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Ford Focus Transmission Problems



  • I just had a trans put in my 2002 focus. The transmission was totally destoyed as the dealer put it. the car has 47,000. Anyway to save $1000, I took it to a shop. They put in a trans form a junked focus because it was not able to be rebuilt, the end result? This trans is going and after 2 letters and a phone call, Ford will not do anything for me. Good luck
  • raehart18raehart18 Posts: 1
    I am having the SAME problem with my 03. Did you ever find out the issue??
  • ford_sucksford_sucks Posts: 1
    I am an owner of two Ford vehicles a 2002 Ford Focus and a 2002 Ford Explorer. They were purchased on the same day as Certified Ford Used vehicles. I bought American vehicles to support American companies and American workers.

    At approximately 43,000 miles I had to take my Focus to get the transmission repaired. I did this at an authorized Ford dealer in Huntington Beach, CA. Repairs were made and I was on my way. At approximately 73,000 miles I was having the same issues and again was delivered to an authorized Ford Service center. They weren't able to find any problems with the transmission, however they found $429 in other repairs I "needed". I took the car back another time at about 74,500 to be looked at again without the dealer finding any problems.

    Now, I am at 75,420 - 420 miles past my ESP Warranty and according to the dealer I need a new Transmission. I've been through all of the 800 numbers I can find and they all say there is nothing they can do and I am screwed. Actually one of the ladies hung up on me!!

    2 transmissions in 75k miles and Ford is telling me that is MY problem. I took out a 5 year loan on the vehicle, I owe $3500 still and according to Ford I need $2,900 in repairs on a car that might be work $3,000... Thanks Ford! I will never buy a Ford again!!
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    And of course you have the receipts for the trans service due every 30k miles on the Explorer?

  • I recently bought a used 2001 focus off of a friend with 88000 k on it. In the past few weeks it has been acting weird on acceleration from a stop. It feel as though it is not getting enough fuel or maybe the transmission is going. What do you think the problem may be?
  • lawilllawill Posts: 1
    My 2000 focus has a bad pump seal. It has 95000 miles on it. I was wondering if any other owners have had this problem? A local mechanic said that there has been a lot of problems with trasmissions on the 2.0..... :confuse:
  • "shift solenoid c" i think it is went.... and the more u drive with the problem the more work need to get done to the trans...
  • niki3niki3 Posts: 1
    The same thing just started happening to my 03 focus. On my way home from work last night, something just felt weird about it then it suddenly lurched forward. I had my boyfriend drive it this morning, and he said it wasn't coming out of second. We dropped it off at a shop today. Were you able to fix it, and should I be preparing myself for a majorly expensive repair?
  • zapoluchzapoluch Posts: 2
    I have a 2003 Focus, and it just started to act up. When I shift from park to drive, and then accelerate, it acts like it's in neutral for a few seconds and then shifts. The car has just under 53,000 miles on it. It's unfortunate that so many of us are having similar issues.

    I went to Ford's customer service website and tried to e-mail them, but the page didn't load correctly both times I tried. All I can say is that EVERYONE needs to call their dealer and/or Ford's customer service line so they are forced to acknowledge the problem.

    Here's the Ford number: 1-800-392-3673

    I'm going to start shopping for a new car immediately.
  • zapoluchzapoluch Posts: 2
    Mine does the lurching thing, too, every once in awhile. I had the car looked at a few months ago, and they said everything was fine. Call Ford and complain!
  • lantazlantaz Posts: 1
    I also have a 2003 Focus Se with the same problem. You shift to drive and it stays in neutral for about a minute then it shifts into gear. Reverse works well, with no problems. Were you able to find out what the issue was with your car? Thanks
  • We have a 2002 Focus ZX3 and have just started having problems with the transmission. As you say the shift sequence sometimes doesn't engage, in our case the car remains in second. If it does reach third it only holds it for a while before dropping backing into second with the jolt you speak of. I have had no problems with reverse and although I am no auto mechanic I do work as a marine engineer and have some experience with engines.

    It was actually my girlfriend who took the car in and as usual it was the computer that told the mechanic where the problem lay... Must be nice that.. Never have to find the problem yourself. Well enough of mocking todays auto mechanics.... Almost...

    My girlfriend was told what the problem was in this case it is a faulty shift solenoid that was faulty. Fine I'll accept that, what I wouldn't accept is that the mechanic said it would be fine to drive about normally until it could be repaired. NOT FINE... My girlfriend drives like a maniac at times and I can only imagine what would happend to the head, head gasket and con rods if she were driving it around in third (Through 'D') and was going at any speed when it suddenly dropped back down into second. Engine braking is fine on a manual when it is controlled and this isn't a diesel so isn't designed to cope with the high pressures involved.

    Do yourself a favour and drive the car in second so you have no unexpected shifts. This car was second hand and had 60,000 on the clock so you know. The action I am taking is to change out the entire solenoid valve shift assembly and housing and replace it. $750 inc tax.
  • For your info when they plug up the computer heres what the numbers mean relating to the shift solenoid should you catch a glimpse....

    P0750 Shift solenoid (SS) A - Circuit malfunction
    P0751 Shift solenoid (SS) A - performance or stuck off
    P0752 Shift solenoid (SS) A - stuck on
    P0753 Shift solenoid (SS) A - electrical
    P0754 Shift solenoid (SS) A - circuit intermittent
    P0755 Shift solenoid (SS) B - Circuit malfunction
    P0756 Shift solenoid (SS) B - performance or stuck off
    P0757 Shift solenoid (SS) B - stuck on
    P0758 Shift solenoid (SS) B - electrical
    P0759 Shift solenoid (SS) B - circuit intermittent
    P0760 Shift solenoid (SS) C - Circuit malfunction
    P0761 Shift solenoid (SS) C - performance or stuck off
    P0762 Shift solenoid (SS) C - stuck on
    P0763 Shift solenoid (SS) C - electrical
    P0764 Shift solenoid (SS) C - circuit intermittent
    P0765 Shift solenoid (SS) D - Circuit malfunction
    P0766 Shift solenoid (SS) D - performance or stuck off
    P0767 Shift solenoid (SS) D - stuck on
    P0768 Shift solenoid (SS) D - electrical
    P0769 Shift solenoid (SS) D - circuit intermittent
    P0770 Shift solenoid (SS) E - Circuit malfunction
    P0771 Shift solenoid (SS) E - performance or stuck off
    P0772 Shift solenoid (SS) E - stuck on
    P0773 Shift solenoid (SS) E - electrical
    P0774 Shift solenoid (SS) E - circuit intermittent
  • Hi-

    I have a 2005 Ford Focus ZX4 (manual transmission). Recently I've noticed that while driving at 35mph or above (usually in 4th or 5th), the transmission seems to "hitch" or "skip" (not sure how to best to describe this...). Additionally, occasionally when I go to start the vehicle it doesn't always turn-over immediately. Both of these things don't happen on a regular basis but just every now and then...

    I know that I need to take it into a garage to get it looked at but I wanted to find out if anyone else out there had any information on these 2 issues? Any idea(s) about repair costs?

    Thanks much,
  • The transmission died today. The car has 61,000 miles. I did not use and abuse this car, bought new. Ford Motor Co can not help because it was purchased from an independent dealership. Ford number: 1-800-392-3673. (Ford and their dealers agreed on a six (6) year limit for problems) You HAVE to take it to a dealership for evaluation to be input into Ford's system for them to TRY to help financially for repair costs prior to the 6 year or 60,000 limitations. Bottom line is you will pay approx $2,000 because the transmissions are totally trashed. Many family members are Ford employees and buying Fords since I can remember. I guess when you buy cheap that's what you Message to Ford...quit making cheap crap for marketing and build what you started out to do, build a reliable vehicle at a cost effective price for consumers. Not all of us can afford a $300+ car payment. Hell, the $220 payment was a killer in todays economy. I am sorry downsizing cost people jobs but they were living above their means anyway at a job that pays over $18/hr. I am fighting for pay check to pay check survival. I am not on a bus line. I have no other mode of transportation. I will lose my job and home because Ford knows about the problem and did nothing to fix it. Yes, I am angry.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    Did you buy it outside the US? If not then how do you know it was "new" when you purchased it.

    Someone tell me I'm wrong but I understand that ONLY a franchised dealer can sell "new" Fords.

    For the purpose of this discussion, I consider a car used once it is titled.

    Did you do the trans service every 30k?

    Most people DO not understand that 61,000 miles of stop and go traffic over 6 years is way way harder on a auto trans then 61,000 of mostly highway miles over 3 years. You could easily have put the car through the number of shifts in 61,000 miles of city driveing that someone else does in 150,000 of mostly highway miles.

    IMHO if you do not follow the scheduled maintenence in the owners manual, you have only yourself to blame for problems.

  • jeromebjeromeb Posts: 31
    Hello folks, I wouldn't be posting here if it wasn't true, so consider what you paid for it.
    I bought my 2003 Ford Focus SE as a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle. One aspect of that purchase was that it had extended warranties out the wahoo. Another was that it was supposedly certified to have never been in a collision. The warranties are real, but the other one is false. The car had been wrecked, the hood had been replaced and painted in a repair shop. This was pointed out to me by an insurance adjustor during a later claim. Anyway, being a good little puppy I took the Focus to a nearby very well regarded dealer for a 30,000 mile service.
    At that time I mentioned that on a couple of occasions it had slipped out of gear momentarily. The dealer promptly rebuilt the transmission under warranty. No jacking around.
    Lately, on a few occasions the transmission has delivered a very momentary blip. Today, though, in trying to accelerate from 40mph on a service road to 60mph on a highway, the transaxle crapped out and wouldn't leave second gear. I was about 4 miles from the previously mentioned dealer and managed to limp into their service drive with no further destruction. This dealership has treated me so good, I'll say their name, Sam Pack's Five Star Ford in Lewisville, TX.
    What do I expect? I expect them to make it as good as new under the extended warranty, and charge me a small deductible, just like the paperwork says. That's the way they've been treating me ever since I've been doing business with them, and I don't regret a bit of it.

    The service advisor checked the transaxle fluid and remarked that it was discolored. The mileage on the vehicle is about 56000 miles, and by-the-book transaxle service would have been done at 60000. When I get it back, though, I'm going to move that transaxle service interval to 15000 miles.

    These are just machines. You use them, and they wear out. You maintain them, and they last forever. This one is under warranty so the cost out of pocket will be low, but I'm highly educated on transaxle issues now. 15,000 mile interval for transaxle service, and it will be ok.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    That is not true. A certified vehicle may have had body work done. You are entitled to a vehicle history report. A car cannot be certified if there was a bent or repaired frame or if has a branded title such as salvage, junk, lemon law, flood, etc.

    Also it takes up to six weeks for a repair to appear on the vehicle history report. The dealer was probably aware of the repair though.

  • jeromebjeromeb Posts: 31
    Take me OFF the list of 2003 Focus owners who have transaxle problems. The air mass sensor was out of spec and the behaviour it induced in the vehicle made me and my pre-electronic understanding of automobiles believe that something was wrong with the transaxle. The Service advisor compounded the confusion by pulling out the oil dipstick while thinking she was getting the transaxle dipstick.

    They also found that the timing belt pulley was loose. That repair was warranted. The air mass sensor was not.

    The AMS part & labor was a little over $500. Ow!

    Anyway, the car runs good now, and the transaxle fluid is bright pink.

    Mark, I've read one place on the internet where a CPO means that the car is not to have been in a collision. That differs materially from saying that a car may not have been salvaged. The part known to have been replaced was the hood, and I never asked for a vehicle history report.

    I've got the car and the payments, and it runs good.
    I'm not converted to the "Fix Or Repair Daily" religion yet.
  • I recently had a very rough running symptom on my 97 Escort LX Wagon, a direct ancestor of your car. The shop that had been doing all my routine and scheduled maintenance said the catalytic converter had a hole in it - please pay $800 to replace it. Fortunately I went for a second opinion. The better mechanic said if the CC had a hole in it we would hear it and smell exhaust in the area, neither of which was the case, and replacing the cc would not have fixed the problem. The problem was the mass air flow sensor was bad, and also the air intake temp sensor. I bought the parts for less than $200 and he installed them in 20 minutes. Problem fixed. As he explained it, the mass air flow sensor feeds back to the computer and effectively controls the fuel-air mixture. When that sensor is bad you have a bad [way-too-rich in my case] mix and a very rough running engine.

    As a postscript, the first shop will just be be doing tire and alignment work for me henceforth and maybe an occasional oil change.

    I'm hoping to find a lightly used '07 ZX5 next summer, to replace the faithful old Escort.
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