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Ford Focus Transmission Problems



  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,404
    Number of things. If the light is on, in the dash, it is telling you that 4th gear is being locked out by the computer (PCM). It might be a bad temperature sensor, which would refuse 4th gear if the trans were not hot enough.

    This is an electronically controlled transmission and you'll have to have the codes read to figure out what has failed. I don't think it is the OD switch itself.


  • dno36dno36 Posts: 71
    Ditto to MSR post #146. Pull the codes.

  • fokuscofokusco Posts: 2
    I am having slipping probs that everyone is talking about except for the check engine light.... No lights but the tranny still slips... hmmm Prob not a solenoid eh?
  • dno36dno36 Posts: 71
    Have you checked the fluid level??

    If it's OK, then get the computer scanned free at one of your local major auto parts dealers.


  • fokuscofokusco Posts: 2
    Yeah, fluid is fine. It has been doing it since about 60k and it has 85k now. Took it in and had it looked at when I first noticed it and was told that "all is well."

    Was wondering if EVERYONE with the slip problems has the check engine light accompanying their troubles.

    I'll have computer scanned tomorrow..

    Thanks, I'll post with results soon as I get them.
  • The no reverse problem fixed by itself. One day I went to an open space and put the car in reverse and stepped on the gas, there was a big jolt and the car started going on reverse. After that, every time I tried to go on reverse I had to step on the brake pedal, wait for the sudden jolt and then release the brake pedal. I wasn’t happy, but at least it was going on reverse, and I was afraid that this new situation will end up breaking the transmission big time. So I gave up, and was waiting for it to happen, instead in a couple of weeks the sudden jolt started to become less noticeable until it was gone completely. Right now the transmission is working great.
  • mrx2930mrx2930 Posts: 2
    i have the same thing did you fix it yet ?
  • mrx2930mrx2930 Posts: 2
    :surprise: Cool thanks that leaves me some hope ! I can get it to go into reverse when I play with it so I’m going to try to reverse flush it right about now. :shades:
  • buffeebuffee Posts: 7
    Ok, so I only have 27,000 miles on this car. almost 5 years old, bought it brand new, very gently driven. Automatic! The first of the year..when the car was cold, it got stuck in time/never happened again. Last thursday got into the car after driving it all day, and when it shifted I noticed it was rather hard--normally I cannot hear or feel it shift. Minutes later the O/D off light flashes---GOOD GOD..I had to pull over, put on my glasses to read the manual.....once I retstrted the car, it was fine(I have since found out if you turn it off, then on again it restarts the "computer"...anyway took my car out for shopping on the weekend...drove it for about 3 hours, then all of a sudden at every single stop I tried to go it got stuck in DRIVE---this happened at least 7 times, finally I got it home. I spoke to FORD(they really SUCK!!!) I was told they "never" have to service Focus transmissions(according to my mechanic friends, the ford focus trannys go at about 30,000) my own mechanic had told me at 23,000 to be prepared by 30,000 because he had done alot of them. FORD just won't stand by their cars....I mean it ONLY has 27,000 miles for God' sake. So I just got the call from the Transmission place(I dropped it off this morning) and he said they were going to replace the A Cylinoid, new filter, fluid etc....but he said there was quite a bit of "metal in the pan" which means it means "something is wearing internally" what BS---after 27,000. God I hate FORD!!!! but he said hopefully what they do will "buy" me another 10,000 miles or next year I am dumping this car....& on top of the transmission I have to deal with this FRICKIN locking steering wheel.....I have an alarm.....why oh why do I have to have a locking steering wheel??????? :mad: :mad: :mad:
  • carolr94carolr94 Posts: 5
    I have a 2002 Ford Focus with 38 thousand miles I made the mistake of taking it to a Ford Dealer and they replaced the selenoid, over $500.00 it is still doing it they claim they do not know what is wrong now, I have talked to Ford several times and they are not admitting there is an issue with their service manager in NH told me to sell the car quick, ...of course I cannot do that because it is wrong.............I am going to call the President of Ford person to person every day till I get to talk to him.......this is criminal... Ford knows there is an issue ...Now you know why they did not need bail out money from the American people because they do not stand by their cars.last FOrd I ever buy................
  • dno36dno36 Posts: 71
    I believe most of us feel your pain.....

    It is not very good business for a Service Mgr to tell a customer to "sell their car quick". Maybe that is one FORD's big problems. Poor customer relations via the service dept..

    If they took your $$ and did not fix anything, the normal route is for the dealer to tell you something else is wrong as well in addition to what they "fixed". This would give them a rational solution and give them a chance to get more of your $$.

    You should take your car in to get scanned at a local major parts store. This is a free service and it will usually indicate where to start.

    What was the car doing before you brought it in??

  • carolr94carolr94 Posts: 5
    oops mine is a 2002 Ford would loose power when trying to accelerate and then jerk forward...................almost like it is in neutral. I have had it scanned at a few places and nothing ever shows as being wrong, but seems when it gets warm it will not shift I already replaced the selenoid...............
  • carolr94carolr94 Posts: 5
    I had another person look at my car this is continued from #156 & 159 - because the car was still acting up pretty bad and the engine light came on so the mechanic could diagnose things............He found that when the OD is off the car runs fine.............I am hoping it is not the transmission and that the OD can be fixed from inside the car without taking out the transmission.............I am praying that is is the issue............( not even sure where the OD button is) but he put me in contact with a Dealership in Laconia NH where he knows the General Manager so I am hoping this is the repair needed and not the transmission after all........will keep you updated...........................
  • carolr94carolr94 Posts: 5
    so I was referred to Irwin in Laconia and basically they say it could be the Aervo which they quoted at $460.00 I am really hesitant because if they do that and it still doesn't worl then it would mean a new transmission anyway.........and they quoted $2500 +/-.and it would be 3 years or 100k whichever comes first..........I already found a transmission dealer that will do it for $1500.00 with a lifetime warranty...........I guess I will take it to him and see what he says.........I still think what Ford is doing is criminal they know there is an issue and they just are not standing behind their products...........I will never, ever buy another Ford product again.......................
  • danica1958danica1958 Posts: 1
    Bought 2003 Ford Focus in had 33K on it.....I also bought an extended warranty. In 2006, I had the transmission fixed under warranty. In 2007, the steering wheel locked and that was also fixed under warranty. All warranties expired about 6 months ago. During the last month I occasionally noticed hesitation and some hiccuping. Last Monday, the car sounded much worse...took it to the dealer's service dept....they tell me it's something to do with the transmission but in order for them to find the exact problem it will cost around $3K to was only worth $3900 in decent condition. They didn't recommend fixing it....I was upset to say the only had 57K on it....only put on 24K in 5 years!!!!! I was then referred to someone in sales to help me find a another car..... This car had a history of transmission problems and now I was the one that had to suffer the consequences of their defective transmission!!!! I voiced my opinion to the dealership and they refused to fix the car, but would give me an additional $750 toward a new Ford other options given. I picked up the vehicle and traded it in on a brand new 2009 Honda Civic....I believe I'm done with Ford...also owned a Contour that was a piece of dirt as well. We have always bought American-made cars, however, our entire family has changed to foreign in the last year and cannot believe the difference in quality/workmanship. If you are having transmission problems with a car, get rid of it and put your good money into a newer is not worth the aggravation!!! Will never buy a Ford again!!!! They don't even stand behind their own product!!!!
  • bird54bird54 Posts: 6
    I feel your pain and feel EXACTLY the same way you do. We bought a Honda Odessey. I still have my piece of crap Ford Focus-we would not even offer it for a trade in-it's that worthless. Ford Customer service is a joke, and a sad one at best. Ford does not stand behind there products. They build them to BARELY last as long as the warrenty-then after that it's so long sucker. Well I may be just one sucker on this vast planet-but I am one less sucker that has bought a Ford and we have always bought Ford's. Good luck with your Honda-I love my Odessey!
  • ffford101ffford101 Posts: 1
    I guess our Ford Focus is an anomaly after reading the posts on this thread. We bought a bare-bones 2001 Ford Focus new and now has 156K miles on it and have not had any problems save for an issue with "aggressive" break pads in the first year. Also, after a few tire rotations the mechanic said Ford Focus' are notorious for "eating" tires. Balance and rotate your tires 'til the cows come home and they will still wear abnormally. We have always bought Fords for two reasons: my father-in-law is retired from Ford, and, more importantly, they are the quintessential American car with great design and afFORDability. heh. Sorry about that... Anyway, my point is that any car company, including Ford, will have some form of mechanical issue from new to a million miles on the odometer on any model. Ford, or any other car company, does not maliciously or intentionally manufacture flawed automobiles; some will fall through the proverbial cracks of quality control, hence the occasional recall. And actually now that I am thinking about it we did have a recall regarding the read door locking mechanisms, prone to rust. I know once a consumer has had a bad experience with a company that they automatically assume the worst for the entire company and that is wrong. I'm not trying to defend Ford or any other car manufacturer I'm just saying we have more than gotten our money's worth from our base model Focus, all 156K+ miles and counting.
  • I purchased this 2005 Focus used in 2007. Was great for the first year-plus and I put about 55K miles on the car. Then I started having auto-electric issues (which are chronicled in another thread on this site: battery died mysteriously, anti-theft fuse blew and shut the car down, alternator went up).

    A couple weeks ago, the transmission acted up. Shifted rough, and didn't feel like it was getting out of second. The O/D OFF light started flashing. Took it to a reputable garage who said tranny was shot.. I gulped and put down 3K for a new Jarvis transmission.

    It ran great for about three days. Then it started shifting rough again. Check Engine light came on and the O/D light flashed again. Went back to the garage and they ran the diagnostic codes. Two things came up. One was a possible bad ground in a tail light that will cause the tranny to malfunction. The other was a heat sensor in the transmission that would do the same thing if bad. The garage narrowed it down to the sensor and replaced it (it was under the Jarvis warranty).

    I picked the car up this morning and drove it today with no problem. Tonight? Same thing again. Rough shifts, O/D light is flashing. So, I'm taking it back in the AM. I wonder if the electric problems - which were never really explained - aren't related to the same source as this problem. If there is a bad ground in the tail light, could it have caused all these issues? Anyone have an experience/opinion???
  • mwebermweber Posts: 1
    I have a Ford Focus with nearly 150k miles - I have had absolutely no problems with it. I bought it new and would buy one again. I serviced the transmission like the owners manual said and everything is great - did you have all maintenance done? Consumer reports rates Focus as one of the most reliable cars out there.
  • bird54bird54 Posts: 6
    I am glad that you have had such great "luck" with your car. I had the Focus serviced as recommended by the owners manual. That car was babied! I have since sold the 2003 Focus and purchased a Toytota Camry. I WILL NEVER OWN ANOTHER FORD!!
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