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Ford Focus: Problems & Solutions



  • Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
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  • akanglakangl Posts: 3,592
    First: Remember that people who have problem cars will post more than people with problem free cars.

    Second: Would I buy another Focus?? IN A HEARTBEAT!!!!

    My little Zippy (04 ZX3) has 49000 miles on her and has been the MOST reliable car I've ever owned. I bought her new with 52 miles on her July 21, 2004, I commute 164 miles/day even at 56 below zero, Zippy has NEVER failed to start. She is truely a GREAT car!!!

    I would go for it, the Focus is a wonderful, fun to drive car.
  • bk40bk40 Posts: 9
    I've had a lot of trouble with my 2005 Focus ZX4 ST, but the primary source of my misfortune was an incompetent local dealer, who has since gone out of business. If you have a dealer with a good reputation that you trust, then I think the Focus can be an excellent choice. But if your local Ford dealer has a shaky reputation, you might want to consider other brands.


  • My 2000 Focus did this just this week. You put the key in and go to turn it and it won't turn. I found if you hit it a good time or two you can turn the key but that is not recommended for long term. See the following link, I followed this guy's instructions and they worked great. Hasn't locked up all week.

    Good luck!
  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    First, make sure you are tightening the fuel cap on until it clicks three or four times. If you still have the problem, get Autozone to see if the CEL is throwing any codes related to fuel tank cap off, or wrong pressure etc. Finally, you could try replacing the fuel cap. The odds are it's related to pressure in the fuel tank.
  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    I've had a total of 4 ZX3's and never had one break down. Warranty adjustment issues, sure, but no breakdowns. On the warranty adjustment issues, I've had fewer than on my former Scion xA and Honda 2003 Civic.

    I wouldn't worry about it. Plus you get a 100k mile powertrain warranty.
  • kel2kel2 Posts: 1
    I bought a 2005 Focus in March. Until this week, I loved my car! Last weekend the oil light came on--but only when the key was out of the ignition and the car was off. The door-ajar light would also occasionally blink. The following morning, I went out side and the interior dome light was on (I didn't leave it on), the car was was making a soft beeping noise. Keep in mind that during all this "activity" no-one was in the car. My remote keys and central locking also did not work.
    I took the car to the dealership on Monday. They did not even look at it until Wednesday. I picked it up Wednesday and was told it was fixed, the tumbler was causing a circuit, they replaced the tumbler. I had the car for an hour, before the same syptoms started right up again. I took it back to the dealer the same day. The dealer apparently drove it around for two days (when I told them it is not a driving problem--they put 70 miles on my car). Said there was nothing wrong with it, so I picked it up again last night. I drove home, parked it in the drive way and several hours later went out side to find the interier dome light on and the oil light blinking. I haven't called the dealer back yet. I want to find out if any one has been having these problems with the 2005 focus. :sick:
  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    Disconnect the batter for ten minutes and see if that helps (reprograms the computer). Otherwise make a video and show the customer service people at Ford.
  • Just had this problem fixed today on my 2003 Focus SE. I was lucky it wouldn't start at home. Just one more turn of the key, and I would have been over 100 miles away.

    Another website said that this problem affects 2003 and earlier models. The dealership said that they're using an updated part so this will never happen again. It better not, next time it fails it likely won't be under warranty.

    Other messages in this forum suggest going to a locksmith (where they'll replace with tumblers that won't have a defect) instead of a Ford dealership (where they'll use a Ford part).
  • My daughter has an 01 ZX3 with 102k. It has actually been a great little car and she just loves it. She commented to me last night that it has developed a real bad vibration. After further investigation the vibration is experienced at idle in P and N but gets worse when placed in gear. She also mentioned that she would hear a squeal when she turns on the A/C. I inspected the belt, it appeared in good condition and the tentioner seems to be working, I then had here start the car and observed the belt. The belt vibrates and jumps like something is seriously out of balance. Has anyone had a problem with the harmonic balancer, alternator, smog pump, or compressor causing excessive vibration?
  • tom71tom71 Posts: 46
    I think your pretty safe to buy an 06 Focus. From the
    various consumer articles I've read, Ford has gotten
    the bugs out of this car. Remember, the Focus first
    came out in Y2000, and many of the problems/recalls
    were in the first few years.
    Not that I'm promoting it, but if you buy the Focus, you might
    consider buying the ESP plan for extra piece of mind. With
    the ESP plan, you can take your Focus to any Ford dealer
    for breakdown repairs.
  • So, this is a dumb I really have to change the air filter on my ZX5 when I'm at my local Jiffy Lube for an oil change? Or, is it so simple, that I can do it myself? If it's that simple, can one of the talented people on here give me some direction?
    Thanks a bunch!!! :)
  • I bought this 03 ZX5 for my teenage daughters last summer thinking the car would be dependable safe transportation to get them through HS and college. I paid $9500 for it with 18K miles and 15 months of warranty left. After 2 months, the CEL comes on. Problem with fuel system, dealer changes out a PCV and leaking hose. This past summer the car stalls on my daughter, fortunately a few blocks from home. Alternator gets replaced. Last week, after hesitating and lurching, car stalls and dies again. This time at night, far from home. Dealer replaces a bad PCM (powertrain control module) and assorted transmission problems including replacing auto transmission main control valve body and/or solenoid? Dealer tells me had this hapened 2 weeks from now I would have been out $1800. The car has 26K miles on it and its 3 yr warranty expires at the end of this month. My girls like the car but I'm afraid this is a sign of more problems to come. The Ford dealer quoted an extended warranty 7 years & 60K miles for $925. Is it worth purchasing and taking my chances with this car or do I trade it in for something more reliable.
  • akanglakangl Posts: 3,592
    I have an 04 ZX3 with just shy of 50,000 miles on it, great car!! The PCV valve has been a problem (replaced twice), but other than that the car has been great. Occasionally Zippy (my ZX3) has issues with starting, but she does eventually alway start. She is by far the best car I've ever owned.

    Personally I would buy the extended warranty, I did for Zippy even though she's never really been a problem. I paid $1350 for a 4 year/100k premium plus extended warranty.
  • tom71tom71 Posts: 46
    What kind of trouble are you having with your Focus ST?
  • We bought a 2003 Focus SE wagon...April 2003. In the 28 months we had it, we put only 14K mls on it. It was extremely problematic... 5 service issues early in it's life. Leaking A/C drain (2X), that repair caused damage to the pass. side dashboard-- never properly repaired, loose door handle. loose window (in the track), loose / wandering steering, POOR windshield defrost (always). Biggest problem was poor service / damage caused by service dept., and 100% lack of support from Ford. Actually could have been covered by the lemon law. In for service 90 days +. So... traded and took a 45% depreciation in 2 1/2 years and 14K miles. Upside?? Was only 13K new. But POOR SERVICE!!!!! After 30 years, and 24 cars, I am DONE with Ford. Good Luck.
  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    without a second look back when I mentioned the car wasn't accelerating as smoothly as my prior ZX3 with a PZEV. Updating the computer software was like adding an aftermarket speed part - it accelerated faster and smoother and I had a grin on my face! Just so it isn't all about "lemons" on this board.
  • tdi guytdi guy Posts: 17
    Does anyone know how to remove the antenna base from the roof? I removed the map light assembly from inside and can see the part that secures the antenna base, but can't seem to figure out how the part is removed/loosened. Any suggestions?

  • igor2igor2 Posts: 148
    you can get one from ford .. ask for your dealer's "parts" dept.. also look around the internet..

    if yo do not need the OEM part.. look around the internet.. there is plenty of differnet models.. but I do not know which ones would fit in Focus
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