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MINI Cooper Clutch & Transmission Questions



  • bfromholdbfromhold Posts: 38
    ericabliss1017 -

    Only the "non S" MINIs have the CVT transmission. If the 2004 MINI that you're considering buying is a MINI (not an S), it most likely has the CVT. I have an '06 MINI Cooper S and it has a 6-spd automatic transmission, but it is NOT the CVT.

    Also, after I used up my stock runflat tires, I went to non-runflats. I carry a fix-a-flat and a compact portable air compressor in the boot (trunk). So far, I've not had to change any flat tires the past three years. Oh, and MINIs (non S) have a spare so there's no worry about having to buy runflats. The "S" doesn't have room for a spare underneath because of the dual exhaust whereas the "non S" carries it there. Runflats sell for $164 or less at Discount Tire and other comparable tire stores. Here's an example of runflats for sale: Kumho Ecsta SPT KU31 Run Flat, 195/55R-16 87V XL RF and they can be found by this link: d=16&rc=WASINT&cs=195&dVeh=dVeh&tc=KUMHF2&yr=2004&pc=33729&cf=false&vid=007436&s- w=false
  • CeeeeCeeeeCeeeeCeeee Posts: 25
    for all the good information. I had no idea the "S" models didn't have the CVT transmission. Of course, when I bought my non-S model, I had no idea there were transmission issues at all! My non-S 2004 does not have a spare or room for one. Your idea of carrying a compressor and running with regular tires makes sense. I did purchase new run flats at a discount tire place for considerably less than the manufacturer's issue. However, they were still very, very expensive when compared to regular tires. I've dealt with this same tire store before and have had wonderful luck with their tire maintenance, etc. So....I feel safe for the life of my far as the tires go. Wish I felt the same way about my NEW CVT transmission! Grrrrrrr!
  • jeffshaw1jeffshaw1 Posts: 3
    I have a 2003 Mini S. with 101,000 miles. The clutch is getting pretty stiff and likely needs to be replaced. The car is in prime condition inside and out. No dings or dents. I love the car in spite of the high costs associated with maintaining this vehicle. Should I replace the clutch ($1700 or so?) given so much discussion about transmission failure? As for the transmission failures, are there early warning signs of impending failure or is it an immediate onset that can't be predicted?

    Thank for the advice.
  • CeeeeCeeeeCeeeeCeeee Posts: 25
    ease your transmission fears. Sounds as though you have a manual transmission. As far as I know, the transmission problems seem to exist soley with the basic Mini models and only with those which have automatic transmissions. Not 100% positive about this. Also heard that the S models do not have the same kind of transmissions the automatic models do. No transmission problems with the "S"s. My transmission problem (2004 automatic/basic MINI) gave me absolutely no warning. One minute everything was normal; the next everything was DEAD.....and this was in midstream.....going down my street. Now that I have a new transmission, I'm hoping things stay calm for awhile. Good luck!~
  • well i have a 2003 mini and i just replace the clucth on it . i only haved 67000 on it.warranty didnt cover it ,cuz it was ware and cust me like 1,200.just to replace. parts and labor.$80 an hour.the clutch didnt give any signs. just stop working ,no gear would go in.and it smell like burned plastic and it squiled like a it was rubbing against sumthing.i like my mini but my wife tell me to trade it in.i dont want to. i like when people do the double take to look at my car..hopefully i helped u on ur mini has 78,000 right now. ;)
  • jeffshaw1jeffshaw1 Posts: 3
    I am on my fourth set of tires. My first set, runflats, lasted just 10,000 miles. I replaced these with non-runflats. I now have 101,000 miles on my Mini S (2003) and have never had a flat while on the road or otherwise. Something to consider: runflats can not be repaired. Since this is the case, being towed resulting from, or arriving at a station with a flat, it's likely you will have to wait until the service station or whatever can get you a replacement tire. If you have a non-runflat tire with a flat, it may be able to be plugged and you are on the road in no time. However, if you have runflats, you will have to wait until the correct size tire can be located, sent to the service station, and then put on your car. This could be overnight or longer. The high cost of runflats seem not to be worth the extra price and possible delay with tire repairs. I'm using Firestone tires and have been happy thus far with more than 35,000 - 40,000 miles per set.
  • jeffshaw1jeffshaw1 Posts: 3
    I love my Mini as well. I just hate the costly repairs. I hate car payments also, so I am deliberating and agonizing over my decision. Like you, I appreciate all of the looks my car gets when we're on the road. I love getting into it each time I drive it. I haven't ever felt this much satisfaction in a car before. Other than the power steering motor (replaced twice), breaks, both front window motors, oil pan gasket, front end bearings, and four sets of tires, I haven't had any trouble.

    What I don't need is a transmission problem. I need a new clutch, but I may sell the car rather than make this repair.
  • seve83seve83 Posts: 1
    I purchased a new 2008 Mini Clubman S about two weeks ago. Great car, took it on a 1500 mile trip and had no problems. Until yesterday....... When driving to work my transmission failed completely and I suddenly lost all power. It's at the dealer now and the tow driver noted that the transmission appeared to be completely gone since the wheels would not stop turning even when the car was in park. It has approximately 1800 miles on it.

    I am awaiting word from the dealer and Mini Corporate about what they are going to do to address this issue.

    Anyone else have a similar problem with an '08?
  • I have a 2004 Mini with over 70000 miles on it and just got the clutch replaced. Now that I got it back it's making this rattling sound when I accelerate it. Does anyone know what the problem could be?
  • i replaced my clucth too. i had i think like 72000 on it when i got it back it made a clunkie noise when i got off on it something was rubbing. took it back and they didnt found anything with went home rotated my tires and drove it and the noise went away.i guess they didnt placed the rack-in-pinion right.and by me tighten the wheel on the air,it snaped it in place.try that it might help....i hope i been alittle help. ;)
  • georgiatgeorgiat Posts: 2
    We have a manual 2009 Cooper S with 20,000 miles on it. For about the last 7,000 miles it has been making a brief screeching noise - a bit like metal on metal - when the car starts off in 1st gear. We have taken it to two different Mini dealers in LA area, and both have said that they would have to open up the transmission to find the problem, which would cost $1800 if it was determined that there was abusive wear on the clutch. An 09 with only 20,000 miles having a busted clutch? The bumper to bumper warranty doesn't seem to cover anything - any problem seems to be met with a reply of "oh, that isn't included in the warranty."

    Any ideas on a fix, or anyone have a similar screeching sound with their Cooper S?
  • CeeeeCeeeeCeeeeCeeee Posts: 25
    seems to be the MINI mantra! When I heard that about my dead transmission I stood in the showroom and let "them" have it! The showroom was full of customers, by the way. It didn't take long before I had a free loaner car and, within two days, a brand new transmission PAID FOR BY THE DEALER. Abuse????? We know who the abuser is, don't we? A young man told me yesterday he has seen me with my MINI and as a result has decided that as soon as he finished college he is going to buy one. I hated to kill his dream, but I felt I had no choice. He said he was grateful for all the info and is now going to rethink what his dream car will be.
  • ccs8cccs8c Posts: 3
    I just got a call from my mini dealer saying that the clutch was burnt on my 2008 mini Cooper s that I purchased brand new last July. I brought it into the dealer two weeks ago because I thought there was a transmission problem. The dealer is telling me that it's not covered at all--I raised a stink over the phone and got a call back informing me they would pay for parts and I was responsible for labor. After reading theses posts, seems like a scam! I've had an automatic since highschool, always a Honda or toyota, and never had to replace a there something special about a mini clutch? The dealer is making me into a bad driver, even mentioning that an "old lady" had to get hers replaced at 5000 miles. I'm far from a little old lady....
  • Could you send me the emails you sent Mini CS as I have a blown transmission at 79,000 and have numerous other isues with the car prior to this HUGE issue. Thank you for you help in advance.
  • I don't have copies of the e-mails. Side note: today, while stopped at a red light, my MINI just died! It gave me no advance warning and the timing seemed fine. Fortunately, it started by up on the first try. However, I am constantly worried about a repeat of my failed transmission.....even with a new one installed! This is no way to own a car.
  • I'm still trying to figure out how the other poster got his first clutch paid for under warranty. My clutch went out at 20k miles and they told me that it wasn't covered, because it was a wearable part that depended upon the customer's driving. I raised hell. A clutch should NOT go out at 20k, even if I were an inexperienced driver who got great pleasure out of grinding gears. I ended up paying for the thing. Now, 14k miles later, THE CLUTCH IS SLIPPING AGAIN. Can't wait to see what excuse the dealership gives me now. Anyone have any ammo I can use to pad my case? I don't want to pay for another clutch, and i don't think i should have to!

  • Same thing happened to me at 22k miles. Here I am at 36k and my clutch is slipping again. Just put my call into the dealership and waiting to see what they say. And yes, i had to pay for the first clutch.
  • ccs8cccs8c Posts: 3
    This is very disheartening. I find it unbelievable that a clutch would go out at 14,500 miles -- and that's what they are telling me. They won't cover any of it. If a Ford Mustand can make it on two clutches in 230,000 miles, a brand new mini should make one year of use and I don't care if you are the worst driver in the world! My boyfriend successfully sued Mini in 2002 and I think I'm going that route. The posts here is making me think this is a bigger problem than Mini is letting on...
  • my 02 mini just died and it is the transmission. my mechanic is telling it will be $7000 to replace. I am just starting to come accross all the info on the net on this. wow! I had no idea this situation existed. I will call the dealer and MiniUSA Monday but does anyone have any advice? :confuse:
  • ccs8cccs8c Posts: 3
    I've called Mini of North America several times about my premature burnt clutch and they aren't doing anything to help out the situation.
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