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Honda Civic Hybrid Tire/Wheel Questions



  • We got new tires for our HCH03, and we have see a drop from 44 to about 40MPG. We stayed with Bridgestone, but we got a different model tire, the Insignia SE200. I didn't even think about mileage before we bought. Having said that, I never felt very safe with the OEM tires - they seemed to lose traction pretty easily in wet weather. The annual cost difference at 15K miles/year and $3 gas is 34 gallons and $100. That would pay for higher quality tires pretty quickly. I don't know which replacement tire would be best, but ours are NOT it.
  • jfainjfain Posts: 3
    Do you happen to have a contact number or e-mail for Rob Rubinoff? I am getting tires from the dealer but the dealer is saying that American Honda does not offer an allowance for tires with over 25K miles. Thanks for the information. I hate this situation because I have been a fan of Honda for many years. Oh well, I guess business is business for them. Thanks again.
  • I have an 06 Honda Hybrid. My 1st set of tires was replaced after about 20K miles. They checked the alignment then and it was out of alignment. The alignment was done at Goodyear. I had the alignment rechecked and it is out of alignment to the point that Goodyear won't honor their guarantee on the tires. They told me there is no adjustment on the upper arms of the rear wheels and they are out of alignment. They offered to replace the arms for about $400. I went back to Honda and told them and they could not find any notices about the rear arms being replaced by Honda.

    I called Honda and told them what I wanted which was replacement upper rear arms and new tires. They gave me a number for my complaint and said they would get back to me. That was last week. It is now 2-8-08. I will continue to blog and let you all know what they do here in Waco.
  • sorry for all the heartache in resolving this alignment issue,and tire replacement...
    here is what i know for the Denver area.the Honda Rep is Scott E....per my copy of the work order the service bulletin is # 8-001 to replace rear upper control arms and replace 4 tires.all the work has been completed..i am not sure i will keep the car long enough to see if it worked....good luck
  • jcampajcampa Posts: 14

    Mine is going in the Amarillo Globe News, we are not keeping it either to see if the fix works. I highly doubt that it will work. I am out 1500.00 dollars in maintenance costs. The add will read 2006 Honda Civic LX, whale Tale, Aluminum Wheels and New Tires. In shop more than it is been in my care. :mad:
  • yes they have


  • I had my Civic fixed yesterday.

    Prior to the warranty work, they asked me to sign a release that would basically agree to arbitration with both parties paying half of the arbitration fee, without possible reimbursement of such fee. That seemed like a really stupid idea that was not part of the warranty process, so I refused to sign it. After getting the general manager involved they agreed to work on the car without my giving up my right to a suit.

    It had about 9,600 miles on it when I began the process a month ago (with 2/32 of tread left), and about 12,000 miles yesterday (with 0/32 of tread left). According to the chart they should have charged me 25% of the replacement cost. Instead they didn't even attempt to charge me for the replacement tires. I was pleased they didn't insist on this since, since Honda is affiliated with/owns Tire Rack, and I wouldn't have been happy letting them profit even a little from warranty work that wasted hours of my time and had me driving a death trap for the last few months.
  • jcampajcampa Posts: 14
    :mad: This is really strange, because what they are saying is the fix will not work and they don't want people sueing when they find out that the fix will not work. They know something and are not saying it. We need to call for a total recall of this car and force them to either fix them or sue them


    P.S. Anyone looking for a HONDA, I'm Selling :mad:
  • aueaue Posts: 16
    2006 HCH: Thanks to a post of the appropriate TSB on this forum, I was armed enough to get the local dealer to replace the control arms and realign the car, even though they originally said they wouldn't unless there was a recall, but the bastards at Honda won't prorate the worn out tires unless they have less than 25k miles. Ours were 4/32 at 44k. Any way to appeal that?
  • aueaue Posts: 16
    Although I'm sure Soichiro Honda, who said "I believe that the level of admiration for a person is determined by the level of contribution the person makes to the world", was a fair and honorable man, his successors at the company he founded are most certainly not fair or honorable. I just read this entire thread about the wheel alignment issue on Honda Civics and sensed both a collective outrage at the way Honda presents itself as safe and green and fair and honorable but then obfuscates a very serious safety flaw in its 2006 car of the year and also that this thread is the tip of an iceberg that affects considerably more people. Please post all your contacts (names, phone numbers, addresses, emails, etc.) at Honda Headquarters in both California and Japan and also suggestions about how Honda's lies about the wheel alignment issue can be publicized. Let's take back the company for Soichiro, who had the nickname 'black nose weasel', which is less derogatory in Japanese than it sounds in English, because his face was always dirty from helping his father in the forge.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 6,368
    Posting of personal contact information and phone numbers is not permitted as we cannot verify that phone numbers belong to the people that they are claimed to be for, and those people may not want their names and phone numbers posted on a public message board.

    Please do not post such information as the posts will be removed.


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  • Any one have a copy to post. Cat is out of the bag.
  • Does anyone notice the vibration and noisy tires (Dunlaps) on the 4 door Civic Hybrid? Honda dealer says I am being "too picky, it is not a luxury car," but it seems from other posts they have had a problem with the back end. Thoughts?
    I did find a recall on several manufacturing months for faulty seals on the rear bearings -- recall # 07V399000--3/24/2005 to 09/01/2006.
  • edeberghedebergh Posts: 3
    My husband and I bought a civic hybrid 2007. It is vibrating also. Most noticeable at 85km. They have checked numerous things. Rotated tires, alignment, tried other tires (we have Toyo winter tires which we bought this winter. The car is only 10 months old and vibrated on its original tires. The dealer had the car for three weeks and is now saying it is an "inherent characteristic" of the car. What? We did not have a vibration when we bought the car. It started about 5 months into owning it and has continued and gotten worse. Anyone else experiencing this?
  • edeberghedebergh Posts: 3
    we have a HCH 2007 that is 10 months old. At about 5 months, we also began experiencing a vibration mainly at 85km though you could feel it at lower speeds. The dealer agreed that there was a vibration and rotated the tires, did an alignment and switched the tires with a new hybrid on the lot and took two hybrids from the lot for a drive to compare to our car. Final result we got our car back after three weeks and the vibration still exists. Honda has stated in the end that there is a vibration but it is a natural characteristic of the hybrid. What? The vibration is so bad that you feel numb after driving the car for an hour. Any thoughts?
  • tomnkimtomnkim Posts: 1
    Just gor back from the dealer and was told about my rear wheels. Shocked and never heard of TSB -08-001. Dealer fixed the problem and then asked if I wanted to purchase new tires. WHAT! They have 18K miles with 5/32" on them and the inside was gone. I asked where did you take the measurement, from the middle of the tire, YEP??? I understand the pro-rated caculation and frankly don't care. My tires that I originally paid for will not last for more the 20K miles. Honda is asking me to drive my family with inferior tires, damage caused by a manufactures defect. I must replace them now and absorb the cost. Hey HONDA, you just lost another customer and I'm serously considering a lawsuit. I truely believe that this merits a class action lawsuit if Honda new that the control arms were defective. Someone will have to die before Honda will take ownership. How can a company claim safety when they will not back their own product. Every tire on 06 and 07 Civic's should be replaced, regardless of how many miles. I just received a call from Honda and got the same song and dance as many others. There's nothing that can be done! Car of the year??? No more Honda in my future!
  • paisan1paisan1 Posts: 11
    i had the same vibration even after the service bulletin was implemented.the vibration is different in that it is there all the time.not as bad as before.i think i have developed a sensitivity to it.the service rep who drove with me agreed that there was a vibration,and that it seemed to be associated with road conditions.he also agreed that there was a vibration when on a new smooth surface.later told me he drove a new hybrid with the same vibration.end result is i am driving the car for awhile to see if it gets worse and the tires wear properly.i thought this would all get least my dealer is working with me and not blowing me off......
  • jcampajcampa Posts: 14
    Hey I'm with you, my Honda has cost me about 1500.00 dollars and when the fix was done on this car, it cost me an additional 600.00 dollars when I had to go over a curb and damage was done under the car when I had to get out of traffic. Honda said I caused the damage and should have been killed changing the tire before they would reimburse my cost. Just wonderfull people, I just want to sell this pieceo of crap.

    Cheers and keep in touch

    Get the word out DO NOT BUY HONDA :mad:
  • xmasbabyxmasbaby Posts: 3
    The problem isn't limited to the hybrid. I bought a 2007 civic in October 2007. Today (March 22) I took the car to my dealer because of the vibration and roaring. Honda confirmed the manufacturer defect and while that part is under warranty, they want to charge me $60 per tire for tire replacement because of the wear the defect has caused on the current tires. Since this is a factory defect that is covered under warranty and that the defect is the cause of the abnormal wear on the tires and the reason for replace, I do not feel that I should have to pay anything. The company should have to eat the cost of the new tires. I agree with others on this thread, my faith in Honda has wavered and this will probably be the last Honda I buy.
  • jcampajcampa Posts: 14
    Hang in there, Honda does not make a good product, and my HONDA is up for sale now. Get the word out do not buy HONDA, Maybe someone will start a class action law suit over this.

    Cheers :mad:
  • aueaue Posts: 16
    I naively thought that Honda was to cars what Mac is to computers, in other words, a little more expensive but worth it because the design and craftsmanship is better. I have now changed my opinion. All car companies are owned and run by crooks and liars. Count me in on the class action suit.
  • xmasbabyxmasbaby Posts: 3
    Count me in on the class action law suite too! This company needs to realize that quality means more than quantity and lives are worth more than money.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 6,368
    You cannot use the Edmunds forums to organize any legal action. If you wish to start a blog on your CarSpace page about the troubles with your vehicle and connect with other members experiencing similar issues, that's the way to go.


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  • hickstimhickstim Posts: 3
    I was thinking about buying an 08' HCH, but now i'm not sure now. Are there any people out there that have good luck with these newer models?
  • pammycpammyc Posts: 3
    How much would I make an offer at the dealership? Of course they inflate the price not only because its a hybrid but its white, and I'm a female buyer. I don;t put up with the shenanigans and won't think twice about walking out once the dealer starts with the head games. (They'll be calling me everyday then offering me a deal)

    The car has 23,284 miles on it, no frills (ie; roof, leather). The asking price is unlisted which tells me its going to be pricey. I really just want something great on gas. Like the rest of us!!! Here's the car:

    link title
  • Don't mean to discourage you but I wouldn't count on getting a bargain since gas prices are high. I bought mine new from a dealership I always buy my cars from and have gotten good deals on cars that were on high demand or backordered until the Civic Hybrid, I got $300 off list because of my loyal customer status. If you want a hybrid, go for the Prius, I wish I did.
  • pammycpammyc Posts: 3
    Why do you wish you'd gotten the Prius? What don't you like about the civic?

    I've been watching for the Prius too but the new ones, (I can't find anything before the '08) they're going for $25G's and better, avg about @ 27Gs.

    For that much I could get a Infiniti or Saab..
  • jcampajcampa Posts: 14
    Hey Girl:

    Don't do it, Tell HONDA to bite the big one. They are going to rip you off this car has had 6 recalls on tech data problems along with the big one on rear control arms that wipe out tires. Honda is a rip off and the more people that realize that will only fix Honda :mad: . Again Don't do it go with a Toyota, you will be better off also look at the new Hybrid Malibu it is HOT. That is what we are going to.

    Cheers and Good LUCK :)
  • pammycpammyc Posts: 3
    THANKS EVERYONE!!!! Great info and I'll certainly heed your advice.
  • brw115brw115 Posts: 13
    Honda is really messing up on this one. I too have a 2007 Civic with the same tire problems as being described in this forum. I have taken my car to the dealer twice with complaints about uneven tire wear and poor handling and have been assured that I am imagining everything. The tires that have been on the rear the longest have signs of separation and very different wear than those that have been on the front the longest. There is a definite problem with handling when the worn tires are on the front but my Honda Service Manager says nothing is wrong with the tires. I even wrote Honda HQ and received a response that they know of no problem with the cheap Bridgestone tires being put on these cars.
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