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Dodge Magnum Transmission Issues



  • hey I got a 05 magnum and I bought it used from a small lot somewhere in GA. 3 weeks in I'm having transmission problems. It slipped one time on me now my check engine light comes on then off, in GA there is no LEMON law for used cars, so I'm stuck, but I was wondering is it that my tranny is going or does it need to be maintained? Also, is there something I can do as far going to dodge themselves or I'm going have to repair it out of my pocket, the car has high mileage on it so I would think it need maintainence...I need advice!!!!
  • jbaldjbald Posts: 1
    when my 06 magnum r/t hemi shifts from 2nd into 3rd gear there is a hard knock coming from the rear end. every other gear is fine. it has 42000 miles this started about 500 miles ago.
  • Not sure but if its only on one shift i would have to think it was in the trans. I suggest to have the trans serviced and a computer relearn done or even ask your dealer if there are any programming updates for you vehicle concerning shift complaints. It also could be caused by clutch damage...hope not.
  • Hello I just joined this forum as I just picked up an used 05 Magnum RT. I really enjoy the car but as of last night the transmission started to howl in both 2nd and third gear. It only does it if the car is rolling it won't do it from a dead stop. The noise will start at 30 mph and will go up to 60. I like the car but I am a little scared now after reading the posts on the transmission. What am I up against? I did purchase an extended warranty with the car and I am glad I did.
  • :sick: Hello, I just purchased a 2007 sxt magnum used with 20,000 miles on it. Looked at the car twice before buying, no problems. Signed all the paperwork before closing on a sat. drove 5 min and the transmission light came on right after switching lanes trying to pass someone , not even speeding. I guess im still under the factory warranty so ill try to post my progress as i go through this mess. Really hard to enjoy new car with transmission problems. Suggestions anyone???????????
  • clay8clay8 Posts: 1
    Hiya. I've got an '07 Hemi Magnum with 7300 miles. Same thing. As far as I can tell, the transmission seals and "O" rings simply started leaking...blood on the saddle. Dealer says it looked like heat dried out the seals. Hmmm. Still under warranty so no big deal I guess. Gotta watch those Canadian seals I guess. Local mechanic who let me put it up on his rack to check it out said he's heard of 300's and Magnum's getting leaky early.
  • krikie76krikie76 Posts: 1
    I just purchased a 05 Magnum RT AWD. I had it for a week and right now it is getting serviced. When we test drove it we ask for them to look at the transmission because we noticed it was not running right. They never did. So I took it in today and guess what, there was water in the transmission. I found out that there is a TSB (technical service bulletin) regarding this issue. Which means that the filler value and all parts that could possibly be effected by the water will be replaced. I hope this information helps anyone. If you notice that the transmission is surging or shuttering or just seems like it can't decide which way to shift this might be the problem.
  • My ESP/ABS light began coming on after I disconnected the battery for an extended period while changing plugs and the number 5 ignition coil. I've tried calibrating per instructions found on my repair CD for the magnum.. I also flushed my brake fluid, but believe that is not the reason for the ESP/ABS lights to come on.. Dealer wants $90.00 to analyze. I thought someone out there may have a solution to make the lights stop coming on. I will appreciate any assistance.
  • Hi all,
    I bought an '06 RT with 27K on it a few months ago. I've driven a few thousand miles since and from the getgo have had the shift from first to second gear accompanied by a heavy sounding, "clunk". On occasion the shift from Drive into Park does this as well. I've a few thousand left on the factory warranty, and will have it checked soon, but other than this, no problems or concerns. My roommate says that in her experience, Chryslers have never shifted smoothly, but given the possibliity, I plan to have this and as many things as possible checked.
    P.S. For those of you who experienced strange RPM revs and odd shifting at higher speeds, I noticed this as well, but am reassured as it is mentioned in the owner's manual as part of the normal operation of the overdrive. Pulling up Topanga Pass and such hard, high speed climbs as this are the only times I've had to ease off the gas and let the car find its groove.
  • I hope you all enjoy. I've come across a video file of a black magnum crashing through a huge storefront window. I guess this driver got it sometime after its airbags had been blown, cuz he didn't fare too well...but the car scenes kcik [non-permissible content removed]!
    I want to grab a still for a screensaver. :shades:

    season six, episode nine: CSI Miami, CBS. G5FB06DJoKe5XTHMweLgebvUk&category=recent&play=true
  • I have a 05 rt and iwas stuck in the snow. While trying to get unstuck the trans incured a problem. When in park,reverse,drive the car tries to move forward but won't but if placed in neutral the car goes forward for a half block. The engine sounds like it has a load on it no matter where the shifter is but it never attempts to go into reverse. Call or text 586-738-4991 john if anyone can help or had the same problem. Also when the trans messed up my climate controls quit working and there's no blown fuses :(
  • rhtransrhtrans Posts: 84
    05's have a mecedes unit 722.6 if i'm not mistaken. forward and reverse i believe are still hydraulically controlled..if it moves forward in neutral and binds in reverse most likely somethin burnt and welded up on your attempt to get out the snow.
  • Need some help, if possible, I have a 2006 sxt dodge magnum... Got ready to back up and it was moving inch by inch,, same thing when i went forward...finally it was working but when it shifts, it feels like it is shifting really hard... I carrried it to the dealer thinking it was low on fluid... and how can we find out about that...30$ to tell me the levels were correct and the transmission guy was not in and to make another appointment to bring it back into the dealer...a couple days later the check engine light comes on and stays on all day then goes what is there to do???? I want to know if you can work around the dealer and check the fluid yourself... and what is going on with the transmission... PLEASE let me know...
  • u can buy a trans dipstick from a dealer or the snap-on tool man I have a 05 rt hemi and it sounds like either ur trans silinoid located under the shifter or the torque converter clutch is burning out. I need a trans for mine. If there is a autozone near u they will plug ur car in and tell u whats wrong for free
  • In the book it says it has a saftey deley where it has to be warmed up or it will go into saftey mode... but now i went to start my car this morning and it idioled for about 2 seconds then shut off... i tried giveing it gas but it still shut off. The security light is on and will not go off... think it is a defect with the securtiy
  • jacc335jacc335 Posts: 3
    Do you know the part # for the dipstick & how remove the dipstick tube cap? I have been told the trans is sealed &draws in water & will not let it evatorate out
  • dtray50dtray50 Posts: 1
    I have a 2006 sxt dodge magnum that is giving me the same issues (exact issues) that you are experiencing. Have you located the cause or had the issues resolved?
  • jacc335jacc335 Posts: 3
    I'm Jacc335,I got your email of Mar 16. I have not had any issues with my trans in my 05 magnum. I removed the fill tube cap, got dip stick from junk yard, I'm going to add trans cooler later this summer .The sealed trans draws in water but does not vent it out.
  • noocytnoocyt Posts: 1
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