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Honda Civic Hybrid Tire/Wheel Questions



  • hi Ernie,,this seems to be a universal problem,and not just from the first run as i was told..seems we can not trust what Honda service,and reps say.keep plugging and mention the LEMON word a lot.good luck,and ya,i was getting about 20-24 k on a set of rear tires.arthur
  • nhernnhern Posts: 3
    thanks for support. I am on phone with Honda right now,(on hold) tires are Dunlop. She says their isn't a bulletin on my issue and has referred me to an advisor who will contact me in 24-48 hrs.
  • Anyone having any luck on Rear Tire Noise. Took my 2007 Civic Hybrid to the Dealership today for tire noise after Tire Rotation at 8000 miles. Was told there was a problem with rear suspension and Honda was aware and working on the problem, but for how long? I have seen from the forums this is an ongoing problem from 2006. The dealership said by complaint would be filed with the other complaints they had and I would be notified when a fix was available. I was lead to believe that this was a new problem. Looks as if I may need to take other action since I have only had my Civic Hybrid for 4 months. Any suggestions
  • nhernnhern Posts: 3
    Well Honda finally contacted me and basically said there was nothing they can do for me. I should have rotated tires more often. They insinuated I hit lots of pot holes and that the problem with earlier cars was that the alignment could not be adjusted properly but not so with mine. They recommend alignment once a year. Funny thing is I had only owned car 11 mos. when this all happened. That is when pot holes came up. Bottom line is I bought 4 new tires and an alignment and let him know it would be the last Honda I would own. Too bad, this was my 3rd one in 10 years. Prius is looking pretty good.

  • I contacted AH on October 5th and the rep asked me to fax a copy of the receipt for the 2 new tires I purchased. After dozens of attempts to return phone calls, I haven't been able to contact the rep- always on another line or out of the office. I finally left a message to email me the status of my case, and I still haven't heard back. It's pretty discouraging. She claims there is no sb to fix the problem. This is the 5th Civic I have owned, and probably my last.
  • I have a 2007 HCH purchased in Aug. took in for first oil change and tire rotation at beginning of November. Had noticed slight noise from rear tires just prior to tire rotation at 8000 miles. After moving the rear tires to the front the noise and slight vibration were very evident. Called Service Department about problem, was told to drive for three more days to see if problem improved (self corrected) or got worse. I drive 130 miles per day to and from work and the Service Rep was aware of this. Called Service Rep after three days and informed her the problem was no better or worse. She made an appointment for me to come in 5 days later. At that time I was informed there was a problem with certain 2007 models, Rear Suspension - Chamber Adjustment Arm and Honda was aware of the problem and working on a fix. The only thing they could do for me now was to move the front tires back to the rear a wait for the fix. When asked how long, they did not know and said my name would be added to file Honda had ask them to keep and I was not the only one with this problem. After returning home and thinking about the situation and answers I had been given and that they were not satisfactory for a car only 3 months old and 8000 miles. I call the American Honda Customer Service. A rep. returned my call in one day and after explaining my situation said he would have to investigate with the Service department. I received a call 2 days later from my Service Rep. who informed me Honda would replace the rear tires. I told her this was good, but new tires with no fix was not acceptable and wanted to know when I could expect a fix. She said she would inform Honda Customer Service of this. Honda Service Rep called the next day. He also danced around the question of date for the fix. He did finally say that a fix for the Chamber Arm had been accomplished but was in the testing stages??? Finally did say it would be released in 30 to 60 days, that may have been just to get me off the phone for I could not get anything in writing, just that if I had not received notification of a fix by the time I reached 12000 miles on my tires to take the car in and have the new ones put on. So now I am just waiting to see since my last communication with them was on 11/14 and I now have 9500 miles on the rear tires and the noise is getting worse.
  • I fell for their line: 2006 Honda Civic was "CAR OF THE YEAR".

    I wanted good mileage, I wanted reliability, I wanted a quality car from a quality company.

    From the moment I left the dealership with my new car, it seemed that the rear end of the car was just roaring. Everyone that rode in it complained of the rear end road noise.

    So I was not that surprised when my rear Bridgestone radials just happened to have the steel belts protruding at 20,000 miles.

    I will not bore you with the 20 hours and five visits to Honda dealers and Bridgestone tire dealers that I made as Honda claimed "no problem" and the Bridgestone people said "Dude, you have a defective car". I've owned a few cars, and the fact that the front tires were pristine told me that Honda had a major problem with their rear end alignment on the 2006 CAR OF THE YEAR.

    I did their route, all the hoops and mental midgets at Honda of America Customer Service in Torrance. They told me I had defective tires. I didn't bite. I escalated. They told me I had worn (only) the rear tires down due to "aggresive driving" or "overloading". (Virtually all freeway miles, two passengers, 100 pounds luggage?)

    Their final word to me: "There is absolutely nothing wrong with your car OR tires, what you have seen is normal wear".

    I sent them a demand letter saying that if they didn't reimburse me for the two new rear tires, I would sue them.

    Lo and behold, I got called by an apologetic Honda Lawyer. So sorry. Defect in rear suspension. Engineers working hard on fix. Recall soon. Will pay 75% of cost of new tires.

    I said flat out no. That they were getting off cheap. I spend 20 hours and drove 350 miles to get their lies, lies, lies, lies. He quickly said they'd pay the full expense.

    Reading this thread, I'm inclined to stuff their check where the sun don't shine. These people at Honda are practiced, skilled and trained liars.

    DO NOT EVERY BUY ANOTHER HONDA. Look for a class-action suit against Honda. They will be killing people with premature tire wear, you can bet.
  • aueaue Posts: 16
    12-15: Just replaced a set of Bridgestone Insignias at 44,000 miles on an October 2006 HCH. Had a similar problem with premature wearing out of Bridgestone Potenzas on on a previous new vehicle (2001 Mazda Protege). My conclusion is that Bridgestone makes crappy tires and that car manufacturers put crappy tires on their new vehicles so don't buy Bridgestone tires and don't buy replacement tires from your car dealer. Instead find a reputable local independent tire dealer who will take the time to find your car a set of tires that match your driving habits. We found Earl's Tire in Des Moines, IA (definitely worth the drive from anywhere) and got Kumhos for the Mazda (still going strong for our daughter who is a car abuser) and Uniroyal Freedoms for the HCH, both times at dealer cost.
  • For XMAS I bought my wife 4 Michelin Destiny tires from Discount Tires. I bought these from a employee I know and he suggested these tires as well as Costco. We had the original Bridgestone stock tires and averaged 45 mpg and went over 63,000 miles on them and now we are averaging 40 mpg. WHAT?!?!?
    Did I get the wrong tires? Does Discount Tire sell a different tire I should have gotten? Are Kuhmo's any good? Can I even get them exchanged now?

    Any help would be great.
  • Check closely for unusual tire wear...seems common on Civics. My buddy wrecked his Civic due to bad tires/unusual wear. Honda needs to wake up, acknowledge, and correct the problem before people get hurt. Bad enough we pay for quick wear but accidents are another story. The reason I bought a Honda was due to high quality, standards, and ethics but seems we need a louder voice...squeaky wheels get the grease...maybe.
  • I noted some uneven wear, made an appointment for warranty service at AutoFair Honda in Manchester, NH. I had no problems, they realigned all four wheels and noted they were all significantly off.

    When I brought up the dreaded, "How do you intend to reimburse me for the ruined tires" subject, the service manager told me that there was a TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) in process and expected within a few weeks.

    Apparently there are control arm issues on the 07 Civics. She asked that I call them back within a few weeks to see what corporate Honda was going to recommend with regard to the tire replacement and possibly further control arm replacement.

    While I'm less than pleased to be driving in a New Hampshire winter with defective tires, I'll hold off a few weeks rather than getting myself all wound up and firing off certified letters to various mucky mucks.
  • I am in Ontario Canada and was issued a 2007 Honda Civic Hybrid in October (Government of Ontario assigned vehicle - I work for them). I had the first oil change (and tire rotation) done at 8,000 miles and my mechanic advised that the rear tires were chipped (cupped?), and that this is an alignment problem, not a tire problem.

    I took the vehicle to the loca Honda dealer, who confirmed that there was a Service Bulletin on this and ordered the required parts (rear upper control arms).

    Apparently, some upper control arms were manufactured slightly short, causing the alignment problem. Because the parts came from a certain manufacturer and there is no record of which cars received them, it is not possible to identify problem cars by serial number or date of manufacture.

    All owners of this vehicle should be aware of the problem and look for unusual wear on rear tires.

    I have now had the warranty work done, and other than the chipping on the interior edge, the tires where not worn more than usual, so I am hoping that they achieve a normal lifespan from them.
  • but do you know if this was an issue with just the HCH or with all civics. I have an 06 LX and after just one year, i had to replace tires also. Sort of a blessing, because i really didn't like the bridgestones on it, but i don't want this to happen to my yokohamas too (for which i paid over $600 + the alignment).
    I thought it was just my driving, or crappy tires, but maybe not.
    could you post the TSB on this, or tell me how find out the number.
  • We bought a EX Coupe in April 2007 and have cupping of the tires on the rear. This was dicovered at the first tire rotation. After much run around at the dealer I contacted Honda America. They got back to me 2 days after my initial call and confirmed they have an rear alignment problem, but did not have a fix which they have provided to dealers in North Carolia as yet.

    When I asked about the exceptional wear on the tires, they said that when the fix is made they would take care of tire wear caused by the alignment problem.

    My faith in Honda is partially restored. When the fix is done I will be a happy camper.
  • When I had the warranty work done, I asked if this problem was unique to the Hybrid because of the additional battery weight in the rear end. I was told, no the defective upper control arms were installed in all Honda Civic models and there is no record of which ones.
  • jaremyjaremy Posts: 2
    I have this same tire/suspension problem on my 07 Civic EX with 14K miles. Initially my dealership rotated my tires for the second time and when I left my steering wheel was shaking. I took it right back to the dealsership but the service department was closed. I took it to Meineke and right away the service guy told me all four of my tires were ruined due to a problem with the rear suspension. This was my second rotation so the front tires had previously been on the back and also had uneven wear. I had them rotate the tires back at Meneike just so I could drive home. When I called the dealership they admitted that they had noted in my file that my tires were excessively worn but didn't tell me until AFTER I took it to Meneike. I searched the web and found dozens of similar cases. I found a website that even had a Canadian Honda Technical Service Bulletin that spelled out the exact problem and how to fix it. It is caused by rear control arms. I emailed it to my dealership and explained that I would like my car fixed the same way. They brought my car in and looked at it and put on two new tires in the back and explained that the new control arms had not been approved yet in the US like they were in Canada and that they would call me when the parts were approved. I just got the call yesterday that they now have the new improved control arms and mine have been ordered. I am thrilled that they are going to fix it. I have read many posts buy Canadians that have these new control arms and it does fix the issue.
    I found if funny that after I emailed the TSB to my dealership it was mysteriously removed from the internet. I saved a copy and I think everyone should be able to view this Candadian TSB so here it is...
  • jaremyjaremy Posts: 2
    I forgot to add that I have spoken with corporate Honda and a TSB for this issue was released for cars in the US last week but I have been unable to find it on the web.

    Also, here is another great link about this issue...
  • Jaremy, Wow, this is a breakthrough! Thanks for the great info and links. I'll be running to my dealer and demanding a fix (esp. since I just had to buy a complete set of new tires...on my 4th 43K and off the dealer say sorry Charlie, no warranty, no fix free). Strange that it excludes hybrids because all models of Civics seem to be affected to some degree.

    Anyway about time on Honda's part...thanks again for the post.
  • I just went to the dealer and they told me that my right rear tire is worn and needed replacement after 30,000 miles. After leaving the dealer, I did some online research and came across this thread. I'm heading back to the dealer next week. I don't know anything about cars, so I hope I can get some answers from them.

    This situation gets me mad. This is my first new car and I bought it for it's relability. I now want to trade the car in. Do we think this problem is ever going to get solved?
  • In reading this thread and another similar one, I find that my 06 civic hybrid has the same tire wearing issue. In addition, I find that my car handles very poorly in the snow or on roads that are occasionally slippery. The back end moves back and forth and the car handles poorly. I had the car in today for an oil change and rotation and they told me my tires were shot. When I told them I had never had tires go so quickly, 35,000 miles they gave several different excuses. 1. cheap tires 2. need to rotate more often 3. tire pressure When I asked if others were having the same problems with wear and control I was told it was not a major problem. Having this thread in hand, I will be calling my dealer and Honda tomorrow. Have others had their tires replaced? I too have had loud rear noises that went unsolved. Is there going to be a recall? Is there an American Service Bulletin being issued?
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