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Chevrolet Malibu Maxx Accessories & Modifications



  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    while I understand the frustration of some owners here in reference to this MY Malibu, and it was the first new design.....many of the threads have discussed the front suspension and "clunking" issue along with the steering column and the issues with the electronic assist...

    I too have an 04 LT Maxx.....I guess Im one of the fortunate ones on the Malibu board since mine will be 8 years old in Feb 12, is approaching 187K and still has the original column....many of the discussions lead us down the path of a poor engineering design for the suspension on this MY Malibu...yes I too have the clunk..but it has had no long term impact on the serviceability or driveability of my vehicle.....annoying at times..certainly, but it all comes down to expectations you have of your particular vehicle....for me...its get me from point A to B without concern for breakdown and is basic personal transportation....

    It appears regardless of what is replaced on this suspension the "clunk" always comes back and is never eliminated totally...again a need for re-engineering which I beleive was done on later model years....there were enough complaints to the NHTSA board on the steering column to look at an engineer assessment/review for the issues....NHTSA, based on the number of reported events/repairs, and the actions GM was taking, ie replacing under warranty or in some case after warranty, that no further actions...(recalls) was warranted....

    like the above poster suggested....a percentage of all cars regardless of make, model, or cost will have a problem or two......hey...anything massed produced is prone to a flaw.....I surely hope the issues owners are having with their cars will be worked out to their satisfaction...
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