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Ford Focus Transmission Problems



  • ru8484ru8484 Posts: 2
    Hey if im not mistaken you have six of those solenoids. A, B , C ,D , E ,F and A is the most common to throw a malfuntion code on 70% of the focus. the other 30% are usally a d problem. The rest hardly ever go bad.
  • What do you mean pump,etc?
  • dno36dno36 Posts: 71
    Primary trans pump or some other major part of the trans.

    If it is a solenoid issue it wil usually have some function left.

    Get it scanned to check and go from there.

    good luck

  • dno36dno36 Posts: 71
    The flap open is a weird thing???
    It should have nothing to do with the trans at all as far as I know.
    Solenoids in a package....LOL.... is this a way for FoMoCo to fleece us some more?? First I heard of it, but I wouldn't put it past them.
    I might call a dealer out of your district and see if it is a new 'pill' we have to swallow, or maybe just the local dealers got together and are trying to pull one over on you.

    Just for kicks I called my local Ford Dealer and they told me they do not have an "A" solenoid, but there is one about 15 miles away....not in a 'pkg'.

    What is the exact code you car showed at AutoZone??
    They will give you a printout of parts and procedure and the exact code if you ask.


  • fcurfcur Posts: 1
    Hi everybody,
    I own a 2002 Focus ZX5 automatic transmission. Since sometime I experience the following problem every once in a while: the car stops running after a big bang is heard. If this occurs I'm able to start again, but when I pull into Drive again, the motor might stop immediately or it stops after the first gear. It looks pretty similar to the problems I've read until now in this forum, but on the other hand it differs because until now I haven't read about anyone who said the motor stops running immediately after pulling into D. When I put my foot on the gas when pulling into D it might hold on for a few meters but then it stops anyhow after going into 2nd gear. The weird est thing about the whole matter is that this problem happened before. When I brought it to my mechanic he told me he couldn't find what the cause of the problem is. After that I drove for 5 months without a problem and now all of a sudden the problem is back. Anyone of you guys familiar with this behavior?

  • I'm a mechanic i have 2003 focus here to repair because it is shutting off all the time. I change idle air control, crankshaft sensor it is still shutting down. I change the transmission control switch but it is still shutting down. please advice me what may be the problem
  • I have a 2002 Focus ZTS (Mach) and had the exact issue as described in post #76. I was initially told to get a transmission service and agreed ($150) then when that didn't work, they told me the code and I googled it. I found this post and it matched my symptoms. I told the shop about this fix and they were initially leery and suggested a new transmission. They also read the diagram wrong (and later admitted it for big points in my book) and quoted me solenoid prices incorrectly. After they figured out their mistake, they charged me $61 each for both the A and B solenoids as Ford recommended they both be replaced and $75 labor. PROBLEM SOLVED! They were surprised and very honest about their initial confusion. I know it's more money than replacing it myself, but I feel it was worth it and certainly cheaper than a whole new transmission! I can't thank the original poster enough and I signed up for an Edmunds account just to post this reply - I hope others will see it and that it will help!
  • I have a 04 ford focus se automatic. O/D off light is flashing and ck engine light on.
    Trouble shifting into 2nd - engine revs up, slow to accelerate then shifts rough. Car jerks forward and it creeps me out. Found out it was the D Solenoid. Called Ford, they had no idea which one it was. Got a scan from AAMCO - said transmissions bad. Didn't believe them, took it Ford. Paid for the scan, and they said it was the blue solenoid. Bought part and had it replaced. Still same problem.. Called Ford, explained still having problems - they said that sometimes the scan will blame a solenoid when the transmission is going out. Outraged and desperate, had a free scan somewhere else, same code came up. Had them run a thorough electrical ck and everything checked out fine. Its been a month and no one can find out whats wrong with my car. Could the overdrive be the problem or is it the transmission? Any ideas, I'd really appreciate it. Please someone help me!!
  • 0311vn0311vn Posts: 48
    My 01 Focus wagon has 140K on it. Twice in recent months the front ABS brakes began acting funny, and then more recently the gauges the dashboard began jumping around as the power went up and down in the engine. I suspect it may be "trans time" for the Focus.

    I had an Honda Acccord with an auto trans that went out (frozen in secnd gear) at around 130K.
  • dno36dno36 Posts: 71
    OK Grumpymon....we need to slow down a bit and sort out the problem.

    Initially how did you find out it was the "D" solenoid??

    You called, service, customer service??

    The dealer you had the solenoid replaced at, how much did that cost you??

    You took it and had a free scan done. Where did you go, and what was the code number???

    Did you take the car to an autoparts store and have a free scan done to it??

    If so, what was the exact code number shown. This number is critical!!

    What did any of the scans you had done say as far as codes. You should be able to watch as they pull the codes.
    If they say its too dangerous, or you are not allowed to, leave that place immediately, and go somewhere where you can trust each other.

    It may be simple or a major issue.
    Could be $100 or $2500.
    You can buy a code reader for about $70 on E-Bay if you need. It takes 2 minuted to check your codes.

    Slow down and take control of the process, and you will sleep better and probably be able to save yourself some $$.

    Good Luck

  • Hi Dean,

    I knew someone with a scanner, P0767 shift solenoid d stuck on came up.
    Couldn't figure out which solenoid was bad.. Called around to various auto parts store and they all said that they no longer give free scans. Went to AAMCO, they wanted me to replace trans.Didn't tell me any codes.So I went to Ford and paid $125 just for the diagnostic ck. They told me the solenoid with the blue wire needed to be replaced. Bought the part for $188 and had a friend install for me. Didn't work.. Called Ford back and they said the scan will blame a solenoid if trans is going out. Everyone thought it would be a minor repair. Last try went to another "transmission shop" had a free scan. Same codes came up. Paid $200 for them to ck all the electrical components. Everything checked out fine. They wanted me to pay $752 for a tear down inspection. Said forget it I had enough!!! So I'm just going to get a R/B trans. What else can I do? I'm tired of getting ripped off!! Thanks for responding so quickly!!!
  • My Focus had the classic symptoms that I have been reading about. I bought my solinoid A at a transmission shop for $54. It took me 30 minutes

    to replace it after reading lots of information on this site and manuals.
    ]My focus is now fixed and drives has 140 K.

    Thanks for all the info on this site!!!!!!!!!

  • i have a 2001 focas with same problem can only drive with over drive off and suggestions
  • I have a 2001 Ford Focus which I have owned since new. It now has 106,000 miles and today after working fine all day, has now decided it will not move out of park. It will start and I can have my foot pressed on the brakes and it will will not let me move out of park. Any idea? Of course this had to happen on a Saturday evening. lol
  • marked1marked1 Posts: 15
    edited February 2010
    with you engine running press brake pedal and see if your brake lights illuminate.
    if they don't, your brake position switch is bad and causing the problem.
  • roaddawgroaddawg Posts: 1
    I'm gonna go out on a limb here and pray for the best.

    I've came across a really weird situation with my tranny.

    Here are the symptoms:

    Wife was driving it, she drove it home and parked it and a few hours later she goes out and it wont move in reverse. It acts like its in 2 gears and its loading the engine down when you rev it. If you put it in first gear it does the same thing, If you put it in drive it acts like it's stuck in 3rd gear or something but it does move. When you kill the ignition it will jump forward a little bit. Last night we pulled 2 codes po731 and p0732...which just says no 1st and second. LIst of thngs could be the PCM, wiring or SSA, SSB or SSC. I really hate to pull the pan, replace a solenoid just to find out its not the right one. Theres been no other codes thrown...which I guess is my fault cause I pulled the batt cable and it cleared them. It acted up once before and my daughter pulled over and killed it, started it back up and it was fine. I checked it at home, cleared the codes and its been fine for a month or so.

    This has happened before. You can go down the road and it acts like it just comes out of gear, slows down a bit and then takes back off. Wife and daughter said it started making a growling noise one time. I pulled the stick...fluid doesn't look NEW but it could be changed I guess. Theres no metal in the fluid that I can tell. It was changed about 10K miles ago.

    I know its a long shot but any ideas? I've got fluid and filter ready to go but no solenoid yet.
  • Just found out today that the transmission in my 2003 focus is gone (4th gear is in the trans pan). Going to cost around $3k to replace. The car has 126,000 miles on it so we're wondering if it's worth it, or if it's time to look for another car. It's been really reliable up to this point. I put a lot of miles on it, obviously, but we've done basic regular maintenance. Any thoughts on how much life there may still be in it if we put out the money to replace the trans?
  • MrShift@EdmundsMrShift@Edmunds Posts: 43,633
    I'd guess another 50,000 miles if you took good care of it. Of course, there may be some repairs in there, but really, what can you buy for $3000----and as it sits it's near worthless.

    I don't see where you have any choice, unless you want to sell it very cheap and take on the expense of a much lower miles used car, or a brand new car. You should be able to buy say a very low miles (40,000 or less) 2008 Focus SE sedan for around $10,000 or less.
  • I don't know which tranny your car has, but if it is 4F27E, try E bay i found one for a friend (used) very low mileage, i think it had around 30K miles, he got it for 275.00 + 125.00 shipping and had it installed by a mechanic friend for 150.00 and the trans. works perfect, he also spent around 75.00 for a new filter and new fluid. So it's something to think about, if you can get the car back on the road for under a grand i think it's worth it. Good luck
  • I've got similar symptoms with my '03 Focus ZTW right now, altho not quite as bad as yours. The CEL came on a few days ago, pulled code P0761 (SSC perf or stuck off). Picked up a solenoid at the dealership yesterday ($51).

    The only question I have now, is how to ID SSC. One diagram I saw online labeled the solenoids 1, 2, 3, etc.. So does 1=A, 2=B, and so on? The diagram did include a color key for the leading wires. SSA and SSC both have neutral colors. I don't have time to do trial and error until I get the right one.

    Does anyone know how to properly identify the solenoids?
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