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Ford Focus Transmission Problems



  • Nelly, what did you buy for tires the OEM
  • tankmttankmt Posts: 2
    I had a 2012 Focus SE with the dual clutch tranny. I bought it in Oct. 2012. I stated to notice a slippage when in reverse. This progressed to slipping and shuddering in all forward gears at the shift points. This was becoming unsafe. My son said he had seen many reports of transmission problems with this car. 7,000 miles rolled around and I took it to the dealer. They did all the electronic updates required by Ford and the problem persisted. Dealer said a new clutch assembly was needed. They ordered the parts. I became concerned that Ford would be unable to fix the problem with this style tranny. The more I thought, the more determined I was to unload this piece of junk. My son took me by the local KIA dealership to look at their new 2014 Forte EX. Boy was I impressed. I traded that Focus in on a new KIA Forte EX before the Focus parts came in. I was asked about why I wanted to trade and I told them. I gave them the TSB from Ford and directed them to the Ford dealership where I bought the car. Boy am I ever glad I traded for the KIA Forte. The Forte is more roomy and has more user friendly controls. Ford Motor Company, you had better get a handle on the DCT problem. Better yet, go back to the tried and true torque converter and fluid drive.
  • I have a 2013 Focus. I have had it back to the dealer once so far (only had it since July) for the transmission odd shifting and as it didn't seem to know what gear it should be in.
    It's not too bad yet as it only has under 3k miles on it. I had looked at a Kia Sole and a Mazda 3 an liked both of them. However, I thought I would do
    the good American thing and buy a new car made in America and able to use alcohol fuel. So far I have not had some of the problems listed on this forum
    but I am very worried about my wife's safety. It lurches and slows down on it's own when trying to drive slow under forty mph. At high way speeds it's OK so far.
    I traded in a 2005 Hyundai Tucson on this car and now I wish I had it back. It was a much better performing car in most ways. I don't think my wife likes this
    car very much and I can't blame her. I don't think it is safe and I have little confidence in it. Ford, fix this problem please. Our other car is a 2004 Pontiac Vibe and
    is the best car I have ever owned. Sixty thousand miles on it and never had a dealer repair or complaint.
  • You should worry, Ford don't care about you what so ever, when it comes to the Focus if they are moving their mouth they are lying. Mine did the same thing around 3K and by 7K it was like an old manual Taxi Cab chugging around, I traded this piece of junk.
  • tankmttankmt Posts: 2
    edited October 2013
    Don't buy American just to buy American. You had a Hyundai Tucson and a Pontiac Vibe (Toyota Matrix) and you were satisfied. I also have a 2001 Ford Ranger that had to have a torque converter replaced under warranty, way back. The truck has been fine since. I have always been a Ford man but, not any more. Trust me, unload that thing before any more headaches or worse. A Hyundai Elantra or KIA Forte is a better car. I chose the Forte for the extra comfort. Knee, leg and front seating is much better in the 2014 Forte than the Focus.
  • After 9 months of really horrible driving conditions namely: severe gear change judder; re-programming of the computer module; loss of acceleration when moving from go; unexpected roll back on slopes; noisy clutch motors; and one major transmission repair (which failed after just 200 miles); the Lemon Law arbitrator, through the BBB Auto Line, advised Ford that they must repurchase or replace my vehicle.
    For all those consumers who have experienced similar problems and concerns, and consider their car a LEMON.....PLEASE, PLEASE challenge Ford through the BBB Auto Line. Ford should not be allowed to sell vehicles with transmissions that they know to be suspect.
    Incidentally, the 2012 and 2013 Ford Focus transmissions have been replaced in all 2014 models.
  • well you are wrong Ford wont fix it they will give you the runaround, and if you like the herky jerky dual clutch feel you don't appreciate the finer things in life, keep your Ford you deserve it.
  • quote: Incidentally, the 2012 and 2013 Ford Focus transmissions have been replaced in all 2014 models.

    sad to say, people are reporting the same problems with 2014 models.

    you can read tens more posts about this at by using their search feature for the various DCT buzzwords like shudder, grind, transmission
  • mine started after 10km. I'm now driving japanese car. My dealer told it was normal. What the hell. i felt like i was gambling my life every time I step on the pedal in a busy road of Toronto. This is my first car ever and worked had to get it. That was the biggest mistake of my life. Very embarrassing. This problem has to be fixed and should be a recall. I will never buy Ford again. Unfortunately their victims are always first time car buyers....
  • there's a leak between the engine and transmission that damages the automatic clutch plate. this needs to be replaced.
  • 2012 Focus hatchback - Clutch #2 is going in Monday. So irritated - will Ford just keep replacing the clutch until I turn it back in next summer? And apparently, they still haven't fixed the issue with the clutch, yet they keep selling them.
    We are back to the old 'Fix or repair daily' days - anyone else remember that saying.
    Come on Ford! Get it together. :lemon:
  • Oh and should I mention the MS Sync touch screen radio is a piece of crap! Mine continues to go down- completely black for days at a time. This last time, over a week with nothing.
  • After keeping my car for nearly a month, due to "back-ordered" parts, I got my Focus back. All seemed well these last six months. The transmission was shifting as it should. No bucking, jerking, grinding at all. It was like a completely different vehicle. The Ford regional service manager even gave me a Ford Premium Care extended warranty for 75K. I paid to extend the coverage to 100K miles. I was a happy camper...

    Then, a few days ago, the car started emitting a whining noise when it reached 45mph. The noise seemed to originate from the right rear wheel area. I supposed it to be a wheel bearing. I planned on taking the vehicle in this Monday, to have it checked. Yesterday, the transmission "demon" returned, in the form of a couple "jerks" as the transmission shifted. OH, joy...!!!

    This evening, on my way home, as I attempted to merge onto the freeway, the transmission shifted into neutral at the end of the acceleration ramp. The engine revved to approx. 5,000 rpm as the car lost speed. The cars behind me had to swerve, to avoid a rear-end collision. My Focus then jerked / banged & re-engaged the transmission. After a few seconds, the same situation repeated itself. The car finally settled down & I was able to drive the last few miles until I exited the freeway. Upon ANY type of acceleration on surface streets, the transmission would kick into neutral & allow the engine to rev. At a stop, I tried to shift the transmission into "Sport" mode, hoping this would reduce the symptoms. The shift indicator went dark, when I moved the lever to the "S" position and the transmission would not shift out of 1st gear, no matter how many times I pressed the "upshift" button. I finally gave up & put the shifter back into "D", whereupon the bang / clang / jerk would return.

    This POS is going back to the dealership ASAP. Unfortunately, it has amassed a total of 27,000 miles and is now "over mileage" for any relief under the Lemon Law of the State of Texas. I am seriously considering just to quit making payments on this JUNK & let the bank repo it. My life is worth more than a credit rating.

    As a final note: IF you are considering buying a Focus...STOP!! JUST SAY NO!! From what I understand, the 2014's are just as problematic as my 2012.

    I truly, sincerely, hope that Ford is slapped with a lawsuit & forced to buy back every one of these cars. They are much more a danger to the driving public, than was ANY Toyota!!

    DO NOT accept the dealership bull of "that's just the way these transmissions shift." Raise hell, get an attorney, file a Lemon Law, ASAP!!
  • Let's start by saying My Ford Touch/Synch does very well and it didn't work well in my 2011 Fusion either. The transmission on the Focus is horrible the shutter and hesitation upon acceleration is not good. Making a left hand turn is exciting because you are not sure if the car is going to make it. My wife will not drive the car, she says it is too dangerous to drive. I contacted Ford I had a case for the issue and they pushed it back to the dealer saying the dealer says the car is running as designed. So I opened a complaint with the NHTSA. Now I am working with the BBB ( and the lemon law. Stay away from the Ford Focus!
  • I owned a 2007 Ford Focus that never had one problem. My mistake was when I traded it and bought a new Ford Focus in April 2012. This vehicle has been a headache from the day I took delivery. It constantly shifts strangely and the dealer always has told me its normal. Today I took it to the dealer for what I thought was an oil leak. LO AND BEHOLD they call to tell me that the clutch in the automatic transmission is broken and leaking so they will need my car for over a week because the parts are on backorder!!!!! Apparently this is a major problem as my car has only 19000 miles on it. I am FURIOUS to say the least!
  • The dealer constantly told me mine was running as designed when I complained until today. I took it in yesterday for what I thought was an oil leak at only 19000 miles and now am told its the clutch in the automatic transmission thats broken and leaking! The parts are on backorder because this is a typical problem? UGH!!!
  • there are ford reps at actively escalating dozens of cases like yours, forcing the dealer to replace parts.

    just do a forum search for grinding, clattering, and or transmission.
  • the parts are constantly on backorder.

    there is a clear message there
  • 2012 ford focus. loved it when i first bought it. now....Sync stynks and transmission "failed". Dealer was great about it. Fully covered under warranty (21,300 miles, mind you.) back ordered parts. unfortunately this looks like a chronic design problem and I smell a recall. miss my 2007 standard shift fully loaded BP green Focus. Some called it "ugly". I called it fun! it got killed by an SUV who changed lanes without looking. Sigh......
  • Your scene of smell isn't to good, there is no recall now, in the future, never. Ford cant fix the problem, they are just covering it up. They don't care about loyal Escort and Focus customers.
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