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MINI Cooper Clutch & Transmission Questions



  • That burning smell since day 1. We had the same and thought it was new car smell. Little did we know it was "driver abuse". MIni will replace the clutch. contact Lemon Law attorney or contact BMW North America in Englewood, NJ. Tell the dealer to take a hike.
  • Thanks,
    If it is a defective part, or a bad installation that would make sense as to why the material came off of the plate, if it was my driving that caused the material to come off the clutch plate the way I have driven the car on a scale of 1 being like extremely gentile and 10 like I wanted to win a road rally I would fall in the 4-5 bracket for 95% of the driven miles and 5% of the time in the 7-8 bracket for just having some fun! At any case if Mini states its abuse then I will not be able to keep the car as it is not reliable.
  • Does anyone have the exact verbiage my book is with the dealer all I could find is as follows
    The power train is covered by the new vehicle warranty. Unlike many makes, the MINI does not have a separate policy for power train components.
  • Just got off the phone with my Mini Dealer. They want to replace the clutch disc and the flywheel for the second time in the 10,000 miles that I have owned my 2009 Mini Cooper S. "driver abuse" again they say!
  • Get a good lemon law attorney (1-800-My-Lemon); David Gorberg deals solely wityh MINI and BMW North America (Englewood, NJ) It seems as if the dealer mantra is driver abuse. Sorry that just does not fly in the face of mounting evidence. Cars are meant to be driven normally which I am sure that 99% of us do. The common thread is the poor design/manufactuer of the entire clutch assembly. Go your your nearest dealership and file an informal resulution with the manufacturer. But first contact a lemon law attorney. Yhis "driver abuse" problem has been around for years and years/ Don't take no for an answer. Get your car fixed on their dime.
  • considering buying a new mini s. would like to get the manual tranny, but with all the issues about the clutch i am willing to spend the extra money to get the automatic. notice that most of the issue with the clutch are on older models. is anyone having issues with 2010 models?
  • docroxdocrox Posts: 12
    Yes! Mine was a 2010 with 3,600 miles on it. If you read through all of these posts, you will see it is common and happens to some people more than once which is why I sold mine.
  • Just got a call from the MINI dealer even though the clutch was fried they are going to cover the entire cost of replacement. But I was cautioned that the next clutch if driver abuse is on me.

    1. I am relieved they are standing behind the situation due to the fact it was only driven for 2200 miles
    2. That they did not put up a fight
    3. That if lucky the next clutch will be a better one and I wont have any problems for at least 50k miles or longer.
    I love my MINI and hope I am happy with the performance in the future.
  • Please contact me. My email is not marked private.
  • Don't let them fool you for one second. How can you , or I, or anyone abuse a clutch within 2,000 miles? Answer is they know better and will replace the clutch even if you put up a fight. Go to a lemon law attorney if it happens again. We are trying to get rid of our MINI. Two clutches in 12,000 is 2 too many.
  • Hello I hope I am not bothering you. I bought a used 2003 MC a few weeks ago, drove it for exactly a week and 1/2 and the transmission quit on me in the middle of the highway. I am 24 and work at Walmart so I can't exactly afford to fix this AND pay my car payment (which I haven't even made the 1st payment on). I was wondering if you could give me some advice. My family doesn't have a lot of money so I am looking to get enough compensation to cover myself without going through a bunch of expensive lawyers. It has 107,000 miles on it, and I've been researching this CVT transmission and it basically is faulty across the board. I paid $8000 for what I thought was a really good deal on my dream car. It would cost me that much or more to replace this transmission AND I can't even drive it anywhere. Do you suggest speaking with a lemon lawyer? I think in NC the lemon laws aren't very consumer friendly. I think it is for new cars that have been to the shop for at least 4 visits. But as I said, I would love to hear any advice that you may be able to give me. Thank you.
  • Sorry to hear about your problems. I would go back to the dealer (?) who sold it to you and demand they fix it since they had to know it was not in good condition. I would also contact Mini USA customer service and tell them you would hope they stand behind their product. I can provide a copy of my communications with them if you send me your email. My dealer did pay for parts but I still had to pay for labor, which, since it was not under any kind of warranty, I felt was a reasonable compromise.
  • winniepwinniep Posts: 18
    I am not allowed to write about what you are talking about on the Edmund's forum because it is forbidden. I replied yesterday and they took my message off because I listed my email address. However, My email address is listed as public, and you can send me a message there. I can update you on what we have been doing. Thanks.
  • What was the basis to which you bought the car as far as the warranty the dealer sold you the car.
    Did you sign an as is contract? and was the as is contract including the drive train? Did the dealer offer you the car with any maintenance agreement for X miles or time?
  • This is never done now the dealer said ,i need a body harnesses it cost $8435,where is the lawsuit.
  • need help , have no money and mi car is not working yet,lawsuit.?????
  • winniepwinniep Posts: 18 forbids me from talking about any lawsuits on line. My email is public (they won't let em list my email in the body of the message either - lame!), please write me at my email address and I can then update you more on what's going on. Thanks.
  • miler1miler1 Posts: 4
    Please email me. My email is not marked private.
  • Looks like I'm not the only one who is fighting with the dealership about my flywheel/clutch.

    Bought her brand new, about 4K miles in, she started to make a noise, I didn't worry about, since it was only sometimes when I was at a stop light.
    Then i brought her into the dealership to look at something else. and i wanted them to look at the rumble that i occasionally heard.
    Now the want over $3000 to replace the flywheel that is warped. Since it is not covered under my extended warenty or my maintenance package that I purchased either.

    They are trying to accuse me of riding the clutch, or racing.
    I have been driving sticks for over 25 years and have NEVER had to replace a clutch in my life.
    So this is not my driving that caused this.

    I WILL NOT BE PAYING TO GET IT FIXED. Looks like it is a manufacturing problem so they can fix it.

    I finally was able to get my dream car, and if this is how it is going to be, then my dreams may be shattered.

  • "One time good faith replacement."
    I stuck to my position, and I won!

    Thanks to my wife for looking up all the problems that MINI's have with the flywheels on the web, I had the information I needed to get a replacement clutch, pressure plate, and flywheel, at no charge to me.

    This is a manufacturing problem, it has been going on for years and the company does know about it. If you experience this problem do your online research and hit them hard for a no charge replacement.
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