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Ford Focus Electrical and Lighting Problems



  • have a 2001 Ford Focus SE Manual Transmission. The brake lights don't work yet the fuse, brake switch, flashers and running lights funtion properly. What could be the cause of the brake lights not functioning?
    I did check the power to the brake switch, the switch is good.

    What could be the problem?

    Thanks in advance,
  • Do your brake lights & flashers use the same bulb ? I've slept since then. If they do, your brake lights go through your turn-signal switch. check for power from brake light sw going up into ts sw & back out to the rear. Hope this helps
  • mecncmecnc Posts: 3
    I'm curious to know if you found out the problem. I've a 2001 focus that is doing the same thing and I'm thinking it's the starter. I hope not though as the starter looks like a bear to get off.
    get a cheap digital volt meter, test battery voltage, should be about 12.5 or better. next make sure BOTH ends of battery cables are CLEAN & TIGHT. Next have another person turn key to start pos while you read for 12 volts at small wire at starter relay. this relay may be mounted to the inner fender well or it may be mounted to the starter.If you have 12 volts on big red cable at the starter and the small wire has 12 volts with key in start pos, and nothing happens, replace starter. If no voltage on small wire, this could be 1. ign switch 2. neutral start switch if auto trans or 3. clutch depress
    switch if standard shift. Hope this helps. Cliff.
  • grbeckgrbeck Posts: 2,361
    Our 2005 Focus SE sedan has 97,000 miles on the odometer. Recently the door ajar light on the dashboard has been staying permanently lit, even after we make sure all of the doors are shut. The car is scheduled to go in for service this coming Monday, but we don't want to mention this to the service people until we have an idea of what is causing it. Thank you.
  • You have a small switch that attaches to each door latch, it could be ft. or back if 4 dr.
    this switch has a plunger that is not returning all the way out when door is closed. This switch was available for 2000 modles so I would think it still should be for 2005. Sometimes they could be an SOB to replace, getting your hand at the right angle and still be able to turn it to get it out and then reverse. It goes into a mounting hole in the latch then you must turn it to lock it in. If it;s a 4 dr. a computer scanner can tell you which door latch is the bad one. Hope this helps, Cliff
  • hello i was just wondering if u found out what was going on with your car because mine is doing the same thing!!! :confuse:
  • helo did u ever find what wrong with your focus i am having the same problem which i will be taking my car to a dealership to diagnose but i dont wanna pay the 100 bucks they are charging me and then they will tell me im crazy!! hehehe please help i get that big jerk then my multi-function transaxle light turns off then turns back on! and thats when my car goes off.. .help help!!! :blush:
  • I'm having the same problem and i'm looking for answers before i take the car to the dealership for the diagnostic check. can anybody offer answers?!?!
  • Please explain in detail just what is going on, also what are you calling a multifunction light ? is this an auto trans or not ?
  • I have a 04 focus zx3 133,000 mi. when driving the car after it has warmed up the radio will turn off along with dash lights for a sec or two sometimes loss of power to engine. when this happens i can hear a relay clicking up under the left side of dash. also sometimes when trying to start the car there is no power to anything. the alternator is good and battery is new. any help would be appreciated!
  • Drop your steering column down when this happens and check for power coming into switch ( large yellow wire ? ) if ok, you should have 1 or more wires that get power when you yurn the key to start, if no power is found, replace your IGN switch.
    Do this testing with a 12 volt test light.
  • my battery light came on, but I checked the battery and its at an almost full charge and, I've checked all the connections. Now it won't start. :( what could it be?
  • i took my car into the dealership today and they found it was the alternator. it was fluctuating from 14 amps to 8 amps so i will see if it is the cure.
  • I drive a 2004 ford focus zx5 2.0L When I go to turn on the headlights and such when it gets dark, my passenger side tail light and parking light, and the turn signal flasher light will not come on. However if I use the breaks or turn signal to turn right, those lights will light up.When I click on the remote to lock the doors also all the lights light up correctly.
    I have checked the bulbs and the fuses and they all appear to be good. I've checked over the headlight switch and the direction signal switch and they appear to be ok, but its possible I missed something.
    Any ideas on what could be wrong are appreciated!
  • Does your R.side turn signal and brake light work properly ? Your question does not make this clear.
  • Yes, they both work correctly.
  • It sounds like you may have an open ground wire in the harness of that side tail light. Maybe look for a damaged wire where the harness runs into the door of the hatch.
  • has any of the bulbs on the car recently been replaced?
  • Yes, I replaced the tail light (mostly because I thought it was burned out) and I replaced the bulb for the R. side directional light, which was burned out. The parking light bulb was ok as was the tail light, however I left the new bulb in for the tail light anyways.
    I haven't had a chance yet to go over the grounds, however from what I recall, I think they were ok. I will have to check to make sure once I'm off work.
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