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Audi A3 Tire/Wheel Questions



  • reggie6reggie6 Posts: 26
    Interesting about the snow tires. How did you find the performance of the car in the snow, and do you have front wheel drive or quattro?

    I love the car, also a Summer 2008 model 2.0 T fwd manual trans. My only complaint is tire noise on any kind of rough pavement. Dealer says its normal for this car, I don't like it but overall the car is great.
  • bkugbkug Posts: 1
    You should go after Audi. They sold the warranty to you so they are on the hook no matter what they try to tell you. I have been contacted by several people who want to pursue a claim against the dealership.
  • a44mea44me Posts: 2
    In respoinse to Important news: Millennium Protection Group filed for bankruptcy!

    You are not crazy. They have filed for bankruptcy and I am also very mad. Audi, who also sold this to me, won't help at all. Now I am out $$ for a program that I purchase in 2006!!!

    Does anybody know if a class action lawsuit has been filed against Millennium yet? I would be interested in participating. I know in fact they have filed for bankruptcy because I got a letter from the lawyer handling their case.
  • audiman6audiman6 Posts: 1
    I have a 2006 A3 2.0T with DSG transmission. The original Pirelli tires started making noise from cupping at about 20,000 miles. By the time I got to 30,000 miles it was driving me crazy. I solved the problem by getting all four tires shaved to eliminate the cupping. That completely eliminated the noise and I just replaced these original tires at 51,500 miles. They never started to make noise again. It cost me $25 per tire to get them shaved at Major Tire in Stratford, CT. They are at 80 Century Drive, Stratford, CT 06615. Telephone is 203-367-7223 or 203-543-0334. It is run by Dave Mihalov and his son. Their primary business is retreading small post office truck tires, but he was more than happy to do this. If you are in the area, I would recommend them highly. I did have to dig the stones out of the tread of each tire while there so his blade wouldn't get damaged. I replaced the tires with Michelin Pilot Sport A/S Plus 225/45ZR17 all season because they have a high treadwear garantee (45,000 miles) and are rated very high in wet & dry traction. I think they are much better than the original Pirellis. If you are not in the Connecticut area I would suggest you contact a tire retreader to find out if they will shave your tires, or talk to racers who regularly shave their tires due to the racing rules. Hope this helps.
  • Im in the same boat, I purchased the Millenium package in Jan 2009. If anyone has any information about class action lawsuits, etc please let me know.
  • larbar2larbar2 Posts: 3
    After suffering for 25 out of 30K miles with what sounds like snow tires. I have replaced my cupped and beaten out Pirreli's with OEM Bridgestone's. I really wish they could figure this thing out, I was told to rotate every 4K, fine if that fixes it, and Audi was not going out of their way to rotate my tires when I brought it in for scheduled maintenance, I had to request it and they said they were doing me a favor!
  • andres3andres3 CAPosts: 5,325
    My dealer said rotations were not covered in the free maintenance program, and only the first one is (at 5K). They say it's $20 extra per rotation, so that is a good deal for a dealership.
  • First off, I really like this car a lot. My only beef was with excessive tire noise. Excessive like an 18 wheeler driving next to me at all times.

    The first trip to the dealer resulted in them blaming the factory Pirelli P6's saying that it just happens around 20k miles. It seems a lot of people get this reaction. They did offer to pay for one of the new tires offered (Continentals) at a charge to me of approx $600. I declined. I wasn't impressed with their factory tire, why would I take their suggestion now? I got a full set elsewhere for $450. This did not help. It only got louder and louder.

    I brought it back to the dealer yesterday and the tech questioned the quality of the new tires. After I then questioned the quality of the factory tire (P6), he replied "fair enough." Turns out it was the left rear wheel bearing. I thought for sure it was the suspension or weight dispersement due to the sound but that was it. Too bad that wasn't the diagnosis the first time around. I could have saved $450. The P6's still had plenty of life too, they said they were feathered.

    At least I can hear myself think now.
  • my 08' A3 had the same issue here in Atlanta. I was for certain it was the bad roads, till I actually looked at the treads. Bubbling, Cupping, Feathering, you name it. The outer tread and wall were perfect, but the middle was seriously gone. My wonderful whisper rocket after 24k sounded like an 18 wheeler going down the runway at Hartsfield-Jackson.

    Got a great deal last month on Tire Rack-Michelin Pilots under a 100 a piece! Awesome sound deadening, excellent traction.

    Change out the stock Pirelli's and you will be enjoying our A3 in a whole different way.
  • Did you have any issues after the bearings where fixed? I'm looking at buying a 2007 A3 and the dealer just replaced the bearings on that car.
  • Hi Shipo.
    I am having a similar problem. My A3 S-line came with Perrelli tires. They were noisy from the start. But I persevered, hoping they would quite down with time. At the 15K service they rotated the tires as part of the service. They were even noiser now. I love this car with a passion, but I hates these tires. Do you or anyone on the forum, recommend a quite, but a high performance all-season tire. These tires only have 20 k on them, I cannot stand them anymore. Thanks in advance.

  • Woffy, which continentals do have on you car? Thanks.

  • Youngma,

    do you still have the phone No. you called ? Thanks.

  • Larbar2,

    Which Bridgestone were they. I am looking at bridgestones to replace the OEM perrellis on my 2008 A3 S-line. Thanks.

  • Wow, I must have been lucky to get the Continentals ( ContiProcontact) as OEM on my A3. While they are noisy on certain surfaces, especially old concrete it gets loud in the cabin for the most part they are ok. I asked the dealer about the noise and he said its normal. Could someone explain why there is so much tire "noise" with this car....?
  • Well it's been four months and everything is fine. Buy it! I love mine.
  • andres3andres3 CAPosts: 5,325
    I absolutely have loved the Sumitomo HTR Z III's on my A3. For under $100, they can't be beat.
  • a3fan2a3fan2 Posts: 1
    I also have a 2006 A3 Quattro. My first set of OEM Pirellis wore out at 17,500 miles and were very noisy. My second set were Kumho Ecstas which lasted about 25,000 miles so my 3rd set were also Kuhmos since I was fairly happy with road noise and life. I got about 27,000 out of those. My fourth set were Falken 912 at the recommendation of Tires Plus (and they couldn't get Kuhmos in when I needed them.) These tires are at 23,000 miles and my very savvy and reliable mechanic, who used to be an Audi service guy for 22 years, said he thinks I have about 10,000 more miles to get out of them. The road noise is very quiet. At about 10,000 miles I did have an episode where they also sounded like 18 wheelers (to the point that 2 friends asked what was wrong with my car) but found out I had a bad wheel bearing on the right rear. Once that was fixed, I was good again. I do love this car but the tire issue is very annoying. I've found that if I rotate tires at every oil change (every 5,000 miles), I get much better mileage out of them. The 2006 A3 has had alot of minor issues such as the wheel bearing and I had to replace the right front boot at about 50,000 miles. When I first got the car I also found I had a bad sensor in the gas tank neck which caused my car to not start every time I got gas. It took Audi about 3 months to fix that and it was only fixed because I found the problem and repair online on one of the forums. I have now ordered a 2011 A3 which is coming in July and I asked them to put something other than Pirellis on it but the salesman said they don't put those on anymore because of all the complaints. We'll see!! I personally will stick with the Kuhmos or Falkens and the price is much better too!
  • capriracercapriracer Somewhere in the USPosts: 792
    Do not be surprised if you are disappointed on the tires that come on your new Audi. In Europe, tires are all about wet traction, and wear is only a minor consideration. Plus, fuel economy is usually promoted at the sacrifice of wear.

    Not to mention speed rating. V and higher speed rated tires are designed for grip and not for wear.

    - AND - Unless you are willing to pay extra, you will not be able to select the tires that come on the vehicle. So if you want something other than what it comes with, be prepared to "pony up".
  • I bought a 2007 Audi A3 2.0T in January of 2010 and by the time I had gotten it up to 23K miles, I noticed that I wasn't cornering very well and that the interior cabin sounded *really* loud at speeds above 40 miles an hour (especially on the concrete freeways).

    I shopped around and read a lot on this forum and a couple others and went with 4 new Dunlop SP Sport Signature 225/45ZR17 94W's:

    I live in Northern Virginia, so I'm only in the snow maybe 10 times a year, and only on wet roads maybe 20% of the time, so the Dunlops seemed like good all-around tires for the place I live.

    The tires with installation ran me about $525 and the labor another $80, so I got out of there around $600 poorer, but my A3 was immediately smoother, quieter, and cornered better, so I'm happy. :)
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