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Audi A3 Tire/Wheel Questions

andres3andres3 CAPosts: 5,325
What the expected lifetime in mileage is for the all season tires vs. the performance tires on the A3? It's a no cost option to get the sport package with all seasons.... instead of performance tires. Are we talking 30 K vs. 40K miles, or more of a difference?


  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    Based upon the mileage I got from my two previous BMWs, one with All-Season rubber, and the other with Performance rubber (Michelin Pilot Primacy, same as on the A3 SP), my bet is that the All-Season rubber would be good for an easy 50-60K miles while the Performance tires would only be good for 20-25K miles.

    Even with the difference in the life of the tires, and even though Performance tires would mean a set of winter tires for me, I'd still opt for the Performance tires.

    Best Regards,
  • dl7265dl7265 Posts: 1,381
    Ive twice gotten 30K out of two performance tires with a 140 treadwear. One being Bridgestones and the other Yoko's. Discount tire ,who did the rotations said that about the most they had ever seen.

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,652
    You aren't having enough fun!! ;)

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  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    I rotated mine on my 530i SP and even though I didn't even have 20K on that set, they were "Down to the minimums" when the BMW inspector looked at it at lease end. Oh! Yeah I was "having fun". ;-)

    Best Regards,
  • wale_bate1wale_bate1 Posts: 1,986
    Amen bruddah!

    I can't rotate my staggered unidirectionals, so 13K is about where the rubber stops. It's worth every stinkin' penny, says I.
  • I'm on my second A3.
    The first one 2006 - 6 speed red/black cloth,
    I loved the car, but after 8,000 miles I thought I heard wheel bearing growl. At 13,000 miles I paid for a alignment, at 16,000 miles the tires were replaced, I split the cost of them with the dealer. The tires had been rotated at 5,000which is when they got really bad then at 8,000, again at 13,000.
    The tires sounded as though there were four snow tires on the car and vibration that reverberated throughout.
    The dealer recomended Michelin Pilots the second go-round. After 4000 miles the tire noise was back, at 6000 miles they were at 50%, the dealer recomends replacing them with a set of Continentals, as the service mgrs just back from Audi school, this issue having been a topic of discussion.
    The dealer would pro rate my second set towards the third set. There was only 22,000 miles on the car. I never had any other problems with this car.

    The dealer had no resolve to the problem.

    So I traded it on a used 2007 A3 6 speed S-line with the open sky system,with 10,600 miles, I noticed irregular wear on the front tires, on the lot, the car is in the dealer now, waiting on the verdict.

    My courtesy loaner is an 2008 A3, automatic, that has 1700 miles on it and I heard the same familar tire sound, they have the same feathering/scolloping wear.

    Am I nuts????? Am I the only one that has or notices this problem?????

    This is an expensive car anyway, toss in a set or two of tires once a year. That's crazy.

    If this is a common issue SCREAM!!!!!!!!!!
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    See my response to your other post.
  • I can not believe I finally came across someone with the identical problem as mine. I thought I was crazy. The little A3 is an awesome car but it needs new tires every 5,000-7,000 miles. You certainly could get 25-30,000 miles out of them if you can handle excesive vibration and ear shattering humming. Its like driving your car with Mickey Thompson super swampers. My A3 currently has 34,000 miles on it and I replaced my OEM Pirrelli P6's at 29,000 miles. The first 5,000 on the car were alot of fun and I really enjoyed them. Not much longer after I began to hear a strange humming noise in the car and I just ruled it out as road noise. As the miles rolled on it continued to get worse and worse. At approx 12-15,000 miles I could not take it anymore and took it into the dealership. The techs told me my tires were "cupping" really bad and I should call Pirrelli to have a rep come out to pro rate them since they found nothing wrong with the car. Let me tell you, dealing with Audi and Pirrelli was no easy task. It just turned out to be a blame game. So the easiest thing to do was to ride the tires out as long as I could. I got about 29,000 miles on them before I replaced them. It was replace them or drive the car into a ditch somewhere. I replaced them with Goodyear Assurance tread. I picked them specifically for a good blend of performance and road noise. When I drove away from the tire station I was sure all my troubles were behind me and I would be able to hear the stereo again. I was so happy. 5,500 miles later I am ready to drive my car into the window of the nearest Audi dealership and demand they give me a $1,000.00 a year allowance toward tires or a good pair of ear plugs.

    There is obviously an issue with the suspension system and I hope that Audi figures it out soon or better yet at least responds to my e-mails sent to Audi Customer Care. I do believe that they are getting enough complaints about this issue now since the car is in its third year. Who wants to spend $700.00 every 7,500miles or so on tires.............anyone?
  • Tali77Tali77 Posts: 2
    You are not the only one!! In November 2008, with 13,500 miles, I had two front tires that worn down to the cable. I noticed that when I would accelerate my tires were slipping. I am a woman, so tire issues on a new and low mileage, expensive car did not just jump out to me. When I went in for my service, they called me about the tires and how dangerous they were. No one said anything about how that should not be happening. Thank goodness, an old boyfriend got hold of them and said something is wrong here. He did not press hard enought to get them to pay for any of the price of the two new tires, but made them note it in my file. And he made them note that my tires had been rotated at 5K check up and then I had a service issue in between where no one mentioned my wearing front tires. Back tires are not a problem. This is a lease car. This issue should be dealt with by Audi. The car is fabulous, but come on..................
  • Tali77Tali77 Posts: 2
    go to and get the contact information.
    Report the tire issue if you have not done so already.
  • I called the Audi headquarter and went crazy telling about this very same issue that many of us have. One of the guy from NTB told me that Nissan 350Z had similar issue that eventually got Nissan to call for recall.

    We got to act to claim our right.. (what am I?)

    So please call the audi from
  • Did you (or anybody) find any solution to this tire problem?
  • larbar2larbar2 Posts: 3
    I've had the same issues with my 2006, after a few thousand miles and now with 24k it's became insane, I want to drive it thru an Audi dealer's window too! I'm ready to get rid of a perfectly good car because of unbearable road noise, I've been in $10k chevy's that are more quiet. I tried dealing with Audi directly last year and got nowhere, and 2 dealers. Maybe time to go to the BBB. Not to mention the car has burned/leaked nearly a quart every 2K/3mo.
  • woffywoffy Posts: 6
    I've got 30,000 plus miles on my 2007 A3, premium with DSG. Tires are Continental and original. No tire noise and by the thread wear, good for another 10 to 15 K.
  • andres3andres3 CAPosts: 5,325
    Pirelli's just suck, plain and simple, read the reviews on websites like tirerack and America's/Discount Tires.
  • larbar2larbar2 Posts: 3
    But they are doing nothing to rectify it or assist longterm VW Audi customers that are ready to jump ship because of this issue.
  • andres3andres3 CAPosts: 5,325
    True, Audi should be ashamed for choosing such lame All-Seasons for some of their A3's. I opted for the sports package which got me nice high performance summer tires from Dunlop (most have Continental I think).

    But tires are such a small part of a car purchase, and replaceable, and a wear a tear item..... however, having to get them more often than every 20K miles either means your racing a lot or you have a problem in my book.
  • a44mea44me Posts: 2
    Important news: Millennium Protection Group filed for bankruptcy!
    I was told about needing new tires every 5k miles so I signed up for, at the insistence of the Audi sales person, their "tires for life" program offered by Millennium Protection Group. I was going to take my car in today for it's rotation and balance when Audi service called me to tell me they were filing for bankruptcy and I would have to pay for it.

    Has anybody else heard this? I cannot seem to get a hold of Millennium on the phone and I have emailed them too. :mad: Now Audi, who sold this to me, won't help me out and are shoving me off on Millennium. Any ideas??
  • andres3andres3 CAPosts: 5,325
    You should know that any add-ons not sold by Audi of America are usually terrible deals.

    Just say no to all the extra fees and costs they try to sell you at the dealer level. If it isn't backed by Audi of America, then it probably isn't worth buying at an Audi dealer.

    Haven't you read CR that tells you all those add on warranties and programs are a complete and utter waste of money? Why pay now to some company that may or may not pay you back later?
  • huntzingerhuntzinger Posts: 350
    Just wanted to document this so that others can find it.

    The Mrs got a left-over 2008 Audi A3 this past summer and in the fall, we went through the routine of putting dedicated snow tires on it.

    Two interesting items came to light:

    Car came with its OEM default 17" wheels, but for snows, smaller is better and we had a set of existing 16" Audi rims from our prior 2000 A4.

    To put them on the car, there were two basic questions:
    1) would they fit?
    2) how to refit for the Audi TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System)?

    For the first, my online research had found that the UK version of the A3 comes standard with 16" wheels, so I suspected that the 16's would fit. In asking our local (USA) dealer, they claimed that 16's would NOT fit. So I had my local independent (and knowledgable) speed shop/garage try. They fit just fine.

    Next up was the TPMS, as we would need to add a set of sensors onto these "old" rims. Long story short: Audi and VW don't use the same idential TPMS system ... and the A3 doesn't use the Audi TPMS, but instead, uses the VW TPMS.

    So in conclusion, if you're looking to put snows on a 2008 A3, expect that 16" rims will fit and that for the TPMS, you'll need to pick up the VW version, not the Audi version.

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