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Ford Focus Transmission Problems



  • Just got a Focus the first of July. Most annoying car I have ever driven.
    After reading the manual, (after having it back to the dealer) I have determined that some of the problem is the fact that the fuel is shut off when reducing speed no mater how little speed reduction is wanted. To me, this causes the car to jerk and lurch as the engine starts and stops when trying to maintain a slow speed. This is the stupidest idea I have ever heard of. I would gladly have a small reduction in gas mileage and not have the herky jerky driving experience. I hope Ford programs this out before I have to get rid of the car.
  • Well my great little car has been traded in. Ford told my wife she had to change her driving habits and I changed my buying habits, back to Toyota. Ford salesmen sit behind their desk hoping one of their old reliable escort and focus for the past 20 years don't come in complaining about this focus blunder, it should be a recall. don't buy a focus 2012 to 2014
  • puffinalongpuffinalong Posts: 32
    edited September 2013
    Guido, no disrespect, but you need to do your homework.
    I'll tell you what. I have 3700 miles on my Focus Ti sedan loaded(every option available for a price that includes an extended premium warranty)Tuxedo black and drives like a dream when it's warmed up and in 6th gear.
    It shutters until warmed up .Sometimes at a stop sign in first gear it goes kaplunk. This car makes you want to drive by throttle.
    It should be recalled as flashing doesn't work and I do have a degree in computer programming and Sci.
    So, back to German ,or Japanese tech I go. Arivi Dechi
  • my sister inlaw has the same symptoms, will not roll in neutral as well. were you able to find the problem? any help would be greatly appreciated
  • guido65, I am not a Ford hater, but I am one that is having these transmission issues with my 2013 Ford Focus, however, I am having more problems with the dealership I purchased the vehicle from, refusing to service my vehicle. It is now at a different Ford dealership to have the transmission torn apart. After they reprogrammed mine, the transmission started to slip and stutter, I am attempting to get Ford to do a buy back of the vehicle. And just for information, the small town dealership I have it at now has already done 5 of these transmissions, with 3 more waiting to be repaired including mine.
  • I asked ford to buy back the focus, They told my wife to adjust her driving habits, I couldn't chance her safety, I bit the bullet and traded it even though I couldn't afford it. I'm surprised at Ford, I feel sorry for the sales people.
  • This car has a dual clutch transmission. As such it has no torque converter. That is the thing that causes a normal auto equipped car to roll forward in "neutral" or when you take your foot off the brake. It is not a defect, but is simply the behavior of a dual clutch tranny.

    As for the shuddering at low speeds, I had the same issue when I first bought my 2012. It wasn't terrible but it was annoying. After two reflashes of the transmission computer it seemed to fix the problem and it drove great for a while.

    Then I took the car in for new tires. I could only afford two so they installed them on the back and the fronts gradually approached baldness. At a certain point my car started having the shuddering issues again, but a LOT worse. EVERY acceleration off the line seemed to be accompanied by a shudder before shifting to 2nd. Slow starts, fast starts, didn't matter. I was convinced I was going to need to take my car in and get it checked for a bad tranny.

    Then, after several months, I happened to buy the other set of tires for the front. LITERALLY from the moment I got them installed I haven't had a single low speed shudder. Nothing. Drives like a dream. No idea what the deal was but my only guess is the difference in tread depth on the tires from front to back was freaking out the traction control somehow, which led to the shuddering. All I know is it's now fine.
  • NHtSA and ford will do NADA, nothing zip, save your nerves, trade it before someone gets hurt
  • I recently went to the dealership to get a speaker fixed in my Focus, as I was talking to the service advisor I brought up that my car's transmission was real jumpy on stop and go traffic/rush hour traffic. I was told that a reflash of the transmission computer system "should" help the situation. I let them flash my transmission computer system and so far it has made a huge difference, it's no longer laggy or jumps after accelerating from stop and go traffic. I was very concerned about this problem because I didn't find out about this problem until after I bought my car from reading forums online, all I can say is get your transmission flashed it will help a lot, driving home from the dealership I got 42 mpg (16 mile drive).
  • I had mine re flashed 3 times, it just keep getting worst, any way its gone now I traded it in on a reliable car. Your lucky it worked for you but read the forums,,, for how long will it
  • just_focusjust_focus CincinnatiPosts: 29
    2012 Focus SEL Paid $22,000 OTD drove it for 18,000 very aggravating miles traded it in for $15,000. I should hate Ford for the duel clutch my touch hoopty but I bought another Ford (real auto trans, no My touch) I got 35mpg with the Focus but took a bath on depreciation. I no longer care about gas mileage. I would of bought Toyota or Honda but they are not any better. Not a Ford hater but they cost me a bundle on the Focus.
  • 2014 focus titanium power shift 6 speed auto trans w/ select shift.
    once in awhile when you back up, stop and shift into drive.
    the indicator should read PRNDS but actually reads PRNDL.
    this seems strange with only <300 mi.. No other complaints yet.
  • I gave up, to dangerous for my wife to drive, I traded it,,,,good bye Ford
  • NHTSA isn't doing nothing, I called i think I woke the lady up,,,,, when you go to trade it that dealer knows of the Focus problems and they don't even want to trade the car and if they do you wont believe what they will give you,,,,,this is just a shame that Ford would do this to its loyal customers.
  • So tell me do you still LOVE your Ford??????? Go ask your Ford salesman how he feels about the ford Focus transmission????
  • So how did you make out with Ford,,,,, I didn't do well so I had to trade it and alot of dealers didn't want it
  • I also have a 2013 Ford Focus Se. I'm leasing it and only put 6,000 miles on it so far since Decemeber. Yes, I've noticed the power shift gear transmission the day I bought it and took it back to the dealership in which they said is normal. Okay, fine I've been dealing with it, but it is so annoying for an automatic. Anyways, last week I was on an interstate driving home when all of a sudden my dashboard lights came on, rang, and I had no acceleration. I pulled over and waited a few minutes, turned the car back on and I was able to drive home. I took it to the dealership last Saturday and they started working on it Monday. I called Tuesday and they said they couldn't figure out the problem. Everything seemed to be working fine. Today they told me the issue has nothing to do with my transmission. They said pretty much when I turn my car on the electrical system turns on and everything should be on. But mine wasn't turning off when the car turned off in which was draining my battery and sending mix signals to my alternator....yeah does any of that make sense to you? They put a new battery in it and will run diagnostics tomorrow morning. Smh.
  • I own a 2012 Focus SE - bought it new off the lot. I was so proud of myself and all the hard work I put in to afford something new for a change. New to me meant that I could depend on it to run. Being a single mother at the time, it was a great accomplishment. Now to the issues. It all started almost a year after I got it in 2011. I had issues with the transmission. It only seemed to happen when I was backing out. Usually you don't have to apply gas too much to back up, but I had to in order for it not to sound like it was starving for gas and stalling. Took it back, they ran test, computer issues and installed updates. Month passes, it starts up again. Take it back, ran it through again, no issues with that from there on out. Soon I started experiencing it's get up and go, wasn't so fantastic. Fast forward to August of this year. I first noticed sluggish behavior with the transmission and then no acceleration. I am a one car family and this is all I have to get us through. I was at a stop light and when it turned green, my car; still running, did not go when I pushed the pedal. In fact, it revved up but no forward motion. Turned off the vehicle, and then after about a minute I tried it again and it started with no issues and I was able to get home. It ran that way until Aug 31. When out of no where it left us in the intersection of traffic on a Saturday. Was able to get things running again to try and make it to the dealership but the car had other things in mind and I was able to coast to a safe location. It would run, stutter and rev up on its own. Got it back from the shop on the following Saturday and get this, stalled on railroad tracks the same day. Took it back and it worked for about a week and again it died - this time it wouldn't start up all the dash board gear lights were flashing as always but no hope. Got it back only for it to do it again that following weekend. They replaced the Gas tank this time. They stated a faulty valve made the gas tank crush under pressure. So here I am writing this and I am frustrated beyond all belief. Got my car back on Thursday, drove it around and Friday, well it died again. This time it was parked and I went to start it and it wouldn't start. Everything in the car was working, just P was flashing. At least I was not far from home. Now I am without my car AGAIN on another WEEKEND, and now I have to plan my life again around my car. I can not afford anything else. My family have been Ford Loyals. I plan on being a Ford Loyal until I get the wrong answer today. Mileage on it now is 35.8. I have the extended warranty after the first time this happened. Reading all the post here only makes me feel hopeless. I have filed a complaint (like that would do anything) and I have voiced my frustration to the dealership that sold me it... If I get a new tranny, fine, if you give me a whole new car...better. This has to stop and I will not allow this to run my life any more. Certainly couldn't trade the POS for a Toyota or Honda. They wouldn't take it, and I don't blame them either. (side note - yes I do get a rental but it has to be a ford and it is on the lowest scale in comparison to what I drive. - at least they could give me something with some comparisons to what I have now - certainly without the car issues like the last rental Focus I drove the last time I rented. I had that traded out because it HAS trans issues.) :mad:
  • My focus is 2013 titanium hatchback with 10,500 km. I am having the same problem every time I drive in a a busy road like in Toronto. The first time I brought it to my dealer, they reprogrammed the system/computer. The problem became less. The technician said it is normal. After a month I have to bring it back to the dealer because the jumpy transmission came back and it was lagging now a bit when stepping on the gas. The new technician that diagnosed the problem found out that there was a fluid leaking out from the transmission that affecting the clutch function. I am now waiting for the special sealant to arrive to my dealership. 5-10days waiting period. My dealership has the most useless technicians. They don't care very much for their clients' satisfaction.

    I am now thinking of trading this car to Toyota or Subaru. Sad coz I really love the interior of this car and highway driving.
  • jmealjmeal Posts: 1
    Very similar issue here ... 2012 Focus SE with Auto Trans. In what I believe is second gear, the car would shutter (like clutch slip) and, when hot (45 minutes of stop and go traffic) would sometimes jerk between 3rd and 4th ... like you slammed on the break for a second. I brought it in for the fourth time for the shutter issue ... this time I knew I had a leak because I did my own 10K oil change ... I would appear the dealership did little, if anything the other times I brought it in .... and the leak did not appear new based upon the stain on the shield which is under the car. (if you have one of these, you will not see a leak under the car because the under engine shield catches it. The dealer now says that I
    m throwing all sorts of codes and that they need to take the transmission out to see what's up and that Ford may or may not allow them to replace it or repair it. Having had Mazda's and Toyota's for the last 40 years ... I now realize I should have stayed foreign and gone with another one of those or even a hyundia. It held such potential and I thought Ford deserved my business ... at the end of the day, Mazda USA sucked, the cars were good and Toyota USA was great and the cars were 1/2 OK and one, wonderfully trouble free for 20 yrs
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