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Hyundai Sonata Brakes



  • Actually, I may not be describing it correctly. The brake pad caliper on the 07 Sonata can be removed by removing the two bolts that holds it to the bracket. However, the rotor cannot be removed yet because the bracket is still in the way. I need to know how to remove that bracket. This is the first car I've owned in 20 years that needed something more than the caliper to be removed for full access to the rotor.

    You mention "just remove the two pad bracket bolts and take the bracket off". Easier said than done, since there is hardly any clearance, as far as I can tell, to the second bolt for the bracket. This bolt has a head that's tucked in behind the vertical support for the wheel assembly. But, if that's the way it has to be done, so be it. I'll figure out a way and save myself the labor cost of somebody else doing it. Please confirm.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,682
    Thanks very much for posting the manual!
  • captseedcaptseed Posts: 2
    edited February 2011
    On my 2009 with 37,500 miles the rear brakes needed to be replaced.The dealer found that the rotors in the rear were 2 different sizes and were put on this way at the factory. They found that one was for a 4 cylinder and the other was for a 6 cylinder car. They are replacing the 2 rotors and the wrong caliper that was with the wrong size rotor. The front brakes are still good. When I asked it having the wrong brakes in the rear could cause them to wear out faster I as told no that the Sonata rear brakes tend to wear out faster then the front. This dose not sound right to me as usually the fronts wear out first.
    Dose any one know if the pads are different sizes. I could not get a straight anwser from the dearler.
    The dealer want to charge me $270 for the brake job but not for the wrong parts. I beleave if the 4 cylinder brakes pads are smaller they could wear out faster then normal. My car is a 6 cylinder which called for the larger rotor and calipers
  • I have excessive rear brake wear on my 09 Sonata. Any insites on how to handle with the dealer. Something has to be wrong in the system since the fronts are only 50% worn. The car has 28000 miles on it.
  • ayeuayeu Posts: 41
    Trimtree - I had problem with my '07 after only 11 months. At the end of last year I bought a 2011 Sonata Limited. Before I bought it the service mgr. told me Hyundai has given them "more latitude" in dealing with premature brake problems. An '09's brake wear could be normal after two years. 28,000 miles in two years indicates a lot of local driving, therefore a lot of stops. Why back before front? Who knows?
  • The front breaks are the workhorse of your breaking system, and your rear breaks should be nowhere near worn down yet with only 28K miles. The company knows there is an engineering problem with the rear breaks in these models, but they refuse to recall anything. I'm surpsied they are getting such high ratings. Anyway, I had my rear breaks changed out twice under warranty because, ON MY CAR, the problem was that the calipers' "shim kit" stuck on only one side, and only one pad was wearing down. On the rear, there are four break pads--two on the outside and two on the inside of each wheel. All the break pads should wear evenly, but because the parts were rusting and sticking, only one pad was extremely low. It might have been dangerous had I ignored the squeaking, and I almost did because I knew it was too early for my rear breaks to be gone at 35K miles. I had to fight with them about it the first time, but then when the same problem happened within another 25K miles, they gave me no hassle. Don't let them talk you out of it. In my opinion, the problematic break parts should all be recalled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • nj2pa2ncnj2pa2nc Posts: 813
    honda/acura had a class action suit for immature brake wear. The settlement was $150.00 when you submit the correct paper work within a certain period of time showing the brakes had been replaced. I do not know the reason but rear brakes seem to be wearing down more quickly than front brakes. My mom own a honda accord that needed to have the brakes replaced numerous times due to stop and go driving. I do mostly highway driving so the brakes on my cars last longer. I now own a 06 acura tsx, bought new 11/06. I recently had the brakes measured. The fronts were 8 and the rears 6. Still good after 121,000+ miles.
  • saint_judesaint_jude Posts: 9
    Thank you very much for your information. I will contact them as I feel certain they will be interested in a 2007 Sonata that has had the rear breaks changed out twice within 55K miles due to faulty parts. I just hope someone does something about this before anyone gets killed. I could hardly hear the squeaking on my breaks when a mechanic told me the one side was so bad that the breaks might have failed if I had waited any longer.
  • hatemycar3hatemycar3 Posts: 1
    I own a 2009 hyundai sonata and it has 33k on it and one day i had horrible noise from right rear break. This was the first time I heard the noise, The next day it continued to make the noise and my friend took off wheel and checked it. The brakes were completely gone and rotars ruined after only a day with the it making the noise. I am trying to figure out how to approach the dealership with this because they have refused to fix any of the problems with my car so far always saying the things that it does are normal. Not sure how to approach it and get them fixed. I am so frustrated with this car it is the biggest piece of junk.
  • averuss67averuss67 Posts: 1
    I'm having the same problem!! I hate my car as well!!! I have a 2009 sonata that i purchased in Feb 2011 and had to get the back breaks and rotors changed in May 2011... and just this weekend i started hearing that grinding noise again and now have to get them changed again and it's only been 2 months.... There is definitely a problem with this vehicle and the rear breaks. Also the break sensor light never came on giving me any indication that the breaks were wearing down... I'm calling my car loan lending company and telling them that I was sold a lemon and see if they are willing to help... The dealership acts like it's a normal issue but if I was told that i would need to get my breaks changed every two months i would not have brought this vehicle!!!!!!!! MAD AS HELL!!!!
  • If you want to find lawyers interested in a class action, google the words "Hyundai Sonata Brake Defect Matter" and click into the first result.
  • kp923kp923 Posts: 3
    edited August 2011
    We own a 2009 Hyundai Sonata with 37K miles, the majority of which are highway miles. The other day my husband left for work only to return a few minutes later saying he heard a grinding noise coming from the back passenger side. He stopped driving it until we could take it to the dealer because we figured whatever was going on should be covered under the warranty. The dealer checked it out and said we needed new brakes and rotors and the cost would be $599. That seemed unreasonably high so we took it to the mechanic we have been using. He looked at it and said that the brakes and only the rotor on the right side needed to be replaced, the cost being $299. He also discovered that the caliper on the right side was sticking and stated that it may be defective. He said we should think about replacing the caliper or we will be having this problem again. The calipers would be an additional $300. Funny how that is the same cost the Hyundai dealer was going to charge without replacing the calipers. My husband called the dealer and told him what was found and also asked why the price would be so different. The dealer got pissed and said they, the dealer, use better materials. He also stated that when they inspected the car there was no problem with the caliper. By the way, the dealer charged me $49 to look at my car and I believe lie to me about the caliper issue. I will never have work done at Hyundai.
    In their(the dealer) defense, they were right about using better materials. They would have used Hyundai parts on your car where as your mechanic would use parts from a parts store(Napa or Autozone). Being a mechanic, he should know to never replace just 1 rotor, both should be replaced in pairs even if only one is worn. A sticking caliper may not have needed replacement, rather just lubricated which the dealer would have done. Calipers are normally not replaced unless they seize up, if they just stick than lubricating them should free them up to operate as designed.
  • kp923kp923 Posts: 3
    edited August 2011
    I wouldn't consider Hyundai materials superior under the circumstances, it is their materials that are prematurely failing. I think everyone who is having this problem would agree with me, something is defective with these parts.
    Where do you live? If you live in one of the snowbelt states than you are going to have a problem with the brakes. If you live in the South like I do, you shouldn't have a problem with brakes for at least 50k miles depending on your driving habits. I have an 06 Sonata LX V6 and changed my front brake pads at 54k miles, now have 81k miles on car and still haven't touched rear brakes.
  • kp923kp923 Posts: 3
    I do live in the midwest and based on what I've read on the internet and have experienced thus far, I am going to have problems with my"Hyundai" brakes. I have a 2005 Toyota Camry and during recent routine maintenance had my back brakes checked and they are still going strong despite going through six midwest winters. Count yourself lucky that you live in the south, and if you ever drive up north in the winter don't use your Hyundai.
    I did to Ohio on 2 occassions, but that was 5 years ago. Now when we go to see the in-laws we use the minivan.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,682
    Where do you live? If you live in one of the snowbelt states than you are going to have a problem with the brakes.

    I must be an exception then. My 2007 Sonata still has the original brakes at 53k miles and last time they were checked they had a lot of life left. I have the sliders lubed whenever the brakes are checked, about once a year. The car has been driven in the snowbelt (WI and MN) its entire life.

    I also wash my cars frequently in the winter to get the salt off. I think that helps, in a number of ways. Maybe it helps the brakes also.
  • Have the same issue the rear breaks are wearing out especially on the outboard side of the pads. I have a 2008 Santa Fe. The rear passenger side wore out in 2010. The other side in 2011. The front ones seem to be okay. But the tire wear on the rear wheels is significant. There should be a recall issued for this problem. I replaced both sides already.
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