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Ford Focus Transmission Problems



  • just_focusjust_focus CincinnatiPosts: 29
    I had a 2012 Focus SEL that I paid $22,000 for and drove it for 18,500 miles. This car aggravated the hell out of me everyday of my life. I found out quickly that no one wants to take these cars in on trade because of the low offers ($12,000 to $14,000) but I went ahead and traded. The last 2 months I am back to normal, no complaints. If you decide to take a bath and get rid of your problem just make sure you get a regular transmission (no automated manual) do not get "Mytouch" and I would even stay away from direct inject and turbo charging. You will pay more for gas but who cares. It sure is nice just to drive in traffic and not wonder what is going to happen when I step on the gas.
  • Isnt it a shame what FORD is doing to its customers, why would anyone buy a Ford after reading these complaints
  • Same situation here, I drive my 2012 focus and its 40k miles already, tomorrow will be going for its 3rd transmission rebuild at the dealer, at this point I am certain that the trans will fail again, I know about lemon law, but don't know how to start, has anybody got the lawsuit against ford going?
  • In my internet travels researching the focus DCT problems, I found this site

    Whether its worth it or not, I don't know. I chose to get rid of the car and went from aggravating nightmare to highly pleasurable driving in a mazda-3
  • I too have had the problem with the automatic transmission in my 2012 Ford Focus Titanium. I have made multiple trips to the dealer on the issue with no resolve. I finally called Ford customer service and logged the problem as a safety issue. Losing power (or waiting for it to kick in) when you go to pass on a 2 lane road will get your heart pumping. Anyway using those words with Ford made a difference. Within a few days the dealer called for me to bring the car in for service. At the end of day 1 they called me to arrange a rental car for me. They took apart the entire transmission and replaced the clutch plates and seals (something another post said they had done). It took them a week to complete the repairs. I have put about 1500 miles on the car since the fix without any further problems. ANYONE with the same problem should do the same to get it fixed.
  • We have a 2013 with about 10K on it right now. We're leasing the car and have been very satisfied with it so far with no major issues. But, the transmission is definitely funky as delivered and that is the only thing we haven't really liked about the car. After looking into the issue here and on other forums, we found that there is a Ford TSB (technical service bulletin) out there for 2012-2013 Focus transmissions dealing with a hesitation when accelerating from a stop. I just took the car into the dealer last week to have this TSB applied to address the jerky transmission shifting. It involves reflashing the computer in the car. Essentially, it raises the shift points about 250 - 500 RPM which makes the shifting smoother and more predictable. So far this fix has made the car finally "normal" in the transmission area, so we're hoping this will permanently address our dissatisfaction with this transmission. As others have said here, the car on the highway is awesome and we'd really like to buy it off the lease if no further issues surface. Will have to see how the next year of ownership works through.
  • I have a 2012 SE Hatch with the DCT. It has my touch/sync, winter pkg, sport pkg, moonroof. It now has over 22,000 miles on it. At first I did have the quirky transmission issue. After a reprogram mine has been fine. In fact, I love this car. The DCT is fun has he.. to drive once you get the hang of how to use it correctly. This car is averaging 34.2MPG per the computer. Build fit/finish is excellent. No rattles or squeaks in the interior. My family/extended family own 14 Focus of many styles and years. To my knowledge none have had anything really major go wrong. I know I am going to get hate messages.. But there are owners of this car that are having great reliability/quality from the Ford Focus.
  • There should be no getting the hang of driving a car, you push the gas and it goes, your fooling nobody but yourself. You paid for a car not something to get use too. Hey there is a bridge for sale by me maybe your interested,,,, gee
  • The majority of the focus' sold are like yours and absent the transmission problems, it is one of THE quickest, sportiest, economical cars I've ever seen.
    I'm glad you got one and wish you well with it.

    That being said, count your blessings. This website only shows you 1/5 of what you can see about the problems at the focusfanatics website. It would take you over an hour to read even a sampling of the hundreds of posts there. Also people are complaining every week at fords facebook focus page.

    The people who got the ones with serious problems are getting danced around by the dealers, then getting their cases escalated by ford reps at that website.

    What is a serious problem? example the car completely bogs down as you accelerate to change lanes on a busy highway.

    An escalated case means Ford can and does force the dealers to tear into the transmissions and replace seals, clutches etc and often the problems go away, at least for weeks to months.

    Then they come back.

    Getrag the maker of the transmission, has been the news discussing moving AWAY from dry clutch transmissions altogether. That should tell you something.
  • Mr. Cassandra, I follow your post on Focus Fanatics and I can't figure out if you work for Ford or not.
    I have a Focus TI and bought last Feb. and in 10 months I have 4050 miles on it.
    I have a love hate relationship with this car. I can be doing 70 in the S turns and then when trying to go up a steep grade it powers down and I feel I should get out and push.
    The tranny sometimes shudders and when I stop at a stop sign with a slight grade and step on the gas I some times feel a bump and downshift . It has a shudder, but corrects it self and sometime the electronics go haywire, but the computer corrects it. There must be some redundant systems built.
    The transmission is a manual auto if you get my meaning as when I lift on and off the gas pedal drives better.
    I bought an extended warranty ,just good for 36K or up to 2018 because of lack of use and I plan on dumping it with 12000 k on it in 2015.I hedged my bet on this Focus.
    I am fortunate that we can afford a BMW 328 I and a Lexus IS.
    However, regardless of the cost I have peace of mine for 5yrs on the 328 as I save my parts #'s and drive it with out a shudder and a first gear clunk and doing Microsoft updates.
    I'm so use to buying new cars and just putting Mobile 1 in them and seeing the dealer once a year.
    Yes, the Focus has puddle lights .ambient lighting ,Park Assist with front and rear sensors and all the goodies , but you never know when it's going to mess the bed.
    Lastly, you mention the Gertrag (sp) transmissions.Do you remember it took Mini 5 years to solve the Gertrag problem and they had a 1000 of them go bad. Ford should of known better.
    Happy Thanksgiving, Puffin
  • I bought a 2014 Focus SE on 11/18/13 and on 11/23/13 it failed to go into reverse. It is currently at the dealers getting the tranny "recalibrated" and has 300+ plus miles. The performance of the tranny was no big deal d/t my just getting rid of a leased 2011 Fiesta so I was familiar with the feel (crappy but tolerable).
    The dealer called a day later to say that they are still working on it and to keep the rental they got for me.
    I'll keep you informed on the progress.
    PS - going to check on Ohio Lemon Law.
  • A "synchronizer ring seized" and rather than rebuild, Ford is going to put a new unit (I'm assuming a new tranny) in the car.
    We'll see how that works.
  • I dropped off my 2013 Focus with 15,000 miles on it at the dealer for an oil change. I mentioned that there was significant hesitation when stepping on the gas at low speeds. I got a call a couple hours later that a seal is leaking on the engine and oil is dripping onto the clutches in the transmission (as I've seen posted on this site). Fortunately I have not gotten any runaround on this. They are going to pull the transmission out, replace the leaking seal, and replace the clutches. There is a five week backlog for parts so I'm driving the car until then.

    Overall this has been a great car so far. If this fix resolves the problem I will continue to be happy with it.
  • You are correct sir, After ford ,the dealer and the crooks got done with me I no longer have a car. first time without a car in over thirty odd years.Why with all these messed up power trains are people buying them? The fastest way to mess up your credit, And hate a ford. As well as regret even looking at a ford product is insane. IN CASE I WAS NOT CLEAR NOGH FOCUS AND BOUT EVERYTHING ELSE FORD PRODUCES. IS JUNK.' YES IM VERY PISSED OFF.
  • No they dont. But they will care when they cant sell anything. And that wont be long.As well and way late for them to recover

    I smell a defuncted car company about to bite the bullett, And close up. I feel bad for the workers but.Ford appears to be finished for good this time, bye bye ford
    HELLO IMPORTS. Buy American? Never again.
  • Yep, I can not believe im saying this but I had to do that...... credit?.. for what do I need credit for? The car is junk. I wont be buying anything new prolly for a very long time thanks to ford. And lest we forget the screwball dealers.
  • OH PLEASE SAVE THE LIP SERVICE Ford wont , cant, refuses, or flat out dont know how to fix this (thing). They got their bail out. on my blood and hard work. Say hello to your friend crystal for me. she cant hear you. she is deaf as well.
  • Not only is FORD the problem but our government NHTSA because they wont do their job, this is a recall and they wont do anything about it. Never buy FORD again, never
  • Its a pay to play sceme it would appear. I wouldnt have imagined getting burnt this bad by a car company......After ten, thats right ten attempts at a repair? Why is it that the nhtsa dont want to take action? $$$$$$$$$$$ pay them to shut up. only thing i can think of.

    So what did i learn

    Any warrantee no matter how good it seems is only as good as the company standing behind it. So in reality every purchaser of these horrid little junkers HAVE NO WARRANTY.
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