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Ford Focus Transmission Problems



  • ih8fordih8ford Posts: 1
    Hi Carol the transmission on my Ford just went out tonight completely out of the blue. I am also from Laconia. Can you please tell me the dealer that will replace it for $1500? Thanks.
  • I bought a 2005 Ford Focus hatchback in May 2008 to replace my gas guzzler of an SUV. I loved the car, it had power, pep and looked great. However, I ended up disliking the lack of power options (no AC in the summer was a bummer). So I went to Bay Ford in Port Orchard, Washington and traded it in for a 2007 Ford Focus SE sedan.

    Almost right out the door, my trunk refused to latch shut, so I had to give it up for a few days so they could replace the latch. After that, it was smooth sailing until winter, when my power steering pump burned out. I've driven without steering before, so I learned to live without it so I wouldn't have to pay for a new pump.

    Then my transmission started messing up. Thankfully it was still under warranty so I took it in and they replaced some stuff dealing with the overdrive (which was the main problem), at no cost to me. This was at about 53,000 miles.

    Less than a month later, my overdrive light on my cluster came on and my overdrive shut off. I went back to the dealership and had them take a look at it (this time I was at 56,000 miles). They told me nothing was wrong, and sent me on my way.

    Two months later and with an expired warranty, my transmission started slipping. Within a week, my car was struggling to get uphill. I made an appointment with the manager at the dealership to discuss my problem.

    I told the manager that this issue was so severe that my transmission was most likely failing when they first looked at it, and how they missed it was beyond me when they had my transmission lying in pieces in their shop. He told me essentially there was nothing he could do since I *poorly* maintained my car (mind you, it was beyond my control). Words were exchanged and now my car is sitting in the shop, and thousands of dollars are about to go out the door.

    Has anyone had this kind of experience with their transmission failing?
  • 92 k+, when car is cold tranni shifts fine. after 20mi. or so it starts jerking from 1st to 2nd gear and overdrive will not engage, trans. overheat light comes on, but if you re-start car light stays off, as a result of no o/d engine light comes on, had it checked it it shows P0761 shift solenoid "c" performance or stuck off, have you had this problem? ford does not know which of the solenoids is PO761, please help i'm on a tight budget, if you know the answer please contact me direct carvaz4611, i know i'm not supposed to but i'm at the y. thanks
  • buffeebuffee Posts: 7
    Just an update on my transmission from HELL. Well I just wrote a check for 2800$ for the new tranny.....& to add insult to injury. The service manager at Homer Heller Ford...just called to tell me laughing" oh BTW you did have an extended warranty that expired last month" after I had called them 20 times since May & have a contract that clearly shows I did NOT purchase an extended warranty....and on top of it, 2 of Ford's people called me last month..wanting to SELL me another warranty for 1,000...even though evidently I had one. I am furious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mad: :mad: :mad:
  • brian104brian104 Posts: 1
    i been having this problem since i bought the car. i had it tranny rebuilt and it was working for one day. because at first it didn't have first gear at all and that was fixed. i was hoping some can help me this problem.
  • dno36dno36 Posts: 71
    Take it in and have a free computer scan done to it.
    Call around to major auto parts stores and find who offers this service free-of-charge.

  • A HUGE thank you to posting #76 aokrongly ( 2002 Ford Focus Transmission Repair Instructions by aokrongly) . I had the exact trouble as listed and my car service wanted me to have a rebuilt transmission for 1700. I googled this problem and came upon your blog. I went to auto zone and had them put on that machine to confirm the code my service station told me, it was. That is free and mine in Dunedin FL was very nice!! While there I bought silicone gasket seal for 5.00. I called my dealer parts dept first and he had no idea what part it was if I said solenoid A or 1, but if it was what he was thinking then he was out but another local dealer had it. I went there,skipped the description and gave the exact number part aokrongly provided. and paid 49.21 with tax. Then I paid my sons friend, who is very car techy 50.00 for the one hr and 15 mins it took to change the solenoid using the exact directions provided !! What a blessing!!!
    My car works fine!! And it cost me 100.00 dollars not thousands!
    Thank you soo much!
  • teejay3teejay3 Posts: 2
    Hi all you focus owners. I really like this car,its my 3rd ford product ,Escort no problems 110000 miles. Okay tranny goes out of drive gear on highway (auto) light goes on used 2nd gear to drive home. Car has been parked ,when I start it up the light is still on, it drives in D but cuts out like its in N. #2 &#1gear works. I always had a problem with the tranny loading up from 2nd to D at about 35 mph not all the time. (dealer told me it was the ignition wires and put knew ones on,solved the problem) The car has 70000 miles,why would the gears work and then not work,the fluid is full .Does anyone have the same problem or know whats up.thanks
  • buffeebuffee Posts: 7
    Honest to God, I think this is happening to most focus owners. My 2004 ONLY had 26,000 on it last month, the SAME thing happened, but it cost me 2,600 , because I had to replace the transmission. Ford dealers want to cut corners. My own mechanic told me when my car hit 19.,000 miles, that normally(at least at their shop) These cars had transmission issues beginning at 30,000 miles.
    To add insult to injury, even though I spoke to my dealer at least a dozen times....they NEVER told me I had an extended warranty until the DAY after it ended, the end of last month. I have NO paperwork that shows I had bought an extended warranty..not even the original contract. They just didn't want to pay for the repair...I was also told there are NO issues with Focus transmissions, I told them they need to go ON LINE and view the Focus chat might enlighten them. If you do not have ANY warranty with ford, I highly recommend you taking it elsewhere, that way you know you won't be screwed. :mad:
  • hanifhanif Posts: 9
    I've read through all the posts and sadly I have the same transmission issue. 64K mileage. I pulled the code and got P0772. I have no Reverse, 3rd or 4th gear. I'm going to try #76 however, I'm nervous #76 fix will not address the reverse gear issue. Plus, my code is a little different. P0772 is a Solenoid E stuck on. Does this mean that I should purchase Solenoid E in addition to Solenoid A? Or, should I just purchase Solenoid A? I've already purchased the Mercon V ATF and the filter kit from Advance Auto. I have to wait until Ford opens on Monday to get the solenoid(s). I haven't dropped the pan yet so I don't know the condition of the solenoids or the wiring harness. I'm considering dropping the pan tomorrow to drain the TF and replace the filter. This way, I can inspect all the solenoids to see what I'm up against.

    Any advise on the reverse gear?
  • dno36dno36 Posts: 71
    This is a bit newer than most of teh models we see here, but you are heading in the right direction.

    If the computer is telling you solenoid "E", then only replace "E".

    As far as inspecting the solenoids.... I don't know what you would be looking for or at but it shouldn't hurt anything. Just make sure the wires are on.

    I cannot remember as to how the solenoids are labeled, but I will do a search here if I can stay awake. The "A" has the white wire, thats all I know now, not much help I guess.


  • hanifhanif Posts: 9
    4F27E is the transmission model used in the 2006 Focus FX4 model but the FN4A-EL is suppose to be the Madza sister model. It appears that the solenoids are in different locations between the two. I'm looking for the 4F27E model diagram. I dropped the pan and all the solenoids looks good and the wire connections were tight.
  • hanifhanif Posts: 9
    I can't determine which solenoid is E. However, looking at all solenoids, they all look closed. What's the best way to remove the solenoid? I've removed the plate that holds them in place but was wondering if they should just pull out or do I need a tool to remove them?
  • hanifhanif Posts: 9
    Does anyone know the best way to remove Solenoid E? Do I need to remove the control value in order to remove it?
  • mmj2mmj2 Posts: 2
    I have a 2007 ford focus with 48,000 miles that we bought about four months ago. As my wife and I were on our way to play a game of golf which is 70 miles away, the car started to miss gears and rev up high with no gear then clunk into a lower gear. The overdrive off light came on and then the engine light too. We were near the dealership that we bought the car from and so we drove it to the dealership to have them work on it. This happened on July 10th. Today (July 21st) I called Ford and they said the car was repaired and ready. We went to pick up the car but I had to press them on the fact that the car was still under warranty for the powertrain for 5 years or 60,000 miles and that ford actually raised that higher about a year ago. They finally agreed to the fact that the car was still under warranty. The cost would have been $280 for a replaced solenoid. After we picked up the focus we drove to a Home Depot that was about 15 miles further down the road in the opposite direction of our residence. The car ran fine but then when we came back the car started its transmission problems again but this time the over drive off light never came on. This time it had a miss after it was in 2nd gear searching for 3rd gear it would rev and clunk hard. After stopping and starting at another a stop light it happened again. So we took it back to the dealership but they were closed. We left the car with a message, put the keys in the drop box and asked them to really fix it this time. After reading all the horror stories about the numerous Focus transmission problems on this site I am just happy to have the warranty to cover the costs. I had a feeling that this is far from over while I was driving to pick the car up. I told my wife that selling this car was prioity one after we get it back. I feel sorry for those who only have the one car for meeting thier transportation needs. This car was supposed to be for my daughter for college but she never got her license and we have two other cars for our transportation needs. I will post again when I talk with Ford and the second repair session to the transmission. I truly appreciate the information that has been posted on this site so I thought I needed to share my story for others too.
  • hanifhanif Posts: 9
    I changed Solenoid E (the middle solenoid black and blue wires), changed the filter and the TF. I get the same issues (no reverse, 3rd or 4th gears) and the same code P0772. I guess I will take it up to the Ford dealer and have them check it out. I don't know if I need to change the control value or what so I guess I wont guess and just take it to Ford $$$$.
  • rod111rod111 Posts: 1
    I have the same problem with my Focus 2002. I do not have the 4th gear and I can only use the car whenever I turn off the Overdrive(OD) because if the OD is on, I can only run up to 40kph and whenever I drive reverse I feel a strong jerking of my car.

    Please help.Do I need to change the whole transmission or only some parts of the of solenoid?...I'm here in Qatar and we have very expensive spare parts here from the Ford Dealer.

    Thanks a lot. :confuse:
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