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Hyundai Sonata Brakes

I have a 2006 Sonata LX with 23,800 miles. I bought it in August, 2006. Ok. It performs great. I just got back from lunch. I had my Starbucks in my cup holder doing 50 mph on two lane highway. The car in front of me comes to a screeching holt. I break (can you say panic stop) and stop without hitting. I watch this guy walking past me with a hose on his back on right by the grassy shoulder. This guy had parked his car on the two lane highway on the right lane while dragging the hose to reseed the grass. I could not believe it. I mean I have owned and driven a 2K Cobra R (Ford factory race car) that would stop on a dime (Brembo brakes) but this Hyundai is good as that. Great V6 engine and stops on a dime. Can you ask for more?


  • jack47jack47 Posts: 312
    I have a 2006 Sonata LX with 23,800 miles. I bought it in August, 2006

    Please explain how you put 23,800 miles on the car in two months.

    Or did you mean August 2005?
  • August 2005. How time flies, ha. I bought it from Laurel Hyundai in Laurel, Maryland. Two months later they became Ourisman Hyundai. Aquamarine with beige interior. I used the 2K rebate and got an excellent deal. Thanks.
  • mamamia2mamamia2 Posts: 698
    Few notes:

    A. If your Starbucks coffee spilled all over you, you can now SUE them for causing you severe burns.

    B. See, the guy in front of you KNEW he can come to a screeching holt safely and without causing an accident, since he looked in the mirror and saw a Sonata behind him.

    C. But since YOU did NOT know that HE knows, I am surprised you did take out your AK47 which you must keep on the passenger seat, and shot him and his stupid hose. I hope you actually DID it, just forgot to mention it.
  • MAMAMIA !!!!!!! I am shocked.!!!!!! ;)
    re: #C
    We aren't so obvious any more. Yeah, we may "respond" like that, but in a more subtle way. Maybe a 22 instead. ;), and we smile too. :) :) ;)
    Idiots like that are all over the place. (the hose guy)
  • txn428txn428 Posts: 41
    I bought this Sonata 2 weeks ago and it has 1100 miles on it. Lately I am hearing the rear brake squealing when applying the brake while backing the vehicle. When I put it back in Drive (tap the brake) it doesn't have that sound anymore. It only happens after the vehicle has been parked for 4 hours or more.

    I've brought it to a Hyundai dealership and they replaced the rear brake pads, but the squealing noise still there.

    Anyone experiencing this problem? Some people told me that is normal to have the brake squealing after the vehicle has been parked for a while and it will go away after a short drive. That's seems odd to me though. Thanks for all your input.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,682
    That is true about a little noise after a car has been parked awhile, especially in cool, humid weather when moisture may collect on the brake discs. I am hearing a little brake squeal lately on my Elantra, which goes away after driving awhile. The temps here have dropped to teens to low 20s overnight lately.
  • txn428txn428 Posts: 41
    It doesn't happen when I purchased the car which is about 2 weeks ago. The temperature is cold (50's at night) but not too low around my area (California). I've just brought it to the dealership again today and they told if I wanted them examine the squealing noise, I will need to leave it overnight so that they could do the inspection in the next morning. I'll try to do that next week and see what happen. Does anybody else experiencing the same problem as mine on the Sonata?
  • i have the same problem when my car sits for a while when I back up and is fine the rest of the time please tell me how you made out at the dealer before I go there thanks
  • I live in PA and I have experienced this with every car I have ever owned. Especially after letting it sit over night or on a day where humidity is high or it's raining.

    The rotors will begin to develop a film of rust and after hitting the brakes a few times, the rust layer is removed and the squealing noise disappears.

    May not be the same issue but the only other thing it could be is pads and the only way to resolve it correctly is to resurface the rotors as well if you are replacing pads for that reason.
  • My 2006 Sonata ABS makes a grinding sound like it is grinding corn, or dragging something on the ground when the ABS is engaged(sliding on ice for example). The brake system makes no noise under normal non ABS use, and works fine, good stopping power, the best brakes I have ever had!

    From the reading I have been doing on this subject I understand that this sound is normal.

    My question for operators who own other brands of autos is, does your other cars makes this same type of noise? And, if anyone knows, what is it in the Sonata system that makes this type of sound?

  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    I own something other than a Hyundai and yes, I hear the same sort of sound when the ABS engages.
  • drdonrsdrdonrs Posts: 164
    Every car that I have owned with ABS has had the same noise when activated. Here in the NY area , when we have "winter" the ABS comes into play. Perfectly NORMAL! :)
  • Thank you for your response, Pat and Dr Don.

    One reason I ask is that while this is the first car that I have owned with ABS, years ago I drove a auto with asn old ABS system and the only indication I would have of ABS engaging was a pulsing feeling on the brake peddle. No sound at all.

    The sound from the Sonata is so pronounced and such an odd sound(you believe something is dragging the ground) that Hyundai surely had a reason for making this sound so noticeable.

    Just curious. And I was wondering if some of our posters who are much more knowledgeable than I could tell us how the noise is generated?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,682
    Brake calipers/pads hitting the brake discs on 4 wheels several times per second. Can make quite a racket!
  • I leased 2 Sonatas just over a year ago and both of them now have that squeaky break sensor issue. I have not heard that at all over the course of the year, but now both of them have started up with it, within about 2 weeks of each other. (The one with higher mileage went 1st)

    My mechanic thought that it should be covered under a 3/36 warranty but the dealer says that it's onlhy 1/12.

    UGH! :(
  • drnodrno Posts: 5
    I own a 2006 GL with 24k miles. The vehicle has required no repairs except that the rear pads were worn and had to be replaced at about 20k miles. The front pads are fine. A colleague with the same model also had only the rear pads replaced. Are there problems with rear pads or proportioning valves/abs/esc systems?
  • craigbrookscraigbrooks Posts: 420
    Must be a problem with yours. I wouldn't expect to replace the rear pads but maybe once in the lifetime of my car. Somewhere around 80 - 90 K I would think. Heck I never changed the rear brakes on my 95 Lumina. Had it for 11 years and 107K miles.
  • I could by that if I only have 2 with the same problem. Had my mechanic look at it and there's a ridge of rust build up on the pads that makes the horrific SCREECHING sound, especially when it's raining/humid. I need to have it repaired at 14K and 12K. Nice huh?
  • aeosmanaeosman Posts: 1
    Can anyone tell me the trick to removing the rear brake rotors. There are a set of brake shoes inside the rotor that is the emergency brake. My left rear rotor went bad and I had a miserable time getting it off. Now I have to tackle the passenger side. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
  • jayessjayess Posts: 59
    I'd originally posted this on Maintenence & Repair, probably better here.

    Wondering if anyone else has experienced this ? I'd posted in July about the 'need' (?) to replace the rear brakes on my '07 GLS at 18,600 mi...I know . We began to hear the tell-tale metalic squeel primarily when turning the steering wheek to the right. Took it in and the mechanic and service guy indicated that the rears were worn down, mainly on the left. Being that I was hearing the noise too, which I knew to be the wear indicators and that my 19 yr old was driving the car mainly to her Summer job, I decided to have them replaced and the rotors turned. Since I'd had the car for 18 months there was little hope of having them replace under warranty. Between this and the 2 other Hyundai sites, I found a few other posts about this problem which seemed to indicate that in fact it might be a caliper or piston or rear pad issue needing an adjustment.
    Today I took my '08 GLS, in service 8/15 last yr., in for the 34 point inspection, thanks HMC for the freebie coupon - and asked that they specifically check the brakes. Well...they found that the "rear brakes were sticking in slides causing glazing" they "freed the pads and machined the rotors" this time on the house
    I insisted again that this wasn't normal especially for rear brakes and that there was some chatter on the internet message boards about what the problem might be.
    The service guy, who seems to be a genuinely decent sort pulled up the brake job on the '07 from July, printed it out and offered to discuss the problem with the
    RSM who comes in periodically to see what they "can do for me" I made sure to reiterate that I have 2 Sonatas and not just a 10 yr old Accent! He did acknowledge that the wear war on the low side of normal, I told him that he needs to look up to see the low side of normal for rear brakes.
    So - has anyone experiences anything like this from either of these years ? or have another idea of what might be going on here ? On both cars the driving as about 75/25 city/hwy the 08 is garaged the 07 outside and I'm in W. PA w/4 season weather if it matters. We like both cars but this has me concerned.
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