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Ford Focus Electrical and Lighting Problems



  • Sounds like a bad starter relay that won't "let go" of the current once you release the key....or a bad ignition switch would do the same thing...the last remote possibility, which would be rather odd on this new a car, is a worn ring gear on the flywheel that is chewing up and finally catching the pinion gear on the starter motor.

    Some vehicles also have very critical "starter alignment" with special bolts or spacers. So a poor installation could also cause this.
  • Had similar problem. It was the starter.
  • mykeymykey Posts: 1
    common fault on the focus check the wiring from the alternator it goes hard and breaks ( these are the 3 small wires on the multiplug and if they short will run down your battery also check fuse no 10 its a red one 10a in fusebox this fault is specially bad on diesel version sorry for late reply but this may help others
  • Hi There,

    I have an '02 Focus SVT, and are experiencing the same problems... did the new battery fix the electrical issues??
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 9,452
    geez, you didn't believe me? :) get the battery tested.
  • As of 12/1/06, I can no longer operate any of the locks on my 2000 SE by keyless entry or by the power lock buttons within the car. I can only manually unlock/lock my car doors and I cannot get the trunk to open at all. :mad: It is not the fuse (I've already checked it). What can I do and how much will it cost? I certainly don't want to spend a lot on the car at this point (since it's getting old and I plan to buy a new car soon). :confuse:
  • i replaced the starter,alternater, serp belt, battery, and battery cables in may 06 and then the alternator and serp belt in october 06 and now the serp belt is just about to break and the other day the battery light came on and the car died. i got it to start again and it hasnt happened since but it now squeals. i had it in the shop just for a overlook in september and they said all was good and the other shop that replaced the alternator in october said all was good after they replaced the alternator and belt and now i am having problems. what should i do i dont want to keeep replaceing alternators.
  • I've had alot of problems with my 2000 focus and it only has 62k miles. The newest problem being - the car stops while I'm on the road. At first, the car would just feel like it wanted to stop so I took it to a mechanic and he said I needed a tune up. Three days after the tuneup, the car suddenly shut off in the middle of the street and all the warning lights came on. I was told it was the battery, I changed that. I then checked to see if it was the alternator ( disconnected the battery cable while the car was on) it that seemed to be the problem. I took it to another mechanic and he replaced the alternator, but the same problem happened as soon as I left the shop. I went back and it showed that the alternator was over charging. He gave me another alternator and it seemed fine until he took it for a test drive. The battery light came on and the alternator showed to be overcharging again. He then said it must be an electrical problem. Is that possible? Also I see alot of people having similar problems, could my problem be the starter? I've spend $350 trying to find out what's wrong with this car and i'm going broke with the mechanic's guessing games. Is the starter cheap to fix? :lemon:
  • i bought my girlfriend a 2000 Ford Focus for her last Christmas and since then shes had nothing but problems with it. For some reason i think it may have something to do with the fuel or something. In fact theres probably alot of things wrong with it. It shuts down all the time especially if shes been driving it for an extended period of time. It putters around too if the gas has only a half a tank or less. It will also almost always stall out when shes driving on exit ramps that follow in a circular path. It also makes a really loud screeching noise as soon as you turn it on which probably has nothing to do with it but its just another problem it has. And now the key wont release from the ignition. Its just one problem after another. Is there any solution to these issues? :lemon: :mad: :sick:
  • i have had a 2000 ford focus and have had to put about 3300 into in the last 7 months and am still crrently having problems. if you look on and put in the vin # it will bring up any recalls and there is currently a recalll on the fuel pump wich you take it to the ford dealer and they will change for free. i just got off the phone with ford and they dont care they told me that i need to come up with the solution for them. they say that no one that is haveing the problems with the ford focus is reporting them to ford. so they dont know there are problems, but i find that hard to believe after i look at many sights for cars and read about the focus. so if you are having problems call ford and tell them but DO NOT expect them to care or do anything about it.
  • cccpcccp Posts: 1
    I had the similar problem, but I checked my battery and it was fine. I'm going to get my ignition relay changed and hopefelly that fixes the problem. Well if anyone knows about ways that could help please let me know. My car just wont't start sometimes. I let it sit there for about twenty minutes and it suddenely starts. What could cause this problem? My transaxle/Z-tech warning light went on and it tryied to make my car die while im driving. I don't know wat to do please help
  • Check yur brake fluid level. Make sure yur parking brake is completely released.
  • My 2003 Ford Focus with 35,000 miles ">is charging just about 14 volts and currently has a new battery. If the car sits for 24 hours the battery goes dead. I've had an ammeter between the neg. battery post and the neg. cable and come up with a draw of 12-26 milliamps when car is at rest with nothing on. The book says anything 50 milliamps or less is o.k..
    I'm at a loss finding the problem, but Ford can check my charging system for $90. pretty funny huh! I'm supporting a family on a tight budget and my wife has become frustrated going out to the car with our baby in her arms only to find out the car is as dead as a door nail. The Ford Motor Company is hurting my marriage. Please help. Thanx
  • First of all, I absolutely love my car but it has a problem. It is a 2002 Ford Ford ZTW (wagon). Here are the symptoms and I am trying to make sure we don't burn up a battery before we have another installed:
    1. Car won't start, won't turn over, radio display won't come on (although after a few minutes it started to).
    2. I've had the radio display problem several times - always fixed itself. Our car remotes sometimes won't open all doors when pressed twice (although I am not too concerned about that.)
    3. Just remembered the other day I had a hard time starting the car (it is rainy - not real cold here 40s) but it started after 3rd try or so.
    4. I've read that from reviewing internet sites that it may involve either the alternator (too expensive), voltage regulator, battery (its foaming - way corrodated - looks like it happened fast), or the starter.

    My uneducated intuition says it involves the voltage - getting the juice to the engine because of the radio display problem, the remotes, and engine starting problem). So I think that would effect the battery and maybe burn it out but is not the cause?? My further guess is that replacing the battery is only a temporary solution but I don't know what the causes may be and we have a big trip coming up. Any ideas like the voltage regulator?? I need some ideas to feed to the repair guy (may be my husband).

    Thanks in advance. I absolutely love my Focus wagon - wouldn't want to be without it.
  • It sounds as if we have a similar problem with our ZTW's and I'm still looking into it. Let me ask you does your battery go dead if the car sits for two days untouched? ">
  • I had the alternator replaced several times in my 2002 ford focus zx3, I would get it replaced and a week later it would go out again. Finally after doing this about 5 times at Pep Boys, I decided to spend the extra cash and have ford do it. They said the incorrect alternator was being installed. Take that for what it is worth, I have not had the problem since, but I now have a new electrical problem where my instrument cluster pegs out and then shut off then starts working fine, mainly at start up.
  • Did you ever get this problem fixed? I am having the same problem I have 50,000 miles on a 2002 focus zx3, and the instrument clusters will peg out at max, then shut completely off, then go back to normal repeatedly. The battery light will illuminate then go out. Interior light will go on and off, headlights will dim but not go out, and I can hear a clicking from what I think is a relay in the fuse box. Mainly happens at start up but has happened while driving for awhile. Took it to ford but they could not find anything. I just recently had alternator and battery replaced, but before this problem came about. Any suggestions would be helpful.
  • Here's the continuation of the problem. Battery was replaced and got the car started - appears to be working. However the clock and stereo will not display or work at all. Is there any way to reset it to get the display and radio working again? Or, is this just another sign that something is still wrong with the car?
    Thanks in advance.
  • No. But I did it take 3 times or so to start - perhaps 2-3 different occasions. But we use the car everyday. Now with the new battery the display on the clock and radio is gone and radio of course does not work. This is consistent with what was happening prior to the battery change and it would fix itself - suddenly reappear. The repair shop (non-Ford) said that it just needed to be reset because of a anti-theft system but I don't believe that's true. I understnad that I would need to reinput the time and stations etc but the display itself should come up--just another mystery. Please let me know what you find out. OH - the repair shop said that the battery was getting charged - no problem there.
  • haulthault Posts: 122
    I have had the same problem. It occurred rarely until my extended warranty expired of course. It seems to occur the most when the outside temp is below freezing and the car is a cold start. All 4 gauges peg max for approx 1-2 seconds, go to zero, then function normally. Mine is a 200 model w/47,000 miles. HELP!
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