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Jeep Liberty Problem Codes and TSBs



  • My wife's Jeep Liberty has the same problem What was the outcome of your problems? Did you have to replace the PCM?
  • My wife's Jeep has the same problem. Was the PCM covered by the Federal Emissions Warranty or did you have to pay for it? What was the different scenarios for coverage?
  • The dealer said the pcm was fine. They did want to do a combustion chamber clean, new plugs, clean the injectors....a bunch of services for about $800. I agreed to about half of them and now the jeep runs fine. just keep crossing my fingers
  • Would you mind telling me how long it's been since you had the repairs? Any other problems with your jeep?
    We're thinking of fixing, selling and starting over with something else. It's a little frustrating to have major problems after only 74,000 miles.

  • My o2 Liberty had misfires also. The first was two years ago. Repair was made to the tune of $1300. One month later another cylinder went along with another $1300. I just passed 107,000 miles 2 weeks ago when the head gaskets blew! Good luck everyone...anybody know what a good jeep liberty body goes for with no engine obviously. I've had interest but don't know the value.
  • I have a v6 3.7L 2003 jeep liberty and the other day the car would not start. I tried jumping the car but with no success. I figured that my battery had died, so I had it tested. The battery was dead so I got a brand new one. My jeep ran fine for 2 days and now the battery is dead again. So I figure it's the altenator. I had the altenator checked but it's fine. I put the altenator back in the jeep and that's when I noticed that even with the car off and not running, when I touch the neg. battery cable to the battery, I noticed that the fan in the front is trying to move. So what can cause the car to drain the battery without the car running? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  • It may be the computer. The PCM on my wife's liberty was causing the battery to drain and they replaced it. It was actually covered by the federal warranty so we didn't get charged. This was one of the few times i was glad I took it to the dealer.
  • lkarrlkarr Posts: 2
    I purchased my 05 liberty in may of 08..three days after purchase, the dealership towed it back due to the tranny light being on.. couldn't find a problem!!! here it is almost 1 year later and the same light is on and they are trying to tell me it is on because it is the "check engine light" and I may need a catalitic converter and or fuel sensor...since when does a converter or fuel sensor have anything to do with a tranny light? I also have a terrible squeel comming from the front end...all brakes, rotors, callipers, and ball joints as well as new tires have been replaced but still there and very loud after running for awhile...can anyone help a girl out? what are these problems and how do I get them fixed....?????????????
  • I found the problem. It was the right rear "down stream" o2 sensor. The wiring came loose from the clip and one of the wires rubbed and broke. I put the wire back together. Will the computer reset or did that most likely short the sensor??
  • lkarrlkarr Posts: 2
    I appreciate your response..Im my case it ended up be 2 bad oxygen sensors. The one before the cadilitic converter and the one after the converter...passed inspection and light has stayed out with no problems ever since.
  • any1 know what that code means?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    That would be:


    See our Maintenance, Recalls and TSBs page.

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  • was thinking thats wut is was thanks for your help.. :shades:
  • my liberty runs good has engine check light on checked codes po442 did tune up- oil change- checked for vacumn leaks reset .light goes off comes back on after driving.
  • :sick: My libby is going crazy! My car keeps shutting completely down. I will run for all of about miles and then shuts off. There is no warning signs just the sterning wheel locks up and the the engine light flashing. The battery died so i replaced it and had the same issues. The Libby was placed on a machine and this code came up. I was a Engine Speed Sensor Circuit. I dont know how much this cost or where it is located at. Is this a easy fix? Do anyone know a very good mechainic in Ohio? :sick:
  • Had a similar problem with my wife's 03 Liberty. Got a P0452 (medium evap leak). Good thing I have my Chilton Jeep manual. P0452, 0455, and 0456 are leaks in the evap system. It's located in the rear to the front left of the gas tank. Small black box is the EVAP container. Has a couple of hoses running to it from the gas tank. With a flashlight, noticed one of the hoses was pretty split. Ordered a new hose from the dealer which unfortunately comes with the entire line that runs from the back to the front along the bottom driver side. Tedious to replace but got it done. However, you don't have to do that. Simply remove the rubber portion from the new tubing and replace the damaged piece only. In my case, the entire line cost only $25. Reset the computer by removing the neg battery terminal and the code is far. It's a week later and no code. Get under the car and confirm if any tubes are damaged.
  • Thank you for answering.I think I found my problem the problem you were right there is that hose and one on drivers side firewall spit as well.I found it when I decided to replace all the hoses.Thank you
  • red40red40 Posts: 1
    i have a 02 jeep liberty and i bought it with a #2 cyl misfire and after taking off the pas side head i found the piston and combustion chamber (#2) destroyed! but the jeep still ran and ran well! so i bought a new head ($350) not from the dealer and a new piston ($85) and it runs like a champ now. got 5000 miles plus on the new parts and everythings ok. what happened is the #2 valve seat (stainless steel) came dislodged from the head (possibly from over heating) and when the valve closed on it it shattered destroying everything it touched! but fixable!
  • Thanks so much for the's sitting in the driveway waiting for repairs. I hate to get rid of it, having been spoiled with the leather heated seats. The subaru I bought to replace it doesn't have that luxury...but it runs!
  • Code P0300 misfire detected. What could it be other than $2000. Engine runs rough on cold start up, Then seems fine after it warms up. Thanks for your advice.
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