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MINI Cooper Clutch & Transmission Questions



  • rufust1rufust1 Posts: 2
    I found a recall also the number given was 1-888-327-4236
  • ramquistramquist Posts: 7
    After reading posts about transmission failures I was fearful of this impending repair (noise at 60k and I was wondering how long I could milk it before the huge cost).

    Well I complained to the dealer when they informed me of the good news and they said contact Mini Customer Service.

    MINI CS actually responded quickly, 3 email communications in 36 hours. They called the dealer and made the arrangements to provide the parts at no cost but I pay labor. I feel this is a very reasonable response because in life things to happen.

    I have the email chain with CS if you are would like to see what I did. I don't think I did anything other than maybe hit the right cord.
  • Hi, there. I contacted Mini CS as well about my "massive transmission failure" at 74K miles, and they did nothing (I had purchased the extended warranty until 50K miles). I would be interested in the email chain with CS, as I exchanged numerous e-mails with them as well but to no avail. Mini of San Francisco was completely unresponsive as well. I ended up paying over $8,000 to replace my transmission.

    What year is your Mini? How far out of warranty were you?
  • :confuse: We just took delivery of a new 2008 S. We now have 2,000 miles on it. From almost day 1, we started getting a strange noise when downshifting from 3rd to 2nd if between 30-40 mph. The noise sounds like rubber on metal...kind of a skreech but not like a loose belt. More like chauking a pool cue or hitting the front brakes on a 10 speed bike. The dealer has deglazed the clutch twice. The sound is now less frequent but still there. It also seems to go away after the car heats up. Anyone had a similar problem or better yet, a fix?
  • ramquistramquist Posts: 7
    I was 10k and 2 years over (60k and 6 yrs old). email me and I will send you the email chain.
  • :confuse: My 05 Mini convertible's CVT has a hesitation when starting up from a stop, but if I use the lever in the right Sport position, then start from a dead stop - the hesitation does not exist! Is there some reprogramming that might be done by BMW to get the "normal" position to enjoy the same smooth startup as the Sport position?
  • kferokfero Posts: 1
    Can you please send me the CS thread about your failed transmission to I would greatly appreciate it
  • mspeppermspepper Posts: 7
    Hi- could you send me the email chain? I'm looking at this exact problem- massive cost and out of warranty. 67k 2003 Mini Cooper.
  • mspeppermspepper Posts: 7
    Did you get the failed transmission email chain? If so, could you also send it to I am facing the same problem . It is much appreciated.
  • No, I never got a transmission thread. The dealer "de-glazed" our clutch for the 3rd time and it appears to have fixed the noise problem we were having when downshifting from 3rd to 2nd. We've only heard the noise once since the last visit and it was barely detectable.
  • Hi, there. I never received the e-mail chain, although at this point I don't think it would make much difference for me. I had a massive transmission failure at about 70k (2002 Mini Cooper) and elected to have my transmission repaired at a local independent BMW shop for 8k, as opposed to paying 12k at the dealer in San Francisco. However, since I didn't have the work done at a dealership, I don't think I would get anywhere with Mini USA. When my transmission expired, Mini USA informed me via e-mail that I was basically out of luck since my extended warranty ended at 50k. I still feel outraged by this treatment by both Mini USA and Mini of San Francisco, who never even returned my calls.
  • minimad2minimad2 Posts: 1
    Sadly, I too have had a very similar experience - not on an '04 Mini, but on an '05. Clutches are clearly an ongoing issue with these cars, but one that the company refuses to acknowledge, chosing instead to pass the blame (quite criminally) back to the consumer.

    I generally to not repost messages that I've posted to other forums, but I'm really adamant about getting the word out here, so I'm making an exception.

    I recently filed this complaint with consumer affairs:

    Clutch problems seem to be a recurring theme on this page. So I thought I would add my experience to the mix.

    At about 19,000 miles, the clutch on my 2005 Mini Cooper S convertible began groaning during takeoff (ie, while moving from a full stop into first gear). I mentioned this to the dealer in San Francisco during an appointment to fix a non-related issue, and she later informed me that the clutch was in fact wearing and would soon need to be replaced. She added, much to my surprise, that my warranty would not cover it. Terms of the warranty cover clutch replacement only after 30,000 miles.

    I took issue with this and, after posting to an online forum, was contacted my a Mini National Customer Service rep, who agreed to look into getting me full coverage.

    Several months later, and after much back and forth with the rep (who for the record was very patient and courteous) the end result was this: Mini agreed to cover 50% of the cost, but only on condition that I agreed up front to shoulder the other 50%.

    Though I'm paraphrasing, their reasoning was this: if a clutch needs replacement within 30,000 miles, it must be due to driver abuse.

    This really blew me over. What a blatant leap in logic. From my standpoint, if a clutch needs to be replaced within 30K (or just 19K in this case), it's a pretty clear indication that the clutch itself is deficient or defective in some way. To provide some background here, I am 37 years old and have owned stick vehicles exclusively since I first got my license 21 years ago. I have never, ever, ever gone through a clutch in less than 70K, and have seen them last well beyond 100K on vehicles that I've owned. There is no way that the problem I'm experiencing is due to abuse on my part, and the mere suggestion is just absurd and proof of this company's refusal to stand behind its product.

    Other postings here on Consumer Affairs prove clearly that I am not alone on this issue.

    Furthermore, I have spoken to various mechanics (from BMW) who have confirmed that these cars have clutch issues. My service adviser at Mini in San Francisco even admitted as much, but kept insisting her hands were tied by corporate policy. So, in the end, the dealer is bound by corporate, and corporate passes the blame right back to the consumer. What a fantastic business model!!!

    Needless to say, I will not be purchasing or recommending any other Mini's. I've also decided against taking the company up on their 50% offer. Though that may sound absurd, my local mechanic wants $1200 to do the whole job. Mini quoted me $1800 for the work, $900 of which I would owe. I will gladly pay $300 extra to see an honest man perform an honest day's work before I'll see another nickel of my hard-earned pay in the hands of these clowns.

    You can find this complaint, along with many others, on the consumer affairs website here (just do a text search on "clutch" and you'll see what I mean).

    This company is behaving just shamefully, and consumers need to know. Knowledge is power!
  • My experience with Mini of San Francisco was similar to yours, except no one even did me the courtesy of calling me back regarding my failed transmission at 70k. Mini USA also told me that my transmission failure could be related to the way I drive or to different "geographical conditions". As you know, we don't get alot of snow or inclement weather out here, so neither "argument" made sense. I love my Mini but I would think twice before getting another one (and certainly not at Mini of San Francisco).
  • mspeppermspepper Posts: 7
    Go to message #162 where there is a link to Consumer Affairs - I usually never go to this length but after reading everyone's complain about the same issue- transmission failure, our voices should unite and hopfully there will some good that will come out of it. As of now most of us are all out $7,000 +/- except those who got lucky and received help from Mini customer Service. To those that received help - more power to you!
  • mspeppermspepper Posts: 7

    I went ahead and fixed my transmission through an independent as well. I found a person who is trying to get signatures together for a class action suit. If you are interested, here is her email address:

    I believe she is in San Francisco as well. There is strength in numbers.

    How is your Mini driving now or did you get rid of it?
  • My transmission just went at 66000 miles, 2003 mini cooper. I have 1 month left on my extended warranty. Does anyone know if I'm going to have a problem collecting, never dealt with extended warranties before.

    I'm seriously thinking about getting rid of it, but can only get 7000 from a dealer. My sunroof (moonroof) has leaked since day 1, fixed it once, but didn't last. My air conditioning has never worked. I have owned it for 2 years.

    The dealer is about 2 hrs away so I have been taking it to private mechanics. The tires cost me almost 1000. and a new muffler cost me about 1000. From the sound of it I'll be lucky if I don't have more transmission problems even after puchasing a new one.
  • I have collected about 60 people whom I have been in contact with who also had the same problem. My car failed at less than 60K miles. I know at least one person who was not able to collect through the extended warranty. If you would like to join us, please write me at Thanks! -winnie
  • I am looking for a 2003 Mini.....Let me know if you want to sell it and where you live? A few words about it and pictures can be sent to:
    Thanks :blush:
  • I have a 2006 mini that makes clutch noise on almost all my shifts from 1st gear. When I complained to the dealer I was told that is common in 2005 and 2006 and there was nothing they would do about it. I was also told it is not under warrenty. Reading other peoples clutch problems in this forum I see some say they were covered under warrenty and some people had their clutch "de-glazed"? The dealer told me if it makes this noise all the time my clutch is going out. I only have 32k on the car and have never heard of a clutch going out with that few miles. I am very disappointed because I thought BMW had a reputation for excellence. I am thinking about selling my car but how can I when it makes that noise? I asked the dealer this and he just shrugged his shoulders. What have other people done about this noise?
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