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Audi A3 Suspension Questions

chryka3chryka3 Posts: 1
I loved the Audi A3 when I test-drove a DSG A3. After being offered an A3 to test-drive over a weekend, I still thought it was great fun to drive, but I wasn't sure about the car any longer, because the ride was very rough on Philly's potholed roads. Any solutions to this problem, or is it just something A3 owners have to live with?


  • I did check with Audi regarding suspension travel for the A3:

    They told me to ask a Dealer service department for that info.


    Does anybody know what the travel is?
  • andys120andys120 Loudon NHPosts: 16,395
    Suspension design is an arcane science involving
    a myriad of variables. Even if you could find out what the "suspension travel" of an A3 was the figure would be meaningless but there's an easy way to determine whether or not it has enough suspension travel--pick your favorite bad road
    and test drive an A3 over it.

    Do you know the suspension travel of any car?
  • Well, no Audi dealer in their right mind will let me drive their A3 over a "Bad" road around here, as the car would be eaten alive. Blame the low profile tires which can't absorb the bumps (BMW, Mercedes, all low profilers have this problem). So it's up to the suspension to do it, provided it has enough travel.

    So Audi says visit dealers service departments to ask about the cars? Well, in LA, of 8 dealers I visited via web, 6 have no weekend service at __all__ and two had very short hours on Saturday only (one bragged about being open on weekends).

    Interesting their service departments are open for so short a time.
  • dhanleydhanley Posts: 1,531
    "Well, no Audi dealer in their right mind will let me drive their A3 over a "Bad" road around here, as the car would be eaten alive. Blame the low profile tires which can't absorb the bumps (BMW, Mercedes, all low profilers have this problem)."

    Kurt, you're pretty funny. I always fly over train tracks at full speed, and giggle at the SUV drivers almost coming to a stop. Heck, i test drove an a3 here in chicago over some completely wretched roads, way worse than you will ever see in CA.

    It seems you don't want an a3. Ok. But you don't have to rationalize why to all of us.

  • If I were not interested in the A3 I would not be posting and asking questions here.

    Disturbing are lack of answers for basic questions, the USA car's first year glitches and the _short_ service hours for Audi dealers here in Los Angeles.

    For those A3'ers with great AUDI dealers who back the product and smooth, winding roads to drive on, SALUDE!

    Meanwhile, it'll be fun to see how the A3's brother, the VW GTI, and the new AWD Dodge Calibre, fares in our market!
  • Disturbing are lack of answers for basic questions, the USA car's first year glitches and the _short_ service hours for Audi dealers here in Los Angeles.

    For those A3'ers with great AUDI dealers who back the product and smooth, winding roads to drive on, SALUDE!

    I own an A3 in Los Angeles (since September). I've driven it over all kinds of roads and drive it 85 miles round trip per day to work and back. I have the Sport Package, and I have NEVER had any issues with the suspension or tires over the "rough" roads of LA.

    I have an Audi dealership 5 miles from work who offers rides between work and the dealership when I've had to drop it off for its scheduled maintenance. The dealership has actually been pretty excellent from a service standpoint.

    I will echo the comments of others when I say you are crazy if you think the roads of Los Angeles are especially "rough". With the exception of some of the older freeways (especially the I-5 through East LA, and parts of I-10, the 710, and the 60) the roads aren't that bad.

    And driving the A3 along Angeles Crest in "S" mode is incredible.
  • I was on I-5 and I-10 this weekend driving a car with 18s and it was fine. Seriously, he's looking for excuses.
  • Did the A3 just feel harsh on small, sharp bumps, or did it make clanks / abrupt thunking sounds when it hit those potholes? (I used to live in Philly and remember all those potholes trying to eat my VW and Opel).

    Can one fit an A3 with tires that are not low-profile?
    That might help tame the ride(sources? C&D, CU, Edmunds, etc.).

    I fear the A3's tires / suspension's designed for smooth, well maintained roads, not our worn out byways and highways.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    Did the car that you drove have the Sport Package? If so then that car would be noticably rough riding as compared to the base suspension setup.

    Best Regards,
  • dino001dino001 Tampa, FLPosts: 3,429
    It's not about excuses. I think Kurt just want the car to handle sharp as a razor but the suspension be soft as a pillow. Probably no one broke the news to him that those things are pretty much mutually exclusive. ;)

    2012 BMW 328i wagon, manual and sports package. No. sold in the US: 1. Probably.

  • PFFlyer@EdmundsPFFlyer@Edmunds Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 5,808
    Everybody wants it all :P

    But then again, asking for things that seem impossible is what leads to innovation too. Maybe this inspires a razor-soft suspension!


    Moderator - Hatchbacks & Hybrid Vehicles

  • andres3andres3 CAPosts: 5,284
    was plenty smooth, until they gave me the loaner Jetta. Now I know what the tradeoff for razor sharp handling is. More than anything, its the road noise from ultra high performance tires.
  • The euros in general seem to have a good handle on ride/handling. I drove a BMW 3 not long ago and was impressed by both its handling and ride. No chance to drive BMW on Philly-class roads, though (like I used to years ago). I also drove an A3 3.2, found it cornered very well and was ok wrt ride so long as no potholes or washboards were about.

    As side note, there's a topic in STRAIGHTLINE discussing what Audi stands for.
  • The Euros really do have a handle on suspension feel, but it ia also true that their roads are in better condition than ours.

    There is a good solution to ride quality, even with the Sport package A3. It KONI FSDs, with a unique design that favors ride just as much as improved handling. A car with FSDs feels like you just "took the edges off" road imperfections like tar strips and coarse pavement. You can even pair them with Eibach Pro-Kit lowering springs for an improved appearance.
  • sound interesting, as a lot of other cars have problems with impact harshness. But apparently these are available only for a few vehicles (VW/Audi included).

    A pity Audi does not offer those shocks as an option (though perhaps some of their their own shocks/dampers have a similar internal design).
  • Reviews of the Audi A3 vary wrt the ride quality. Some feel the ride is very good while others complain about harshness.

    What seems to be a factor is the wheel size. Reports testing Audis with 16" wheels don't criticise ride, while 17" (Consumers Union) did criticise ride.

    And to respond to an earlier comment;
    I like ride quality in that when you hit the bump, there is one thump and then it's over. VW, Audi and Subarus I've ridden in all do this. Not so most American cars which shudder or crash through to stops on bumps.

    I __liked__ the general feel of the A3 3.2, _except_ when it had to deal with the kind of junk holes, warps, etc. that many of our roads have. Then the A3 simply runs out of suspension travel and starts slamming me around. This did not happen with the longer travelled and higher tire-profiled GTI I drove earlier. But the GTI's do not have AWD - therein lies the circular dilemma.

    So I will be talking to my friendly Audi dealer today about finding a 3.2 with _higher_ profile tires.
  • seespotseespot Posts: 3
    I have had a 2006 A3 3.2 with 17" wheels since last May. The car is great (minus the cup holders) but the front suspension squeaks in low temperatures and is harsh on rough roads (too be expected). It is due for its 25K KM service soon, so I will ask the dealer to check it out.
  • kurtamaxxxguykurtamaxxxguy Posts: 1,747
    Koni makes a nice shock that supposedly rides better while preserving handling. When it's time to change the shocks, you might want to check them out.
  • mnoochmnooch Posts: 2
    Hey all...I'm a new poster here. I've been looking at a 'pre-pwned' A3.....drove a few 2.0T's over the last month. I've come across something that I'd like everyone's opinion on.

    The cars I drove that have less than 20k miles were great....wonderful feel, held the road, yada yada. I drove two that had 20k-plus on them and the experience was horrible. Road noise to the point where it was difficult to have a conversation inside the car (seemed to be eminating from the right rear on both cases, though it's always hard to tell), brakes that, while sharp as a tack, also transmitted a fair amount of noise and a 'grating' sensation up the steering column. Generally a car I would never buy.

    Now I don't know who had those cars beforehand, how they were driven or how they were maintained. And I think 20k-plus miles in 10 or 12 months is a serious amount of mileage.

    My question; does anyone think this type of road noise is typical for an Audi with these types of stats? The one I drove today had Pirelli P6's that appeared to have about 1/2 of their tread life left. One of the dealers said to me....and you'll laugh at this one...he said that on Audis you have this type of road noise when the tire has half its tread wear left. Personally I think that is a crock.

    I'd appreciate any feedback anyone has. Thanks!

  • donthegreekdonthegreek Posts: 126
    I bought a NEW leftover 06 A3 last Oct...i put alot of miles on my cars..30,000 a year...i have 20,000 on it right now, and i have the Pirelli P6's...the road noise at this point is horrible, i'm seriously thinking of replacing them very soon....the noise is really bad, never had a car with so much tire/road noise.I've heard some complaints from other A3 owners with the same issue.

    Anyone out there with any suggestions on a good handling QUIET tire to buy???

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