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Honda Civic Hybrid Tire/Wheel Questions



  • paisan1paisan1 Posts: 11
    to all of you out there with rear alignment problems..i have finally received the SERVICE BULLETIN toe in arms,and 4 new tires...all at no cost to me.
    I do not have the SERVICE BULLETIN number at this soon as I receive the
    paper work from the dealer I will post it for all of you....I too will be selling my civic hybrid soon.maybe the new Malibu hybrid will be good...arthur
  • Hooray! Please post the SB number for us. My dealer claims he knows nothing about it. I agree.... once I get this problem fixed with the tires, I'm going to sell my hybrid. Honda has just lost its shine for me. Too much run around. After 5 Civics, I'm now looking at a Corolla or a Saturn hybrid. I need a fresh start and I want to feel good about my car again.
  • jcampajcampa Posts: 14
    I am writing to you all about a concern and issue that I am having to endure with American Honda Motor Corporation. In August of 2006, I purchased a 2006 Honda Civic for better gas milage, safety and reliability for my wife and two kids from Bob Howard Auto-Mall in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. What my wife and me did not know at the time of purchase was that American Honda had installed bad control arms on the rear of the vehicle which caused the tires to wear out on the sidewalls more rapidly, thus causing flats and possibly blowouts on the rear wheels.

    In September of 2007, my wife experienced a flat tire while doing errands around the City of Canyon and Amarillo, Texas, the tire was replaced and a new one was purchased from Walmart due to undue wear on the sidewalls.

    In October of 2007, this car experienced another flat tire on the other side and this time the car was taken to Discount Tire here in Amarillo, Texas. The service manager indicated that the tires were wearing wrong on the side walls and that the car had a serious alignment problem. The dealership was contacted and James the service representative for Bob Howard Auto-Mall indicated that the control arms on the rear of the car were defective and that this flaw was causing the tires to wear out on the side walls.

    He also indicated that there was no fix to the car at that time and that it could be as late as December 2007, before a fix is made to the car. As of the January 18, 2008, there is still no fix for this flaw. The dealership has informed me that it may take another 10 months to fix the rear control arms on these vehicles.

    As for the tires, James indicated that we should contact American Honda for reimbursement of the tires that were purchased at Discount Tire by American Honda in California. They were contacted and a check was reimbursed to us for approximately 375.00 dollars of the approximate 750.00 dollars that had already been spent. During both flats the car was driven over curbs to get the vehicle out of the road ways. And on either the first or second occurrences damage was done under the automobile that causes the brake light to flash while going down the highway.

    The car was taken to Southwest Honda in Amarillo, Texas and they indicated that damage was done to the undercarriage of the automobile and that my warranty would not cover the damage that was done. It was explained to them that the damage was done due to the flats on the rear tires and that due to safety concerns of not changing the tires in the middle of the road, I had to go over the curb to get out of the traffic flow instead of changing it and causing an unsafe condition for other drives and myself. Honda America is uncooperative and unwilling to help us in resolving this issue. They implied that we should have been killed or hurt because of this flaw, before they will do anything to resolve this issue.


    This car has a serious flaw and American Honda knew it and deceived the American public into believing that the car is safe and free from defects, this car was represented to us as not having any problems or flaws or defects. However, Honda America sold a vehicle that has rear control arms that are defective and need to be replaced before a serious accident happens with these automobiles.

    Customers are unaware of this flaw who bought this car believing that Honda produced a safe product, however what will happen when someone is traveling at 60 mph or even 70 mph, and a blow out occurs. Does someone have to lose their life or their family before something is done by Honda America and these companies like Honda America is held accountable.

    The bottom line is Honda America is not interested in anything we have to say and is not willing to fix a problem they caused. Get the word out do not buy a HONDA of any Kind.

  • jfainjfain Posts: 3
    I just had my 30,000 mile service at the dealership I bought my 2006 Civic Hybrid from. They told me the same thing about the alignment and uneven wear on the tires. I did not get the new set of tires they recommended because I was planning to shop around. However, if this problem is their fault, I don't want to pay for new tires nor an alignment. I will be calling the dealership today. PLEASE forward the Service Bulletin information as soon as possible. jfain
  • jcampajcampa Posts: 14
    We contacted the dealership who put us in touch with Mr. Ron Rubinoff who agreed with himself to pay about 375.00 of an 800.00 dollar bill. He is a clown. The bad part about this is that Honda knew what they were doing when they stuck this part on the car. They did not count on people calling them on it. We are getting the new part on the car today or tomorrow because of the hell I have been causing over this matter. Do not let them off the hook. Because they are JERKS.

    This is my last HONDA and I am telling as many people tha I can not to buy one.

    Cheers :mad:
  • I went to the dealer last night and a Service Bulletin did come out on 1/22. It is so new that they didn't even know how to order the parts for me. Honda is covering the control arm replacement and alignment, but will not cover my tires b/c I have > 30,000 miles on them.
  • Does the service bulletin have a number? My dealers claim they have no idea and they expect Honda will contact me before the dealerships know about it. I agree: this is my last Honda... and I've had 5 them.
  • jcampajcampa Posts: 14
    The original service bulletin came out in June or July of 2007, Bob Howard Automall in Oklahoma City, Jeff Salimate, the Service Manager indicated that Honda new that early that they were going to have to replace tires. Your dealership is lying to you. When I had my problems James (Service Tech) indicated that they had been replacing tires to satisfy their customers that far back.

    Again another Honda Dealership is misleading customers.

    Cheers and Never again will I buy a Honda :mad:
  • jfainjfain Posts: 3
    The SB# is 08-001. It only calls for the rear control arms to be fixed for certain models and to give a prorated amount for the tires. If the tires got more than 25k miles then there is 0% recovery for the tires.

    I had a little run around with the dealership. It seems to be a very new bulletin so they had to order the parts. I am having to buy the tires. After calling a variety of tire places, I did find that 30k is not unreasonable for Dunlop tires. I don't think I want to fight with the dealership to get reimbursment for the tires even though Honda has apparently created this mess by not disclosing the problem as soon as they found out. Good luck.
  • jcampajcampa Posts: 14

    I had to go to Honda America and faxed information into Ron Rubinoff and they reimbursed us 375.00 dollars for new tires at Discount Tire. Some dealers are being stuck with the cost of replacement tires that is what they are not allowing tire reimbursement. The dealer in Amarillo Texas would not pay for tires but the one in Oklahoma City would. I filed a complaint with the BBB last night about this issue and demanded complete reimbursement for the bad rear control arms.

    Cheers and Hang in there. :mad:
  • We got new tires for our HCH03, and we have see a drop from 44 to about 40MPG. We stayed with Bridgestone, but we got a different model tire, the Insignia SE200. I didn't even think about mileage before we bought. Having said that, I never felt very safe with the OEM tires - they seemed to lose traction pretty easily in wet weather. The annual cost difference at 15K miles/year and $3 gas is 34 gallons and $100. That would pay for higher quality tires pretty quickly. I don't know which replacement tire would be best, but ours are NOT it.
  • jfainjfain Posts: 3
    Do you happen to have a contact number or e-mail for Rob Rubinoff? I am getting tires from the dealer but the dealer is saying that American Honda does not offer an allowance for tires with over 25K miles. Thanks for the information. I hate this situation because I have been a fan of Honda for many years. Oh well, I guess business is business for them. Thanks again.
  • I have an 06 Honda Hybrid. My 1st set of tires was replaced after about 20K miles. They checked the alignment then and it was out of alignment. The alignment was done at Goodyear. I had the alignment rechecked and it is out of alignment to the point that Goodyear won't honor their guarantee on the tires. They told me there is no adjustment on the upper arms of the rear wheels and they are out of alignment. They offered to replace the arms for about $400. I went back to Honda and told them and they could not find any notices about the rear arms being replaced by Honda.

    I called Honda and told them what I wanted which was replacement upper rear arms and new tires. They gave me a number for my complaint and said they would get back to me. That was last week. It is now 2-8-08. I will continue to blog and let you all know what they do here in Waco.
  • sorry for all the heartache in resolving this alignment issue,and tire replacement...
    here is what i know for the Denver area.the Honda Rep is Scott E....per my copy of the work order the service bulletin is # 8-001 to replace rear upper control arms and replace 4 tires.all the work has been completed..i am not sure i will keep the car long enough to see if it worked....good luck
  • jcampajcampa Posts: 14

    Mine is going in the Amarillo Globe News, we are not keeping it either to see if the fix works. I highly doubt that it will work. I am out 1500.00 dollars in maintenance costs. The add will read 2006 Honda Civic LX, whale Tale, Aluminum Wheels and New Tires. In shop more than it is been in my care. :mad:
  • yes they have


  • I had my Civic fixed yesterday.

    Prior to the warranty work, they asked me to sign a release that would basically agree to arbitration with both parties paying half of the arbitration fee, without possible reimbursement of such fee. That seemed like a really stupid idea that was not part of the warranty process, so I refused to sign it. After getting the general manager involved they agreed to work on the car without my giving up my right to a suit.

    It had about 9,600 miles on it when I began the process a month ago (with 2/32 of tread left), and about 12,000 miles yesterday (with 0/32 of tread left). According to the chart they should have charged me 25% of the replacement cost. Instead they didn't even attempt to charge me for the replacement tires. I was pleased they didn't insist on this since, since Honda is affiliated with/owns Tire Rack, and I wouldn't have been happy letting them profit even a little from warranty work that wasted hours of my time and had me driving a death trap for the last few months.
  • jcampajcampa Posts: 14
    :mad: This is really strange, because what they are saying is the fix will not work and they don't want people sueing when they find out that the fix will not work. They know something and are not saying it. We need to call for a total recall of this car and force them to either fix them or sue them


    P.S. Anyone looking for a HONDA, I'm Selling :mad:
  • aueaue Posts: 16
    2006 HCH: Thanks to a post of the appropriate TSB on this forum, I was armed enough to get the local dealer to replace the control arms and realign the car, even though they originally said they wouldn't unless there was a recall, but the bastards at Honda won't prorate the worn out tires unless they have less than 25k miles. Ours were 4/32 at 44k. Any way to appeal that?
  • aueaue Posts: 16
    Although I'm sure Soichiro Honda, who said "I believe that the level of admiration for a person is determined by the level of contribution the person makes to the world", was a fair and honorable man, his successors at the company he founded are most certainly not fair or honorable. I just read this entire thread about the wheel alignment issue on Honda Civics and sensed both a collective outrage at the way Honda presents itself as safe and green and fair and honorable but then obfuscates a very serious safety flaw in its 2006 car of the year and also that this thread is the tip of an iceberg that affects considerably more people. Please post all your contacts (names, phone numbers, addresses, emails, etc.) at Honda Headquarters in both California and Japan and also suggestions about how Honda's lies about the wheel alignment issue can be publicized. Let's take back the company for Soichiro, who had the nickname 'black nose weasel', which is less derogatory in Japanese than it sounds in English, because his face was always dirty from helping his father in the forge.
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