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Ford Focus Transmission Problems



  • The problem with these Ford transmissions is all over the Internet. Ford has, at the least, come out with a fix and it made an improvement for you. That's the good news. The bad news is that Ford has not manned up to the problem out front and informed owners that there is a problem, what it is and should you feel ........ Take your car to your dealer for the approved repair.

    Ford's communication is disingenuous and not in the best interest of their customers. Very disappointing.
  • I am having the same transmission problems, and they just kept telling me it was the way I was driving. They are replacing the clutch assembly now, but I went ahead and contacted the national highway traffic safety at 1-888-327-4236. It took only 5-10 minutes and they seemed like they really cared. Per the Florida lemon law, you have to have contacted the NHTSA. If enough people complain then a safety recall can occur.
  • I hope Ford is listening and really cares about resolving all these issues with the focus transmission. From what I have read online they also have alot of problems with the F-150 w/ Ecoboost v-6.
  • Does anyone have more information on the clutch assembly replacement? That's been recommended by my dealer, but I'm torn. If ford has been saying the problem is the computer system's communication with the engine, how does replacing the clutch help? And if the clutch is replaced do I lose any rights to pursue the lemon law? Any information would be helpful. Thanks.
  • The "Rear Park Aid" indicator is "on" when we are in "D" / drive and going at highway speeds. It keeps doing it and they can't seem to fix it. Along with the jumpy/thrusty tranny. It's like riding with a driver's ed kid on his first day with a stick shift.
  • puffinalongpuffinalong Posts: 32
    edited September 2013
    Ok, I think I know what's wrong with the DCT.
    I have a 328i BMW I use from April to Nov and I own a 2013 ford focus Ti sedan.
    Four or five years ago I wanted a Mini Coopers S .I told my mechanic that I was thinking Mini he said to get the 6 speed Gertrag , as the auto trannies were failing like crazy.
    They were too, as I keep reading the complaints as I'm reading them about the Focus.
    I Binged Focus extended warranties and on the site it said Gertrag makes the Focus DCT. No wonder it took them 4 years to get it right with Mini, but I was smart enough to not buy a mini ,but dumb enough to buy a Focus Ti.
    Mr. Cassandra see you on Ford Fanatics a lot and Mini had no recall I remember so I don't think Ford will.
    BE well and prosper Puffin
  • We purchased the extended warranty on our 2012 focus which I feel was a good investment , considering the problems with the focus DCT, but then again it was not a good investment to purchase the focus in the first place.I have never owned a car that wears on my nerves as much as our focus does. I was planning on keeping this car for a long time and giving to my daughter when she was old enough to drive , but I do not think that would be a good idea , considering I do not feel confident driving the focus myself as a new car. I will probably end up getting rid of this focus and getting another brand car and say to myself lesson well learned. Just out of curiosity does anybody know how much it cost to replace the clutch pack on the focus DCT if car is our of warranty.
  • ya ,go to My Ford if you registered your car with Ford for updates and TSB or you have My Ford Garage. I found a break down and prices of all power train parts on The Ford Extended warranty pkgs. I think you are talkin' $400.00.
  • hi,
    i just bought my ford focus 2013 i noticed the engine is very hot after drivng 40kilometers and even after 3 hrs still very hot.pls advise i need to bring to dealer fro check up
  • as long as the temperature gauge reads in the middle .I say your ok
  • Purchased Jan 2013 the new Ford Focus.. worst decision in my life to buy this car. Weeks later it was lurching forward and almost caused us to get in an accident more than once. Later it didn't go in reverse. I took it in for "reprogramming" less lurching..reverse is ok...last
    couple of months..shudders in 1st and lurches in 2nd and 3rd... It seems to be when it's warmer outside..but I can't put my finger on this.... will take it in again on Thursday....for whatever they need to do to it....Higher speeds and gears seem fine... How about if I ask them to put in a clutch and I would drive it much smoother myself... Should I file a complaint..? I am a bit leary of having my kids with me in this car... I lust looking at the Honda Civic lately.
  • puffinalongpuffinalong Posts: 32
    edited September 2013
    I would go on record with a complaint with the NHtSA and with Ford.
    It's no joke I know how you feel.
  • I have 2005 Ford Focus ZX4 SE automatic with about 157,000 miles that will not go into any gear. I've only had the car a few months, it has a rebuilt transmission but I have not noticed any slipping or other issues with it. I was leaving a soccer game on Saturday when the problem occurred. I backed out if the parking space, drove forward about 30 yards to the exit and waited for traffic to clear. When I stepped on the gas to go I went forward fir about 3 secs then heard a weird screeching noise and it was as the car was in neutral. After getting the car to the side of the road I tried shifting from park to reverse and to drive but still no luck in either. When moving the shifter it does not even sound like its going into gear.
    The mechanic I took it to is saying something broke inside the transmission requiring a rebuild or replacement. I was really hoping that it would not come to that. Please let me know any other possibilities.
  • I see that Ford has been selling alot of new vehicles and I wonder how may have been focus,s. I have also noticed that Ford has alot of recalls going on right now and it bothers me that there are so many. I hope Ford will step up and fix the transmission problems all of us are having with the focus.
  • guido65guido65 Posts: 17
    edited September 2013
    I took the time during my last oil change to talk with the service advisor about these Ford Focus Transmission issues. He admitted that at first the 2012 and some 2013 did have some re-programming issues with the DCT transmissions. However when they are re-programmed they are fine. He has not seen any repeat issues. This is a fairly large Ford dealership. I then went home took the time to call an additional 3 Ford dealerships in my city. All of them said about the same thing. So, I have to wonder how many of these posts are Ford haters spreading rumors about a great little car?? Shame on you if you are doing this...
  • I totally agree with the others my 2012 had a transmission recall so i took it in then now a couple months later I'm having the same issues from before....I wish I never traded my 09 for the 12 worst mistake!
  • so how will a report to NHTSA help me..?

    Yesterday the vehicle when driven after 20 minutes locally went through this
    interval of bucking like a bronco.. today it started after about 25 mintues of local use..

    Can the NHTSA help?

    I was thinking of driving into Honda and trade it on for CIVIC..I dont' need this case of bad nerves its giving me...
  • does anyone know if it's possible to install a pvez engine and tranny into a 01 ford focus sedan
  • I am not a Ford hater. I LOVE Ford. I appreciate the fact that they didn't take the bail out. I have owned a Ford since 1999, with only a 2 year lapse when I owned a horrible Chrysler. I finally traded my 2003 Ford Taurus in this year for a Ford Focus. It bucks, jumps, grumbles and all that bad stuff people are mentioning. And my car dealer just admitted that he gets a car for testing, makes sure that it was revved and the kinks are out before the possible purchaser tries it.
    Love my Ford, hope they get this fixed. I really don't want to deal with this all the time. It's not a good feeling.
  • markus5markus5 Posts: 102
    The PZEV engine became available mid way in 03 year and was standard in certain States ( CA., NY and N.E. ) in model year 04. the 2.3 PZEV is a perfect engine for the Focus. The engine in mine runs as well as new at 135,000 miles. I would think that there would not be to many modifications to swap.
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