from? I just can't believe it!! Who ever buys it, I feel sorry for them. They also know that the car has problems, much as I came in there. I should've been on payroll as part-time!! :) Well I hope you will be able to get out of yout lease, soon w/out being upside down. Maybe on the next purchase I will either go for a Honda or Acura. They are so hot and cool!! Another lady had a G6 before mines and traded hers in for another Pontiac, a Torrent, too. So there must have been a deal somewhere down the line, I guess. I don't know. AllI know that I am not ashamed to have people ride with me w/ all those problems I had. Good Luck!!
  • Well, I didn't give it another chance, I traded it in on 9/23 for a 08 Torrent. I left them have it because it was becoming too stressful for me to keep dealing with each and everyday.In addition, the service dept didn't actually know what to do with it. On 9/23 they finish the repair, but I didn't even give it a chance nor did I get in it after the ran my battery down along with fixing the problem. As of today, they still have that car on lot to sale, which is very surprising! After how many times I have been in there on many problems. So far I'm enjoying a nice SUV!
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,721
    Well, you know what, as long as your happy, that is all that counts!

    I am currently trying to see where I stand getting out of the G6, and into the Accord, it looks a bit upside down, but if I can get out and pay a little more" within reason of course" I will do it, or just wait. It might be worth it. I think what I am facing now is the initial depreciation that all new cars have the first year, then it levels off, along with your pay off. It still goes down, but not like the first year of ownership. A real bummer, but I do like the G6, its fun, with the leather, roof, music, xm. Its not a bad car at all, but hearing people having issues with it, well I would change my liking to it really fast.
    I have 8,000miles, so far so good. The one issue I have is the 4cyl engine with its 4spd transmission is so unpredictable, it jumps around too much, and my previous 06 Accord had much more power, better mileage for a 4cyl. It was so much more refined, quiet.
  • Well now that I paid a fortune for the brakes, my transmission is going on my 2006 G6 with 56,000 miles. What a piece of crap this car is! :mad: Looking for a Honda to replace it as I write this!
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,721
    Man, I want my Honda back too!
  • made a deal on a scion xd yesterday...rated #1 in reliabilty by consumer reports for small cars. :) finally rid of the troubled G6...good luck to all of you still stuck with yours.
  • steven39steven39 Posts: 636
    hi folks,i recently traded in a 07 pont g6 with only 9000 miles on many others here i began haveing brake issues on my g6 at about 5000 began with squeeling brakes then warped brake rotors which pontiac says they would not cover under warranty due to it being wear and tear and my driving habits.then at 9000 miles the electric steering went out which seems to be a problem with the g6.
    that was it for me and i took a loss and recently dumped the pos g6 for a made in japan mitsubishi lancer which i love.this is why the big 3 and more noticibly gm is failing because they put out poorly made vehicles and worse yet very poor customer service.i would not bail out gm and if it were up to me i would hammer the last nail in gm coffin and put them out of their missery cuz they have caused pain and missery to others by producing inferior products that can not stand up to the [non-permissible content removed] cars.
  • Well I had the load roar on my 2006 G6 also and I refuse to take it to GM to get fix because I know they would charge me alot of $$. So I took it to Precision where the guy told me I need a bearring replaced on my drivers side. He said that if I did not do that the car could lock down while driving and leave me stranded. So I got it fixed at $400 and the sound is goan but my front rotors are warped and the car is out of line. I only have 65000 miles on this car! I drove my Nissan Sentra for 4yrs with 100000 miles before I had to do any major repairs. I really want out of this but my lease is not up until 2011! I am glad it drive quiet now but i know i have more repairs to do. I have had problem with htis car since a year after i got it! :cry: :sick: :confuse: :lemon:
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,721
    How do you have an 06 and your lease is not up until 2011? I have an 08 and its up then. Why didn't your warranty cover the repairs? If it is under miles and lease, you should have been able to take it to GM.

    Have you noticed the commercials from GM, they mention a car, like Pontiac, Cadillac, and then they ask you if you are surprised? Uh, well yes, but way overpriced when compared to the other competitors. There is no way I would get a $40k Cadillac CTS when there other cars that pretty much offer the same standard as that. Though the CTS, the escallade are very nice, but I feel its like Holister, Abercrombie, you are just paying for the name. The CTS should be priced around its competitors. The Acura is a step up from the CTS and yet is cheaper, holds its value better in time.

    I think the Commercials just indirectly admit guilt that not all their cars are up to that standard. Another perspective would be that if you be a civic or Fit which is the lowest model car in the Honda line up, you are going to get the same quality level as you would on the higher end, quality has not been sacrificed. Now get a lower end GM and it shows its colors of being the lowest trims.

    If I did not have the leather, the sunroof, sound, and all the features on my 4cyl sedan G6, there is no way it would stack up to a lower end Accord, Civic, It would just be a blaw car with no pizazz at all. You can get a lower end accord and it still feels classy. You know that your a good car company when you can honestly say you have put all your sweat into every model. If GM didn't have so many cars, maybe they could focus on quality rather than quantity. After I am done with the G6, I will probably not be back to GM. I am not the only one to say that.
  • If I did not have the leather, the sunroof, sound, and all the features on my 4cyl sedan G6 I would not have bought it. I know I got a bad deal and my payments are really high but I can't cry over spilt milk. The warranty was 3yrs or 36,000 miles so I am not covered anymore. I love the performance of the car but I would not recommend it to anyone. I wonder if the G8 has had better reviews?
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