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Pontiac G6 Brake Problems



  • jeffsayersjeffsayers Posts: 15
    For the most part they probably are the same car. But there are small differences here and there. I tend to think of Pontiac as more of a "frill and thrills" version of the trusted original.

    Regardless, you have to admit it would be hard to intentionally wear out a set of brake pads in 20 some thousand miles; let alone simply being "hard" on your brakes.
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 869
    My Malibu had a V6 200 HP 220 ft lb torque, what a blast to put the hammer down. Went with the 2.4 L 4 cyl in my G6, have no use for V6 power.
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 869
    People with all different make cars have brake problems. I was given a ford Taurus once, for a loaner. I put the brakes on hard at 70 MPH and the front end shook like a wet dog.
    I guess I know brakes are not the best on my cars so I baby them, rear brakes are good for over 100K.
    I rotate my tires every 5-7 K and always check my brake pads, like I said before the Malibu with 44K were half worn.
    For some reason the manufactures put marginal brakes on cars, never warped a rotor on any truck I have owned. Way back when I was running Cavaliers, I warped a few.
    I also own a Sonoma with 55k and original brakes, that is with some towing.
  • holly72holly72 Posts: 4 follow up with my 2008 G6 brake issues..after 3 weeks I got confirmation from Pontiac to replace only my rotors..I had to pay for the brakes. This was after three times of being resurfaced. A HUGE DIFFERENCE!!! But..I think that this is not the end of the brake issues. No it makes a clunk noise when I turn the steering wheel..going back to the dealership on Wednesday. They said they know what it is ...but didnt tell me what it is...if I didnt owe so much I would get rid of it!
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 869
    Clunk when turning a simple fix, needs to be redone every so often. Same clunk in the Malibu, right, same car.
    I do mine every oil change, then never have a clunk.
  • holly72holly72 Posts: 4
    So the clunk is????? what causes it?
  • holly72holly72 Posts: 4
    I agree with that is the car not the driver!!!!
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 869
    The clunk is the intermediate shaft. Needs lube. Go here to see where.
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,704
    I am experiencing some brake squeals. I have almost 18k. I am not a hard braker at all. Mostly highway miles. ONLY, though when my brakes are cold and its been sitting. I leave work at about 10pm, so its cool, and the summer humidity might cause it to become worse.

    I will slow down when at slower speed, and its squeals fairly loud! Its sorta embarrassing. Once I brake on them a few times, it then quiets down.

    However, there is point in braking when there is usually a slight squeak, such as going through a drive though, I hear it. Fairly minimal. I would say that is about 70% of the time.

    Is this normal? Could it be that it needs to be cleaned?
    Obviously, I have a warranty, I really need to address this issue.

    Of course when I take it to the dealer it is not going to duplicate this. Only if they keep it over night and then try it. Then it will show.

    I am not too worried... but it does seem to get gradually worse.. not by a lot, only when sitting for a long time.

    Let me know. Thank :)
  • jeffsayersjeffsayers Posts: 15
    Sounds like it is just a little rust. With this car (rotors) it seems the rust will start forming any time the humidity is above 0%!!!!

    As for the embarrasment, you could either very gently (just barely enough to make contact between the pads and rotors)apply the brakes for the first block you drive in the morning (or after any extended delay). Second option would be to build a temperature and humidity controlled garage. Third option, if someone looks at you funny after hearing it, just pick your nose. They will usually go back to their own business when they see that!
  • All,

    I have a 2007 G6 and am also having problems with the front brake pads and rotors. My question to you all is:

    the damage on your rotors and pads, is it all on the inside pad and rotor regardless of the side of the car (driver/passenger). My rotors and pads on the outside of either rotor are in great shape. The inside pads and rotors have a severe goughe on the top of the rotor.
  • paris0504paris0504 Posts: 1
    I was wondering if anyone has ever heard of this problem. I have a 06 Pontiac G6 with 35k miles, of course something was wrong with the brakes, needed new pads and both front rotors. Only once they were off it was discovered that I have two different size rotors. In fact I have two completely different brake set-ups on each of my front wheels. I have three uniroyal tires, then a douglas tire on my oddball wheel. I went to pepboys, auto zone and another auto shop and noone has heard of this ever happening. My drivers side wheel is the one that doesn't match the rest of my car, and that's the pad that was worn down to nothing, and the other one fine. My car always pulls the left and the tread on the tires is worn in an unusual pattern too. Very strange, although I know very little about cars, people that do have never come across this. I leased the car with 30 miles on it, and have never had any work done on it, or no accidents, any thoughts would be appreciated. :confuse:
  • I just took my 2007 G6 Convertible to the shop for the brakes making noise, and was told the brakes were worn out - at 26,000 miles - and that they are not under warranty - and will cost me $600.00 to get them fixed.

    They will fix them or they can have the car back. I take very good care of my car and there is no way the ceramic brakes should be worn out at 26,000 miles.

    My car was going the same thing as #114 - so you better get your car in asap.
  • amberg6amberg6 Posts: 1
    Hey Jenny, I'm going to attempt to solve this problem again for the second time this week! I was just wondering after almost two months did this solve your problem?

    :sick: Amber
  • I developed a squeak in the front brakes with 47K miles. It appeared to come primarily front the front left tire. When the breaks were inspected they had about 1/2 half to 1/4 life remaining. Despite this, I requested the front and rear brake pads to be changed. The rotors had never been turned before. It was recommended that the front and rear rotors be turned also. After two weeks of driving and turning the rotor, I developed a significant vibration when braking and the squeaking returned. I upgraded the brake pads and the rotors had to be turned again. After two weeks of driving, I developed a significant vibration when braking again. I elected to replace the rotors. The vibration has stopped but the breaks continue to squeak. Any ideas??
  • I hope to have responses to this by the afternoon when I meet my mechanic, so please... please...any info you can give me will be most appreciated.
    I have so many problems with my G6 2006 model brake system with moderate highway miles. Initially, about a year ago.. if you had to press on the brake suddenly, they would go all the way to the floor, with little brake power. I took the car in and was told there was nothing wrong. Then the car developed a shake at speeds over sixty. I was told an alignment was in order. This done, the problem persisted, back the to shop. They told me I needed new pads. They replaced them. Problem persisted, so I took it to another shop (GM dealership). They told me the back was replaced, when when the front pads should have been replaced. Ok, replaced and they turned the rotors. Problem was worse. They told me the rotors were cut wrong and did it again. Then, when the problem persisted, they told me the master cylinder was bad. So they replaced that several weeks ago. Then, four days ago, the brakes locked up on me on a busy highway, Towed the car, and was told a hose had broken, the calipers locked up, and the brakes were burned up. So they were going to replace the brakes AGAIN!!!

    Now, I was told the whole hydrolic antilock brake system is bad and will cost 1500 or more to fix. I just got off the phone with the mechanic and he told me it may have been because of faulty brake fluid.

    What is going on? I know this model and year of car has problems, especially with the brake system. But am I getting screwed here? Can anyone help? To me, the brake fluid would have been replaced when the master cylinder was replaced. And wouldn't they be able to tell if the ABS was faulty when they replaced the master cylinder?

    Like i said, any assistance would prove beneficial.

  • gonogogonogo Posts: 869
    Some one, at one time, put the wrong fluid in your braking system. When and where maybe you might have an idea.
  • It has been over a year with no problems....$1000 later. Non-GM Slotted/drilled roters & performance pads on the front and new pads on the back, :)

    thank for your reply. very imp!!!! i wish to alleviate the spike in my ins.
  • please let me know of your brake experience
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