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Chrysler Sebring Audio System Problems



  • help!!!! I have a 99 Sebring convertible. It has an infinity amp under the front seat. Everything got wet after the car flooded after a rainstorm and now I have no sound from the radio. There is power and checked all fuses. Anyone know what I can do other than replace the amp?
  • My 2006 Sebring Limited has a 1-CD player and a 6-CD player. I was thinking that I might be able to keep 7 CDs in the two players. However, it seems that I can't play the CD in the 1-CD player because the system controls bypass it and default to the 6-CD player. Is that how the system is supposed to work?
  • I have an 01 LXI Coupe with the Infinity speakers, etc. The speakers on the right side of the car works however, none of the left side works. I don't they are blown. Could this be a wiring or a fuse issue?

    Thanks for your help
  • I have similar. Flood after rainstorm, top and windows were up. First, I had a dead battery. Crackling noises in the right speakers with the ignition off. I have sound on the left side but nothing but crackling on the right now that everything is dry. So that's an amplifier under the passenger seat? OK what will work. What is a good aftermarket unit to replace it with? The CD player will probably be the next to go, as the volume control isn't all that responsive. All in all, I like my Sebring, but it must have really been a torrential rain. No problem with flooding until now.
  • I have an 2001 Sebring LXI Coupe. How do I remove the middle/front dash panel to get to the radio? I have removed the 2 screws on the bottom but I was wondering if there were any more screws to remove? Do I just pop the middle piece off? Any help would be appreciated.
  • I recently bought an '07 Sebring with the MyGIG infotainment system. It wasn't something that I probably would have asked for if I was custom ordering it from the factory. However, now that I've had a chance to play with it for several weeks I think it is totally cool.

    Anyway, one of the options for MyGIG is a backup rear view camera. Mine didn't come with one but I'm thinking about adding it. I've seen several color, wide angle, night vision cameras listed on eBay for under $50. The camera is very inconspicuous and attaches to the upper license plate frame. Most come with an RCA plug and 10-15 ft of cable.

    Has anyone added a backup camera to their MyGIG? Is there an RCA jack on the back of it?

    The factory installed camera shows the camera view on the screen automatically when you shift into reverse. I'm not sure how this would work on an aftermarket camera or if the dealership could program the MyGIG to make it do this. I know they can enable/disable the front seat DVD for certain states, so they apparently have some programming control over the setup.

    If you want to learn more about MyGIG click here:
  • I have a 2000 JXI and have the same problem in reverse, the front left speakers work, but all the others are dead...did you find a solution yet? Thanks.
  • what is the best upgrade, or aftermarket sound system for a 2006 sebring convertible. also where do you find a boot top cover?
  • I would like to replace my factory radio with a GPS system. Where would I get R&R instructions?
  • I have a 2006 Chrysler Sebring sedan. It has the factory stereo (1 disc) in it. There's nothing wrong with it, it works just fine accept for one thing.....Me. I can't figure out how to set the clock. It's an hour fast and it's driving me nuts. :)
  • If your radio is like mine, look for an H (for hours) and an M (for minutes) on the right side of the radio display. Next to each letter is a hole. Stick a pen point in the H hole and push in. The hour will change.

    By the way, that info is in your manual if you have one and forget the next time we have to change our clocks.
  • cg33cg33 Posts: 3
    Did you ever get an answer for this? My radio knob does not work properly. You turn it and sometimes nothing happens. It is especially annoying when you hear an announcement begin and try to turn it up to hear the details and not only does it not get louder, but it sometimes turns down instead. I want to get it out of the dash so I can try a tuner spray to see if that solves the problem.
  • earzanearzan Posts: 2
    Hi. I have a Chrysler Sebring 1997 and it has been an excellent car. The problem I am having right now is that when I turn off the wipers, they stop immediately (they do not finish in the bottom part of the windshield). I was getting ready to buy the motor (even though the motor works) becuase it comes with the electrical part thinking this is the problem. However the seller told it could be also the switch where you turn the wipers on and off. Do you know any way how to check which is the problem? Any suggestion or comments? Should I take the chance to buy the motor or should I go to the directly to the dealer? Thank for your help.


    Note: Even though it has been a great car, I have had the problem that the radio gets on and off. Did someone find out what is the problem?? That radio has been replace like three times. Thank you.
  • fatfishfatfish Posts: 12
    This just happened to me this there an in line fuse or anything??
  • Is there any way for me to transfer selected song files from my iPod? I only seem to be able to copy the entire playlist using a USB connection.

    Any help is appreciated
  • tedebeartedebear Posts: 832
    Is there any way for me to transfer selected song files from my iPod? I only seem to be able to copy the entire playlist using a USB connection.

    The only options for adding music to the hard drive are via disc or USB flash drive. You don't have to copy the entire playlist from a USB device.

    Copying audio files using the USB port:

    1. Lift USB cover and insert the USB device. Select MY MUSIC.
    2. Select IMPORT MUSIC FILES. Select FROM USB.
    3. Select individual files or ALL. Select DONE to begin copying.

    There's a demo of this on the Chrysler MyGIG website. Click on "Copy Audio Files" on the left side of the screen.
  • buy kenwood cd player best buy instaled 129 ok lol easy
  • When a radio will only work intermitly you most likely have a ground or power issue. This can be fixed by finding the power/ground wire on the wires on the rear of the radio. Start with the ground wire (usually black) and splice into it and run to a good known ground (metal under the dash or firewall,and do the same for the power on except you will connect this to a power source that powers up with the key in the on position ( you will need a 12 volt test light for this) this will fix any power or ground issues if not you will have to replace the radio unit. This is not a difficult repair but if you are unsure any mechanic can do this in 30 minuites or so.
  • my clock is on the navigation screen, will mikebuckley's clock re-set solution work for this set-up?
  • Just bought a 2008 Sebring Touring with the Standard 6 CD/MP3/Sat radio....I cannot see any way to go to random I missing something? Surely, it has this feature...but not covered in the manual...and can't find anything via Google or Yahoo....

    Also, anyone used a Data DVD for MP3s? Manual implies it will work...but also says there is a file limit of just 256 this total file limit or is it per folder? I can usually get about 1,000 MP3s on a data DVD....

    Anyone know of more info on this radio besides the standard car manual?


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