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Ford Focus: Problems & Solutions



  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    My particular Ford dealer service department includes 30,000 mile fuel filter changes as part of their recommended service. Although this is in excess of manfacturer requirements, I think it is a good idea. It might extend the fuel pump life, too - think of the fuel filter straining to pump fuel through a filter as the filter begins to clog up.
  • The salesman was telling me how the passenger side airbag won't be activated unless there is weight in that seat. So if nobody is in it and I crash, helps to not ruin that part of the car or something.. But he didn't know how much weight the seat needed to be activated.. :confuse:

    I'm just wondering if I can put my 20lb dog in the front seat and him not get an airbag in his face..
  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    No, the dog could be at risk. I had a 2005 and the "airbag not activated" sensor went on when I put a 15 pound backpack on the seat - in other words, the seat sensed the weight, but then deactivated the airbag after detecting a "light" occupant. On earlier models, the seats can't tell the difference between weights.
  • ac22ac22 Posts: 1
    I just replaced my front rotors on my 04 ZX5.When I checked the brake pedal it went to the floor.Thinking I had air in the system I bled the front and rear brakes.Still have the same problem.This dees not make sense since I did not open any lines.What,s left besides the master cylinder?Dead in the water.
  • You have a bad starting motor. When the engine is cold it will
    start fine, like when you first start up.
    After the car is warmed up the starter motor opens up and will
    not crank. Its happened to me
  • I have a 2000 Focus with all power. The problem is the car alarm system is always on, parking lights and horn are going off all the time. I can not disable this alarm system. I have
    called the dealer and he says that the alarm is part of the car computer and cannot be disarmed. The company that makes
    this alarm is by AUTO MATE.
  • I had similiar issues with my 04 Ford Focus. I bought it pre-owned at about 17,000 miles then I felt brake problems and squeakiness. I called the dealer and they said it was past the warranty to replace them. I went to a shop and they said the brakes were wearing unusually but did not need any at the time. They adjusted them and the squealing quit for a week. When I returned a couple of months later to have them serviced before I moved cross country, again they said they were ok but would need to replace when I get there.

    After moving from CA to GA, I had them checked and I needed news brakes and rotors at only 25,000 miles. Then I repeatedly went back to the same shop to have them looked at because of the squealing and softness of the brakes. Finally, I called the shop back and the manager admitted to me that Ford Focus has a huge TSB list due to faulty brakes on Fords behalf. They replaced them with ceramic brakes to stop the noise and after returning again, they replaced the rear brake shoes.

    Things were great for at least 2 weeks until I past my 36,000 mile warranty mark and the brakes would hit the floor literally!!. I returned to the shop they said they saw no problems and checked everything. I drove right out of there and had the same problem. I went to another shop and they saw no problems. I returned to the same shop and explained that something is wrong and they bled the brakes again. They test drove it and everything. Said it should be good. It was not. Then today (11/27/05) I took it to another shop and they experienced what I was trying to prove to everyone all along and said the last shop did not bleed them correctly. I had confidence that it was fixed then because they test drove it and said it hit the floor. But low and behold, when I got into that car on my way out of the shop, I again would not stop and and dragged along. I am so disgusted and frustrated. I now know that many others have faced this issue and I am prepared to do whatever it takes to get my money back. These cars are lemons in my opinoin from all the the astronimical similiar stories in this forum alone. Ford needs to repay any individual that has owned and suffered from Ford Focus defaults. Any suggestions? :mad: :cry:
  • What Model Year Focus?
  • Grab hold of the Positive cable near the battery post terminal. Wiggle the wire around two or three inches. Do the same with the negative cable near the battery post.
  • Sounds like the BTSI (Brake Transmission Switch Interlock). Look near the shifter, there is a little circular plastic cap about .25 inches in diameter. Look down there and with a pen to manually over ride the safety.
  • Grab the Positive starter cable near the battery post. Wiggle them around a couple of inches while still attached to the battery post. Do the same for the negative cable.
  • make sure your door ajar switches are properly set before replacing the computer. Do you have any door ajar lamps come on while driving down the road?
  • There have been a number of comments regarding squeeling brakes front and rear. I have a 2003 ZX3 with 26,000 city miles. The rear brakes make a great deal of noise. Someone suggested that there has been a TSB issued regarding brake problems. Does anyone know how I can check for TSB's on the Focus?

  • fordfoolfordfool Western New YorkPosts: 87
    > Does anyone know how I can check for TSB's on the Focus?

    Lists of Recalls and TSBs are free; the details and information are by subscription.
    Same thing on the Ford Web site. Your dealer can show you the details of a TSB.

  • I have an 05 Zx4 sedan that I recently purchased used. I noticed twice on the same red light that's up a steep hill, I started slightly rolling backwards. This might be my fault from not pulling up far enough but's scary. What if there was another car first and I was behind them and had to stay at that part of the hill?

    I think it happened somewhere else too.. But it could just be me being paranoid now.

    There's a certain highway that I use a lot and it's up hill and if traffic is backed up on it, you're stuck rolling and inching and breaking on it. What if I roll on that right into the car behind me..

    Is this a common problem or is it my driving?

    And other then me noticing the breaks squeaking today for the first time after driving 2hours (I never drive that long..) they seem fine..
  • It has now been 12 weeks since my cd changer has failed. The first replacement took six weeks to appear, then turned out to be the wrong unit. It took another six weeks for the correct unit to arrive, but turned out to be defective. Customer service has been of no help, the dealer seems caught in the middle, and Ford seems entirely unconcerned. And Ford wonders why they are approaching collapse. I have had my Focus for 16 weeks and have spent the past 12 trying to get it fixed. What a shame as, otherwise, I like the car.
  • jhartjhart Posts: 10
    After my son's 2000 Focus began having problems at 30k I began tracking his car's failures during conversations with him. I found out that the rear spring or trailing arm has failed. The rear doors flew open and he lost a computer that skidded under a truck. The brake pedal for no apparent reason just falls to the floor. The car will not idle and no obd faults found. Gassy smell at idle. The egr tube burnt /rusted in half. I replaced it with a new one. Not real cheap. I spent yesterday in a cold driveway drilling out the ignition switch and replaced it with a junkyard special, but the key is not compatible with the sensor they gave me so I connected the old sensor to the wiring module and hold the old key next to it to start the car. Now that I can move it I have to find a locksmith with the coding device or maybe rekey it. The car leaks water so bad there is a chunk of ice on the passenger floor an inch deep. My son can't remember the number of recalls he has had to make time for, and the dealer cannot fix the water leak. It has never achieved any gas mileage close to the stated mfg promise. My old 96 Dodge Caravan with 130000 miles gets 25-26 at highway speeds and it is a v-6 and a lot heavier than the Focus. I am trying to convince him to get rid of this POC as soon as possible for his children's sake. FORD, I have a better idea...Class action law suit!!! Thank you.
  • dhockdhock Posts: 1
    My 2005 zx4 has 18000 miles and gets a lousy 32 MPG (warm weather) and 26 during the winter. My Ford dealer says that this is O.K. But my '93 Escort Wagon (replaced by the Focus) would normally get 35-37 in warm weather and never below about 32 during the winter and my '87 did even better.

    I realize that the '87 was a dog but the '93 had quite sufficient power. Why did Ford screw it up and give us an "economy" car that gets worse mileage tthan my wife's Sebring convertible (with a 6 cyl engine)? O.K.
  • Anybody ever had issue with a misfiring 2L zetec engine 'shuddering' under acceleration?

    This same issue happened at 40,000 miles a year ago, and when I brought the zx3 to the dealer, they told me #2 spark plug was broken down.

    So I replaced all plugs and wires and now I'm having the misfiring again at 60,000 miles. No engine light comes on and no codes are found when ECU is scanned. Fuel filter was changed at about 30,000 miles.

    I'm puzzled, any insight or similar experiences out there?
  • Can anyone on here give an old guy a clue of where & how to change the air filter on these cars? I've built engines and restored older cars and none of them have been this irritating. Mine in particular is an '05 ZX3. Don't even get me started on changing the spark plugs! I guess you can't change them unless your ready to rebuild?
    Thanks in advance folks!
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