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Kia Spectra/Spectra5 Transmission Questions



  • Hey --
    I have a 2002 Kia Spectra , automatic trans. I had it in for service (77K miles) and had them change the transmission fluid. Now the check engine light is coming on ? They reset it but it has come on again. I dont know how much experience they have had with Kia's ? Is there anything in particular that could have triggered this ? :) :)
  • Is it a recall on transmission for Kia Spectra 2002
  • I have a Kia Spectra--My engine light comes on all the time and then comes off---the suto zone machine stated that it was my coolant. My car would shack at 15 miles per hour then at 20 or 30 it would pull. It just started this past week. I had then gave it a oil change. There was transmisison fluid. The car stopped that same day. It turns on... but goes no where when I push the pedal. I am a second owner. I did not find this blog till today. If I had known I wouldnt went with another option.
  • glenn_60glenn_60 Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 Kia Spectra that started getting hard to move the shift lever from gear to gear. Also with that (if memory serves right) the engine light was coming on. Finally, I went out to drive it one day and the shift selector would not come out of park. I figured that the trans had given out as it has 94,000 miles. Just the other day, a friend mentioned that some kind of cable could be busted causing this problem. I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this and what would be the cheapest way to fix it.

  • voriolovoriolo Posts: 1
    I have a four day old 2008 Spectra 5 SX and it has spend more time at the dealership that i've actually driven it. I was reading a few of the post and was wondering if there is a know issue with power loss. From a cold start all power equipment, including windows, air, radio, etc doesn't work, the car runs great but nothing "power works". I took it to the dealer, they had the car in the shop for 10 mins. ran a test, came up clean, changed a fuse. fixed the hach lock that fell inside the door and gave me my car back. Two days later same thing, yet this time the radio worked, but the windows got stuck in the down postition. no defrost, no wipers??? When i pulled the car over after about ten minutes, shut it off, turn it back on... the windows worked... it wasn't until i restarted it for the second time, that everything was working. The car has been at the dealer for two days and i'm waiting for word from the dealer.
  • MrShift@EdmundsMrShift@Edmunds Posts: 43,636
    This question has been addressed in our Answers Department already.
  • gballougballou Posts: 2
    i have a 2002 kia spectra, i was driving when it just stopped going forward, it starts fine but when i put it in reverse or drive it doesn't do anything. I was told it was the chain linkage, torque convertor and possibly the transmission, can't get a straight answer from anyone. need help with this problem please
  • cthomas5cthomas5 Posts: 1
    my son's car would not shift properly. Then the 2003 with less than 60,000 miles would not shift at all. We parked it and he drove my car as we didn't have the money to fix it at the time. Now it won't even start. The battery works but it won't start. I'm thinking even though it says it is in park it may not be thus it won't start. Anyone else have this problem?
  • gballougballou Posts: 2
    i took my car to a garage and had it hooked up to diagnostic testing, was told it was a pump in the transmission that quit working, called different garages and was quoted 1500 to 3000 to fix it, needless to say car is still sitting in my yard.
  • i started having problems with my car, hesitating going from park/reverse into drive. This caused me to go have my transmission fluid changed (it was pretty bad, apparently hadn't been done by the previous owner). the problem stopped temporarily, then it started again and got worse...was driving 55 down the road and the engine revved up to 5000 rpms for no reason. also, i notice that my car (since i've had it) does not shift when going uphill. i live in the mountains and this is a very big problem since the car doesn't seem to be able to make it up the hill very well.

    I am suspicious of the place that did my transmission fluid change, thinking they maybe used the wrong kind? anyone else have this happen before? what can i do? i think there are now several problems and most due to the wrong fluid being put in. is there a way to test the fluid to make sure it is the right kind for the vehicle? :confuse: :sick:
  • We have a 2007 Spectra 5 standard model. At 36 000 km, our garage suggested full check up including changing the transmission fluid. We noted that it was a standard and not an automatic and we were told that there was fluid (we suppose in the gearbox) that needed to be changed or the warranty would be voided. So we let the boys do their work. Afterwards, the shifting from 2nd to 1st gear began to grind. We returned to the dealership and a service manager explained that there was no "syncro" between 1st and 2nd. Therefore, we could not expect to use compression breaking from 2nd to 1st! And, that shifting from 3rd to 2nd should be done at limited speeds around 20 kph! Our model is the sports edition and for the first 36 000 km it handled like a sports car. Now at 58 000 km we drive it as though we were on a golf course so that we can avoid the grinding. It should be noted that we are experienced standard drivers who are not into street racing - just commuting and the commutes are easy. Our question is: who else is experiencing this problem?
  • my car does the same thing engine light comes on car would shock on gas at low milges. did u ever find out what was wrong with it cuz no body seem to know
  • johnscjohnsc Posts: 14
    I had an 08 and smelt the transmission burning. Traded it in for a Honda and took a loss. Buying a Kia was a risk and I lost. Chances of getting a lemon are high and the service departments are also a risk. Not a lot of places to get a Kia repaired under warranty. I think that's why so many reports of Kia service being very rude.. they know they have that power over you and your only option is going somewhere else far away or getting rid of it.. I was really disappointed with the service on some minor repairs and got rid of it.. the transmission is very expensive to repair on a Spectra..
  • mason9mason9 Posts: 2
    We had the clutch replaced: free labour but we paid for parts. Turns out we were mislead about the problem by one of the garage managers. Needless to say, we are going to trade (at our loss) for either a Suzuki SX4 or a Honda Civic.
  • Whenever my Kia is in deep snow for a period of time, I loose reverse and the tranny is stuck in low. As I drive in low, it will from time to time act like it is in neutral. The dealer will do nothing because by the time he looks at it--the problems are gone!!!
    This happened in winter of 2008 and now agin this winter--several times! HELP!!
  • podinaspodinas Posts: 1
    edited February 2010
  • yeah i have a 02 still going but it had a lot of these similar tramsission problems including a new one i haven't seen where the over drive button won't engage or disengage on the instrument cluster,so i left the positve post on the battery off and about an hour later.i hooked it back up and it works like a charm,so i think the computer or the trans. computer is going out,considering it has a 134,000 and the fact i have hit a deer and a tree and it still refuses to die.this car i will keep even if i have to totally rebuild it from the ground up,btw kia stands for koreans in america or killed in action and so on.
  • I have had similar problems with my 2008 kia spectra and was told by the service manager that I should not downshift from 2nd to 1st when moving. In the service manual you are required to change the gear oil for the transaxle every 60000 miles under sevre conditions not 30000. I have seen hondas with 200000 miles that have never had the gear oil changed.

    It is a design flaw in the 5 speed transmissions.
  • Agreed...all modern transmissions have 2 to 1 synchros. What a crock!

    The only thing I could suggest as a bit of a long shot is to use synthetic gear oil of the proper weight (who knows what they may have put in there?) and see if that helps.

    If it doesn't, you have worn synchros.
  • i have a 2000 KIA Spectra and recently its been getting stuck on revers or wont let me get it into its just locked and wont let me switch it to reverse..anyone know what might be the problem.
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