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Pontiac Grand Prix Audio, XM and Onstar

chats1chats1 Posts: 158
edited March 15 in Pontiac
I have a 2006 GXP and this will be my last GM car. This was my fifth Pontiac. Yes, the 2006 has the speaker hum or the hum may be from OnStar that it is not compatible with the Monsoon speaker system. I have been going back and forth with CAC and was told recently that the New Jersey representative for my dealership said that the dealership offered to take my car to a Sound Diagnostic Center and I declined! I said that is not true. I haven't been to my dealership since Oct. when I had an oil change. I then called the dealership and spoke to the owner. He talked to the service manager and they both said they never offered me that and I said I know that but that is what CAC said. The owner said there is no remedy for this and anyway, he said, the radio would be fixed here, not sent out. CAC also said I had 90 days; the owner said you have a three year warranty. He said all the CAC wants to do is get rid of problems! Now, this morning, the car had not been used for over two days and keep in mind that OnStar is always monitoring the car but if it is not used for 48 hours they are not monitoring it because they don't want to wear down your battery. Well, this morning when I opened my door there was no humming. Now, I'm convinced that it is from OnStar. I would like to know who the New Jersey representative is who said that I declined to have my car sent to a Sound Diagnostic Center, which was not true. But after thinking about the Sound Diagnostic Center for a few days I was thinking that I didn't want any radio place messing around with my car. If GM can't fix it. How can some radio shop? Another thing last week I noticed that the words "Push Audio" on the radio don't light up as do all the other words above the buttons. Also, I live in North Jersey and used my car in the snow and the stock tires were fine!!!


  • rmozolrmozol Posts: 124
    I test drove a couple different GXP's, and have a question. Is the Monsoon stereo THAT much better in actual use? I tried a CD of mine in the standard stereo and it still blasted the bass out pretty well. Now I'm having second thoughts on which stereo to get. Any opinions? Thanks.
  • tonygxptonygxp Posts: 56
    try them both, I have the monsoon, but I'm also an audiophile, I had a subwoofer added (stealth installation, along with the Amplifier), I appreciate music the way it's meant to be heard, lows through the highs, not the transistor radio sounds that come from base stereos in almost all vehicles, the monsoon made that much of a difference (only for the clarity from mids-highs) to me, though I also have a home theater that costs as much as a new kia. Its up to you but like the old saying goes more, bigger, and louder in this case is better (why else did we buy a car with 303HP, when just a decade ago we knew that 200HP was plenty to satisfy our needs)
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,496
    “why else did we buy a car with 303HP, when just a decade ago we knew that 200HP was plenty to satisfy our needs”

    20 years ago today.

    Well, OK – just over 20 years ago, I was in the market for a sport sedan. Same basic parameters that led to my purchase of a GXP in June of this year.

    I bought a 1985 Maxima SE. Interesting to compare specs across 20 years:

    . . . Maxima SE . . GXP (2005)
    . . . . . . V6 . . . . . V8
    CI . . . .. 181(3.0L). 325 (5.3L)
    HP . . . 152 . . . . . 303
    TQ . . . 167 . . . . . 323
    WT . . .. 3100. . . . 3600
    60 . . . .. 8.4 . . . . . 5.7
    1Q . . . . 16.5@80 .. 14.3@98
    EPA. . .. 19/25 . . . 18/27
    Braking. . 173 . . . . . 174
    Handling . 0.76 . . . . .0.82G
    Trans. . . M5 . . . . . .A4
    Tires . . .195/60HR15 . .255/45 & 225/50 x 18W

    MSRP . . $13.7K . . . .$29.9K (w/dest.)

    Actual transaction price (my GXP had an MSRP of $33K) was almost exactly twice what I paid for my 1985 Maxima SE in early 1985.

    Those numbers do not likely sound very impressive to most, but for the time . .

    Context \ others I looked at back then:
    1985 BMW Sport Sedan 325e had a base price of approx. $22.5K!!!
    121 HP – at 4250 rpm ( ! ), 2800 pounds, w/5-speed manual = 0-60: 8.6 and 1Q: 16.4@82

    1985 Saab 900 Turbo 5-speed manual base price = approx. $20K.
    8.5 / 16.5

    1985 Mustang GT 5-speed manual base price = approx. $11.5K
    6.4 / 14.9

    1985 Corvette = $27K
    5.7 / 14.1

    Point is: My, my, how times have changed . . .
    And my how the expectations \ standards in various automotive classes have changed as well over 20 years.

    My Maxima was fun to drive and gave me good to excellent service over 2+ years and approx. 30,000 miles. But my GXP is so much better in virtually every respect.

    Sources – primarily old C+D issues

    - Ray
    Older now, but not much wiser . .
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,496

    I don’t think I have commented here about the speaker hiss \ hum – except perhaps to acknowledge that it does exist on my 2005.

    Although your post does not quite say that this is the (only?) reason your GXP will be your last GM car, there seems to be a strong implication here that this is the case.

    I am really curious:

    Is this the only or primary issue that results in such a declaration?

    Although I am old, and have been to a few Rock Concerts and also been exposed to some other rather loud noises over the years, my hearing is still excellent, in every frequency range – and this hiss \ hum does not happen to bother me at all.

    And mine does go away once I start the car (typically within a few seconds after I enter the vehicle) – does yours also? Meaning, we are talking about something that never occurs while driving your GXP, correct?

    Now, you have every right to fell however you feel about this noise, but my GXP does so many things so very well – and I enjoy the GXP’s dynamics so much every chance I have to drive it – that I am surprised by how big a deal this speaker noise appears to be to you. I am pretty amazed that even if you do find it annoying, that frustration about this sort of thing would rise to the level of souring you on GM & Pontiac - forever.

    My personal perspective is almost diametrically opposite. This GXP gives me hope that GM (my last 3 cars were not GM) does have the both the vision and the ability to make (at least a few) interesting cars. For me, there are certainly a few items that I would change, or ‘fix’, if I were designing & building a car just for me – but the positive and enjoyable aspects (particularly at the price) so far outweigh any annoyances that I find this one of the most pleasant overall cars to drive that I have had in some time. And my last 3 sedans had MSRPs much higher (and actual transaction prices MUCH higher) than my GXP.

    Again, I don’t think you should not feel however you feel – but I’d really like to understand.
    - Ray
    Very Happy GXP Driver – now that my new transaxle has been installed . .
  • chats1chats1 Posts: 158
    Okay, it's the principal. I am not at all upset with my dealer, it's GM. They knew they had the problem with the 2005, and yet, failed to correct the problematic hissing/humming noise in the 2006. It should have been corrected and was not. Since they say there is no remedy and knew about the problem they should have done away with the Monsoon speaker system, which is made in Canada, and used another system. My only recourse is not to buy any other GM car which I have already told them. So, that is why I said no more GM cars. Also, even if a Sound Diagnostic Center checked the system out, which I doubt very much would have been in my favor, I would have had then to go through the BBB. It would not have been resolved. Everytime I called CAC I got a runaround. As my dealer said, they just want to get rid of problems -- they don't solve them. When you call them, all they do is look up your question in the Manual and then call the dealer. I can certainly read and go to the dealer myself. I have already told them that they are "worthless." I would think they would have someone manning those phones who knows about the car, not a telemarketer-type person.

    Other than the above, I do like the car very much. I think it is very pretty. It has been my first four-door; I always get a coupe. I prefer the coupe, but Grand Prix, I believe, stopped making the coupes after my 2002 GTP. Now, the wheels on my 40th Anniversary Edition were beautiful; these wheels couldn't even compare to those special wheels.

    My humming noise goes off after I start the car. I don't hear it at all when I drive my car. So because they put a problematic speaker system which they knew was in the 2005 into the 2006 (you think they would have corrected the problem or if not, don't put the problem in the 2006 -- use a different system). They just wanted to get rid of the junk -- they had an over-abundance of those speakers.

    On another note, at my Christmas Party many of the other judges loved my car. They thought it was beautiful.
  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    Chats1, I forwarded a link to your messages to someone who might be able to help (but GM is closed until next Tuesday). Contact me directly via my email address (available in my profile), and I may be able to get your more info/help.

    doesn't work for GM
  • My speaker hiss/hum problem must be worse than most I'm reading here. I would be perfectly happy if it only happened when the car was off. That wouldn't bother me a bit. Mine has a hiss almost all of the time. Sometimes I can hear it at speeds of up to 50mph.

    That's probably my biggest complaint with the car. Other than that, I'm still loving it with 15k miles. I'm hoping somebody can make some progress on the speaker thing. I've basically hit a dead end with any option I know of.
  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    Drop me an email at the address listed in my profile... and I'll try to get your name/info passed on to the appropriate folks at GM, thanks to my intermediary...

  • rmozolrmozol Posts: 124
    Can someone give me a general idea of where to connect the subwoofer in? Should I look in the trunk by the rear speakers, or tap in by the dash? Thanks.
  • spotzspotz Posts: 2
    Monsoon system is not very good, nothing like the Bose systems in chevys.
    I did swap out the rear speakers for some high end ones. Made a big difference, for an extra $200.
  • rmozolrmozol Posts: 124
    So I won't need an aftermarket amp, and say a 10" subwoofer then? I just change the rear speakers and that's it for more bass?
  • bogalbogal Posts: 1
    Hi, all...

    I'm interested in buying a 2006 GXP, and I'm trying to figure out which sound system to put in it. The Pontiac materials don't make this clear, so I wanted to ask the experts: does the UC6 6-CD player also play MP3s, as the standard one says it does? What about the U87? Thanks to anyone who can straighten me out on this!
  • smallegansmallegan Posts: 10
    No the 6 disc changer does not play MP3s.

  • dblducedblduce Posts: 58
    Not sure if you can get the Monsoon system w/ the standard radio though. Looking at pontiac's web site, this system is included when you order the 6 cd changer, but it doesnt say if it comes w/ the normal stereo. However, the normal single CD player WILL play MP3 files, so i guess its a matter of choice which one to get. On one hand, you can get the awesome speaker system, but only play 6 normal cds, or go without the monsoon system, but be able to play 150+ songs from 1 cd.
  • CD's?? Oh yea, thats what they had before they came out with XM radio!
  • dblducedblduce Posts: 58
    XM radio is "ok" for certain instances. If you do a lot of travelling, then it might be worth the $12.95 / month they charge for it. When I had it free for the first 3 months I owned my car, I found that the slightest obstruction would cause the system to lose its signal. I used to park underneath a 2 level parking garage, and of course, i would lose signal. Some drive-thru restaurants would tend to block it, as well as the occasional tunnel.
  • Yea, Every morning on my drive to work, going 70 down the free way it will cut out for a second when i go under the overpasses. What i dont understand though is when i go to vegas and park in one of those massive parking structures 6-10 stories high, it rarely goes out.
  • chats1chats1 Posts: 158
    I agree with you completely on XM. I don't think it's all it's cracked up to be. But since I have the XM band, I do subscribe to it and will continue to do so. I find myself listening to my CD's more.

    Now, I would like to tell everyone about my experience with OnStar. I have had OnStar since owning my 2002 GTP and my "free" subscription on my 2006 GXP expires at midnight on August 3rd. They sent me a little telling me about the expiration and said I would not be billed until August 4th. I called and renewed and was told I wouldn't be billed until August 4th. This is a good listen to be learned -- never renew OnStar until the day before. When I got my GM credit card on Sat. they had already billed me 6 weeks in advance, $210. I called them; they were snotty. I said I wanted to talk with a supervisor. He came on. I explained the situation and told them since they took my money 6 weeks ahead of time I want a month's free of the safe and sound package. He said "no." They gave me 30 free minutes. I still wanted a month's free. I also told him that I have had OnStar since 2002 and they never pulled anything like this before. He didn't care. Still, no free one month's safe and sound package and he also told me that I shouldn't have renewed until the day before. I also told him that I would post this episode on Edmunds. He said "don't you say anything slanderous." I said I will only tell about your unethical practices. He hung up on me. I then called GM and they agreed with me completely. They put me on hold and then told me they filed a complaint with management and it will go before their management team.

    That night I called OnStar again and got apologies. I said I'm sick of listening to your apologies. I said I want to talk to a supervisor again. I got another supervisor. Went through my whole story and ended up with two extra months' free of the safe and sound package, plus my 30 minutes. I just wanted to let everyone know how unethical they can be. It ended up okay hopefully. We'll see. I am supposed to get a letter confirming all of this. Chats1
  • chats1chats1 Posts: 158
    The XM probably doesn't cut out when you go to Vegas because there is probably a signal in the parking structure. Mine doesn't cut out downstairs where I park underground but does under structures while driving to work. I get no signal and then it's fine. I have called XM about this. If there is no signal, it will cut out. Same with the remote keyless entry. You can park somewhere and there's a blockage, move the car a distance and the remote is fine. Chats1
  • dblducedblduce Posts: 58
    One thing i dont understand about OnStar is why they continue to spend money needlessly. I have owned 3 different pontiacs (2 GTPs and 1 GXP) that all had OnStar, yet I NEVER subscribed to them. In my GXP i bought in June 2005, i dont even think ive ever TURNED IT ON. For some reason though, every month or so I will get literature mailed to me from OnStar, giving me information about their services, how "easy" and "cheap" it is to sign up for, etc. If I never was a paying customer of theirs, would it make sense to keep paying to mail me these things every few months??? Im sure im not the only one they mail this stuff too either. That has to be pretty expensive!
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