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Chevrolet Malibu Maxx Steering/Suspension Questions

Tomorrow I'm going to be picking up my '04 Maxx after being in the shop for a week. They replaced the gas tank, cruise control switch, driver's visor, and rack and pinion. We'll see if the clunk sound goes away. Maybe this will help some of the others here with the steering noise.

By the way I had a GM tech tell me a while back that the faulty steering columns were caused by too much grease on the electrical contacts. I don't know if that was true, but if that was it, GM sure went to a lot of expense on changing columns.

Has anyone changed their battery yet? When it gets under 20 it seems my battery is already struggling. Only had the car 15 months, but with 58K on it the battery is out of warranty and not covered under GMPP supposedly.


  • maxx4memaxx4me Posts: 1,340
    No, but mine is noisy too. Thanks to people like you Marvin, we will hear about it. Please keep us updated if you find out about a fix. :)
  • How do I know if the Traction Control button is on or off? I pressed the button but can't tell because it looks in the same position. There didn't seem to be any extra lights to say its on? Thanks for any help.
  • mybooomybooo Posts: 92
    When you press the Traction Control Button, there is an orange-ish colored light that should light up on the dash, On the spedo side, between your mph and the gas gauge, towards the top. TCS is reset to "on" everytime you turn your car on. Hope this helps :-) PS This applies to the MAXX. Not sure if it is the same on the others.
  • Just checked, that was it. Thanks.
  • The steering clunk is gone! Just out of curiosity with the electric steering how is the rack lubricated? My receipt says Fluid 89020661. They installed a new rack & pinion. The receipt says Gear Kit 15216792. Merry Christmas!
  • mybooomybooo Posts: 92
    Hello! I have an 05 Maxx LS with 32,000 miles on it. Build date Aug 04. I am noticing a slight pop/clunk when going slow and turning, almost always when I turn to the left, sometimes to the right, and when the car starts to roll from park to drive and I turn the wheel. I do not notice it when I am going faster than 5 or 10 mph. Does this sound like the steering issue that others have talked about? I have the car going in Wed to have the fuel sensor (if I remember right) being replaced as the fuel gauge goes from full to 3/4 of a tank in about 2 miles. Thanks for any advice on the steering! Merry Christmas!

    Larry :-)
  • Your steering's showing exactly the same problem my '04 Maxx is having. It may either be the tie rods or the entire steering rack and pinion - so claimed the dealer that will attempt to fix my Maxx later this week.
  • mybooomybooo Posts: 92
    Thanks for the confirmation! I have it going in Wed. Going to have them check the steering noise, they are replacing the fuel sensor and when I press the button for the windshield wash (front window) I hear a clicking sound coming from teh rear wiper motor. Will keep you posted what I find out! Thanks again!
  • e2helpere2helper Posts: 1,002
    When you have the rear wiper system on Maxx, you still only have a single washer pump underhood. Depending on which direction the pump runs the fluid goes to front glass or rear.

    The rear wiper module has control over washer pump, likely has a few relays in it which are reason for the clicking. Does the clicking constantly occur or does it only happen once when you press and once when you release switch? Does the rear washer function work?
  • mybooomybooo Posts: 92
    The clicking sound only happens when I push the button for the front washer fluid. Once I release the button the clicking goes away. Thanks for the info!

    Larry :-)
  • airmaxxairmaxx Posts: 9
    My 05 maxx has a vibration in the steering at about 60 to 70 mph. This vibration lasts about 30 seconds and then is gone for about the same amount of time. Tires are in good shape and have equal inflation. Anyone else experience this. Otherwise I love this car. One of the most unique cars I've ever owned.
  • kurtamaxxxguykurtamaxxxguy Posts: 1,714
    Is vibration repeatable (i.e., it always occurs over a particular stretch of road)? Or does it just come and go?

    Do you notice any steering wheel pulsing or shaking while driving at low speeds?

    Former could be unbalanced wheels (turning corners would change relationship wheels have to each other and affect vibration).
    Latter could be dreaded steering columm problem that showed up in '04 Maxx/Malibu.
  • airmaxxairmaxx Posts: 9
    Thanks for the quick reply. No this does not happen at low speeds only at high ones. At low speeds the car is stable as a rock. Only at high speeds and only occasionally. It is possible that a tire is out of balance. I'm not sure if it is a steering problem or tire problem.
  • marvin4marvin4 Posts: 2
    I have a Malibu Maxx LT 2004. The steering rack is very noisy. The dealer said G.M. is trying to find a fix for it. Has anyone else had the same problem and has anyone heard when I can expect to get it fixed? I have e-mailed G.M. several times. They promise to respond but never do.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    what kind of noise...mine seems to be quiet as ever.....
  • mybooomybooo Posts: 92
    We have an 05 MAXX, and both the dealer and Chevy say they are working on a fix. First they said 1st quarter 06, now they say 2nd quarter. My patientence is wearing thin!

    Larry :-)
  • kurtamaxxxguykurtamaxxxguy Posts: 1,714
    have noted the steering columm is making rubbing/grinding sounds again. Is going into the shop this saturday for a complete suspension inspection.

    Sigh... I really want to like this car, and am wondering if the '06/'07 will really be any better?
  • maxx4memaxx4me Posts: 1,340
    let us know how it goes kurt.

    pao: it is the same thing since day one: the front end feels like it is missing 4 bolts and is ready to fall off, especially when going over a driveway entrance or over small potholes. I had one strut replaced, but that was a waste; it did nothing. There is something in the suspension in these cars. I'm not sure what the remedy is, but I hope GM does find a fix. For me, it is an annoyance. I can only hope that all the parts are secure, and are doing their job properly.
  • kurtamaxxxguykurtamaxxxguy Posts: 1,714
    sadly, every review I've seen of the maxx talks about its rattly front end. so the problem has been around for awhile.

    Meanwhile my steering has started popping again on slow turns from start. "New" rack fixed this for a short time but rack or tie rods may be going bad.

    What supplier made those parts???

    To service's credit, the replaced Lumbar support is working nicely.
  • mama_shymama_shy Posts: 2
    I just had the same problem.. hubby bought me an 05 malibu maxx 3 weeks ago, and it was running fine until i was doing 65/70 on the highway and it was shaking terribly.. hubby thought it may be an alignment problem, so i took it back to the dealers and they fixed the problem, it was the balance of the tires... they said the front balance was way off but the back ones were fine, now she runs smoothly..
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