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Pontiac G6 Transmission



  • dave06g6dave06g6 Posts: 24
    OK, I understand what / where you are talking about now, sorry the trouble is still there but doesn't surprise me of course. They must have an issue with the actuators themselves... keep hammering them until they replace them, good luck. We get our Vibe at the end of the week, not to say that the Camry engine won't ever suffer from something similar but it surely won't hammer the transmission as a result being a manual ! I'm going to follow this thread for sure.

  • dave06g6dave06g6 Posts: 24
    No - they are taking care of the last 6 months which is mostly what made our decision combined with the other great incentives going on in our region now for any GM product, well in this case, a GM / Toyota product, which is the main reason we chose the Vibe. I'm done with automatic transmissions for awhile. Stay patient, they will figure this out eventually and issue a TSB, at least you have your warranty, others are not so lucky.

    Every car has its issues - even VW (my friend is a VW mechanic) The 2.0 engine has been a good stable for them in many cars - but they all use similar technology for engine and powertrain control management.

    Good luck.
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,721
    Well, I figure I will only be out of it in about 12mths or so. By then having a lease for 2yrs is usually a perfect time to get out. I've done it before. Unless it comes out to show the symptoms more, than I am not going to bring it to the dealer. It really is hit and miss. But it is there. Not really worried. Its annoying though how a company could do this to you. Reason enough to be upset with GM. Honda people never treated me this way. Then again, Honda isn't bankrupt.

    However, after this car. I will find it VERY hard to ever return back to a GM product. Why take that kind of risk.

    This goes to prove, always get what you want from the beginning, never opt for something else. It never works out. Then you'll keep the car longer, be happier longer... and have more pride in it.

    I have pride in my car, keeping it good looking, detailed, but I do not have pride in the engine. It feels like I am driving a car that has an engine with many more miles on it. If I want to drive used, I would have bought used.

    I will keep doing research and working closely with my dealer. First chance, I will be out. But with all the said. I can understand why people like their G6's or Pontiacs. Am I a true fan? No. I am a Honda guy! I love VW too!!
  • toysg6toysg6 Posts: 4
    Hello. I am so glad that i've found someone who is having the exact same issues that i'm having. This 2008 pontiac g6 is a piece of junk. I hate it. My transmission jolts/lunges all the time, around the same speeds. Especially when I take off from a stop light. I took it to the dealership and they couldn't find anything wrong. Do you know what else I could possible tell them to help find the problem? I am really irritated with this car. Please help me.

    Also when cranking the car, many times it acts as though it doesn't want to crank. When I turn the key, it just keeps turning over like it doesn't want to start. Has anyone else had these problems?
  • toysg6toysg6 Posts: 4
    Hi! I am very new to this discussion, and I don't know alot about cars, so I need you to explain some of the stuff in your post please. My 2008 pontiac g6 2.4 is having the same cranking problem. The dealership said nothing was wrong. Is there something that I can tell them to check for? Is there a shortage somewhere? Any insight would be very very helpful. Thanks.
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,721
    I have explained everything to the dealer. They rode with me and they felt it once. But, "never a sign" after that. I will just let it be, and realize that this is not normal. Luckily, I lease and you all seem to be having more issues than me. So, I will live with it. I really don't have too much longer. I never though my engine was normal to begin with. But, then again, this is my first "GM" product. Trust me, I will not be back. Even the new 6spd automatic 4cyl out on the GM car is nothing special when compared to the competition. My other 08 Jetta, my old lease..06 Accord literally blows the G6 4cyl off the road! In terms of overall torque, engine quality and feel. They may get the "mileage" but its no fun. Do not compare a GM car with a Honda. 2 different segments. Those hondas can get more mileage than stated.

    My next lease, I am really focusing on the engine, perhaps a VW with a 2.0T engine, or a Honda product. Though, I could get by easily with a 4cyl Accord, after what I have been through, I would get the V6 for the power.

    However, I have thought about going to another dealer to have it inspected. But, I almost don't care. It is their car, not mine.... when it comes to the engine, I am responsible for the maintanence on the car, oil changes, tire rotation, overall cleanliness of the car. Anything more than that, its out of our reach or care.
    Other than its annoying. So if it blows up, or does anything else, I'll just call them to pick it up.

    It'll do for now. Its all good. My friend got a new 09 G6 4cyl.... She loves her pontiac's. But, I know that their is so much more bang for the buck than that. I will try not make this mistake again. I am over it. :shades:
  • dave06g6dave06g6 Posts: 24
    I'm convinced through my months of net research and following the erratic codes coming off our car that they have bad cam sensors, cam actuators or its in the wiring to them, although these issues feel mechanical like a bad valve body or torque converter, the randomness of the issue does not relate to failing mechanical transmission components - it would grenade itself much faster.

    I say again though - these Ecotec 2.4 engines are an excellent motor, both in build and power characteristics - Opel has done well with them, they are just mated to poorly designed electronics and if its in the wiring or harnesses of these vehicles - well we can thank the UAW union assembly hand for that.

    If you have warranty on it - by all means, keep chasing it down and go to another dealer, why not... just remember the 2006 does not have extended powertrain coverage. Thankfully - we get rid of ours tomorrow, the dealer swallowed the last 6 mos of the lease and we have purchased a Vibe. Kind of ironic that they just redesigned that vehicle and this week announced the curtain call as well for the GM / Toyota plant in Freemont.

    Oh well, looking forward to our New Vibe or Matrix / Camry - whatever, its all the same... we opted for the 2.4 Litre Camry engine mated to the 5 Speed Stick, no more automatics thank you very much.

    As for bang for the buck... try and beat it - its tough, drive one! Good luck, let us know if you ever get this solved!
  • djasperdjasper Posts: 15
    I agree with you. I have worked in the telecom world for 15 years and the radomness of the problem relates more to electronic than mechanical. I've had
    plenty of electronic parts, in my line of work, act in this way. Could be actuator, could be a partial open on a pos or neg wire. This is a pain and I have been looking at trading, if I can get this thing to run right for a long enough time. I will purchasing a manual tranny. The wife drives the car and didn't want a manual before but she will have one this time, she can drive a stick just wanted the convenience.
    I talked to the service manager Monday and let him know that I was disappointed. I knew the connector wasn't bad but I figured if they guess then they will make if right with me. He explained that they were not trying to rip me! The main mechanic will be back Monday. They are to call me for the next step. I told him about the firmware upgrade but we will see. I told him that I can't afford their guess work!
  • dave06g6dave06g6 Posts: 24
    Had the same fears as you, out of warranty and could not go down the expensive road of constant diagnosis and parts replacements - anyone under warranty needs to keep at this until a solution is found. I bought an OBDII scanner and was keeping track of the codes it was sending (P0010 and P0012) my scanner also saw the transmission / powertrain control module and it was always clear. I am thanking my lucky stars that the car is gone now and no longer our problem.

    The Vibe is a great car, check it out... when you test drive the 2.4L Camry engine mated to the 5 speed manual you'll appreciate the Toyota in it... too bad this is the end of the line for this car and GM's involvement with Toyota - one can only hope that they learned something. In my opinion - the Vibe is the only Pontiac to buy at this point !!!

  • gonogogonogo Posts: 871
    I bought a 09 G6 with 5 yr 50 K warranty, it will gone after 5 years. The warranty covers all but normal maintenance items, not too bad.
    Have the GMPP Major Guard, learned my lesson with a Z body Malibu. It fell apart after 40 K.
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,721
    No offense, but may I ask what your reasoning was for getting a G6? This is out of curiosity, and means no offense to you. I have one, not by choice, but I do. I like it. I can see why people like them. But, with so many other cars out now, what made you choose this car. Unless it was a great deal, and it really is a good, sporty looking ride. I tell you what, it doesn't even rattle inside like my 06 Accord did. So they did that excellent. Though, it took me awhile to get used to the suspension. It is different, and more numb than the Accord. I prefer a stiffer ride, and its fairly stiff. A bit too numb for my taste though. I like it though now.

    Let us know. What color and package did you end up with? Deals can be had now.
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 871
    Great deal, always like Pontiac style. Is base model with Preferred group and Sun & Sound, more options than my loaded 04 Malibu.
    Missed the 4 cyl, 3.5 too much power, always putting my foot into it, not good for mileage.
    Know all the faults, will know what to check before the 3 yr 36 K runs out.
    BTW the best handling car I have ever owned, it stays glued in the corners, must be the 225-50R-17 tires.
  • If your seeing DTC P0010 and sometimes also P0011 , your experiencing late or hard shifting from 1st to second gear (other gears as well but not as much as 1st to 2nd), it happens sometimes , but more often when car has been running for a while then goes away when parked for a bit. Engine light may come on but not always. When it does then it goes away after a few cycles (5). Then your like me, I have been driving with this annoying condition for over a year. If that's your Pontiac G6 then try this:
    - take the black plastic engine cover off (you will need to take oil cap off)
    - on the left side on top of the engine you will see two OCV next to each other
    - the one with INT letters edged into engine is intake OCV (camshaft position actuator BANK 1) (or the one closer to the front of the car)
    - take the connector to it off (pressing the black part of it down and moving it a bit)
    - you will see two pins sticking out of the OCV
    - with some sand paper or something sharp clean the pins so they're nice and shiny again
    - you may also want to bend them just a little to the left but not to much so that the connector can snap back on
    - plug in the connector
    - if you have a ODB2 tool you can reset your codes clean (that may cause your engine to run a bit hard for few minutes which may include hard shifts, it is normal while ECM learns again)

    That's what fixed my P0010 and all shifting / transmission problems as described in this forum thread. The intake OCV connector wasn't making a good or any contact at all which caused cam timing problems. While your at it , you may also clean the OCV filters by taking the bolt out that holds it and just removing any junk that maybe stuck to it. I had a bit of it after almost 4 years of driving.
    If this works for anyone, let us know here.

  • orion61orion61 Posts: 1
    My G6 did the same thing to me jolting and jerking in the city at the same speed, when it finally dawned on me that I was driving it in 4th (OD) and was lugging the engine..
    I have since dropped it to 3rd (in the city).. which was the norm for auto trannys when I grew up.
    40K later no problems and I just had to learn my car....
    I get a solid 33mpg highway and 26 city.. I love mine...ess I drive so many highway miles I don't have any break issues, I am surprised no dealer has mentioned this.. look at the tac if you are driving under 1.9k then you are lugging the motor in the city,
    a very bad thing..
    I am sure there are lemons out there.. just be sure you are not using a lime to make lemonade..
  • dave06g6dave06g6 Posts: 24
    You're talking about gear ratio hunt, many transmissions do this under moderate throttle at the 3-4 upshift, it will go back and forth in a manner which causes lag issues on the engine, your solution helps the matter but in some cases reprogramming the transmission control module is required. You don't have that issue with a CVT trans of course or a manual unless you do it on purpose!

    Our issues here are not what you are experiencing. Try holding your engine revs at 3K then shifting to drive or reverse. This is what we are talkng about ! OK don't do that, but you get the picture on whats happening here in this discussion.

    Fortunately I got out of my lease... I'm just following this thread to see if someone eventually gets a proper repair on this issue from a dealer.
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,721
    Based on the reviews, it looks like the G6 is pretty much dying. When compared to the competitors, its no longer trying to take the lead.

    You can get used G6 for cheap now too. But, I am not sure I would, definitely not without a warranty.

    I drive by the VW or a Honda dealer and so want to get the car I want. I could be paying the same amount or a bit more and be much happier.

    Honestly, if it wasn't my engine acting so weird, than I would not be feeling like I want out so early. I have 23mths left on my lease. I am thinking that this fall or christmas time, I could be in a better position. In April or May I was about $6k upside down. It will level out at some point. My dealer has been more than helpful, but they can only move the numbers around so much.

    Honestly, if I could get even $3k upside down, I'll move on it. I know its not advised, but I could work the sale price of the new lease, It would be worth it.

    I am all about the engine on the next lease!
  • dave06g6dave06g6 Posts: 24
    I hear ya, been there (waiting for our lease end negotiation point), they let us out of it 6 months early but only because we purchased a car. I think the dealer was fair with us in swallowing the rest of the payments - GMAC did not want to, I think they want that guaranteed income.

    Anyway - I hear you about Honda or VW or whatever else... but don't forget the Vibe > Matrix > Corolla > Camry... whatever you want to call it. In my opinion its the only GM I'd buy now after this powertrain experience. Vibes are mechanically identical to the Toyota Matrix, its wether you want the Corolla engine or the Camry Engine. We went with the 2.4 Litre Camry engine mated to the 5 Speed MANUAL. No more GM slushbox for us thanks very much.

    Current incentives make this Toyota > GM product pretty attractive indeed, they are great cars and the powertrain is just as impressive - doubt I'll have a warranty issue with this thing in 160,000 kilometres. Too bad that the Vibe has to go along with Pontiac, but the California plant is closing as well. Get 'em while you can I guess !

    And don't worry about parts, Toyota plans to carry on with the Matrix for years to come, and the Corolla and Camry powertrains are not going anywhere too so you're not going to have to worry about a Cam Sensor 10 years from now either!
  • djasperdjasper Posts: 15
    Sebastian, Where were you a few weeks back. I have been stressed out over this same problem. The dealer splice on a new connector and it still didn't fix it. Next was replacing the actuator bank 1(as you said). They wanted $150 and So I checked another dealer and got it for $50. It will be in next week. The mechanic said that he would move the connector and the act would work on and off.. I believe you are the man.. thanks for the help.
  • 06g6_girl06g6_girl Posts: 1
    I purchased my 2006 G6 in 2008. Things started out great. The car was flawless! Right before my warranty went out I had to replace the O2 censor, the sterio, and the battery. Not even 3 months after replacing all of this I now have to replace my transmission as it has practically eaten itself out! It jerked around tons driving in town, would redline trying to climb a hill when I had the cruise control on, and had absolutly no power to it! The car has less then 50k miles on it and I am so far upside down in my loan I cannot get rid of it..

    I make sure my maint. is always on time and I don't hotrod my car because I needed it to last me longer then year! I find the G6's a waste of time and money, It was the most worthless car I have ever bought! I see my 1998 cavalier still running around town and it has over 300K miles on it, and still runs excellent!
  • dave06g6dave06g6 Posts: 24
    Wow - sorry about your luck, thats exactly what I was afraid of with 6 mos left in the lease and the transmission hammering gears. Thankfully they took it back as we purchased a Pontiac Vibe (2.4L Toyota Camry engine with the 5 Speed Manual thank you Toyota)

    Yours is the first I have heard of the transmission actually grenading itself from this issue. If you are still close to the 3 year / 60K Warranty period I can't see them not helping you out with this, considering the exact same transmission was covered under the newer GM warranty from 2007 upward. You need to speak with your dealer and ask them to handle this out of good faith with GM, I should think that they will make the effort.

    Good luck...
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