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Pontiac Grand Prix Climate Control/AC



  • FYI, the problem was a faulty passenger side actuator/motor.
  • red97red97 Posts: 1
    I have a 97 grand prix, first problem was that the fan motor quit replaced the fan motor, at first the unit worked fine now I only get an air flow (hot or cold) on fan stting 5. I have read on this forum about where the fan motor resistor is located but that appeared to be for newer gp's. Is this location (behind & left of the motor) accurate for my year as well? Sales person at part store said it would be behind the selector switch under the radio, after an hour of work found he was way wrong. Your price was accurate the resistor is only about $25.00
    Please help,
  • The heating in my 2002 Grand Prix is not working as it should. Now that fall has arrived, I've noticed that its taking much longer to heat up, and the temp is not as hot as it should be. I've also noticed that when it does heat up (warm/not hot), it sometimes reverts back to a cooler temp. I recently replaced the resistor that caused speeds 1 & 2 not to work, but that should not impact the temp. Any ideas?
  • I forgot to mention that the car has Climate Control (3 wired blower).

    The car is my son's and he is away at college. He just called and the blower is completely dead, the connector is melted. Earlier he was able to get it running by wiggling the wires and the connector made contact. He didn't tell me that he had to keep doing this though. He is frantic and hot since I am not there and have no idea what it looks like. Does anyone know if the connector is wired to the blower and can be replaced? He said that it looks like it is part of a plastic housing.
  • in my 05 GP i have the 3.8l non-sc and my heat doest get hot as it did, the temp ride a little lower than normal what do you think
  • So I thought i'd throw this out to everyone...i have an 04 GP GT and the heat decided it doesnt want to work. The blower still works and I was thinking it was the thermostat stuck wide open. Changed it since it was simple and that didnt fix the prob.

    Im guessing it's probably the heater core? Has anyone changed this or have a link to a step by step on changing this. To answer some questions ahead of time....there is no coolant leaking into floorboard, there is definitely coolant in resevoir, and heat blows just barely warm...not hot like it should.

    Thanks in advance...
  • I have a 2004 Grand Prix,,,Looking at the b/m resistor,,It looks like it is pop-riveted to the blower housing. Are they pop rivets? How is the resistor removed,,,,Thanks
  • So I have not had heat for the past 2 months. Well, i live in Pittsburgh and well its winter time here. So here is what i have learned in researching this FAN problem.

    If you have the issue of your Blower NOT working on speeds 1-4, this is probably your Blower resistor part. (a bit difficult to remove, but doable, price $25)

    If you have the issue of your Blower NOT working on any speeds 1-5, this is going to be the Blower motor resistor or the Blower motor (very easy to uninstall and reinstall, price $50-$150, pending manual or automatic climate control).

    If you have the issue of multiple things going wrong, HUD, Heated seats, Daytime running lights shutting off, rear defogger - This is most likely your Ignition Wiring ( i think the yellow and orange wires) thing that you read about on here.

    I hope this helps, or at least saves you some diagnostic towards your problem.
  • I have no heat in my grand prix. I have taken it to the mechanic twice now, they said the heater coil is fine and the first time they replaced the thermostat because they said it was broken and that should fix the problem. then a week later i took it back because the heat never came on. they then told me that i probably have a blockage in my engine coolant lines so i had my anti-freeze flushed out and then refilled. I still have no heat in my car and i am down $300. right now i am not concerned about the money that i have spent, i just want the heat in my car to work. i live in upstate new york and i am tired of wearing multiple layers in order to stay warm on my morning commute. does anybody have any advice on what i should do next. what else would be causing my heat to not work. all that is coming out is cold air so i dont think it could be the blower. i am a handy guy and i want to take a look at it myself tomorrow. any pointers on how i should approach this would be greatly appreciated... thank you..

  • brybrybrybry Posts: 25
    Hi Joe, I had the same problem with no heat on my 2000 grand prix. I had a low temp reading on my gauge on the dash. I replaced the thermostat and coolant sensor but still no heat and still a low temperature reading on the guage. Turns out the most expensive 'no fail' thermostat was faulty. Went back and bought the cheapest one and is working fine now with lots of heat. The temp guage was probably fine too. Hope this helps.
  • I have a 2000 Grand Prix, and it goes crazy once in a while... I can be driving in 90 degree weather, and everything is working fine, and all of a sudden it thinks that the temp. has dropped to 34 or lower outside, and start putting out heat.... sometimes it takes an hour or so to come back up so the air will start working again... How do You fix this?
  • I bought this Grand PRix in June, and now that it is colder, the engine temp only rises as high as 175 degrees. I replaced the thermostat, and I noticed the electric fans kick in right away so I will need to replace the thermostat controlling them as well. I have disconnected the fans to try and get the engine temp to come up but to no avail. Even idling in town traffic it doesn't go over 190 with the fans off. I live in WI and we have had some below zero weather already and on those days the temp gauge doesn't come off 160 which gives me very little heat. Am I overlooking something else that could be allowing the water to flow around the theromostat? I've never heard of such a thing, but anything is possible. Any help??
  • brybrybrybry Posts: 25
    My 91 olds ninety eight had the same problem. I replaced the exterior thermometer sensor. It was under the hood near the left headlight on this model if I recall. Once replaced all was fine.
  • Thank You, now all I have to do is find where it is on a 2000 Grand Prix??? Anybody know?
  • We have a 2003 Grand Prix that has about 100,000 miles on it. We are experiencing something weird and hopefully someone can shed some light on it! The heat only works when we are driving on the freeway (70 mph). As soon as we get off the freeway, it just blows cold air. Does anyone know what this could possibly be? We are going to replace the thermostat (if we can find it) and see if that helps. Help!!
  • I am no expert, but it kind of sounds like You good be low on coolant....only when the rpm.s are up.. the water circulates better and reaches the heater.??? You could be lucky and that is the only problem......Sailer2
  • Hi, I read alot of comments in here, but with my 02 grand prix my heater worked one day and the next it will only work on 5, same with the a/c. My headlights work just fine and so does my rear window defroster. Do you think it's the resister?
  • Hey Storm21935,

    I have a 2001 GTP and I have been having this problem like you had. Blower won't work unless on 5 and sometimes it takes 10-15 secs to come on.. hear a clicking under steering column, AUTO headlights have to be turned on manually at night, and I have also been having problems with my mileage computer screen going out related to this. Have you figured out the root of the problem? If so please let me know what I can do to get this fixed otherwise I am going to probably get charged over $100 for repairs.
  • Vehicle has a dual-control a/c unit.

    Problem: If both temp controls are set to the same temp in dual mode, or if a temp is set at the drivers control in single-control mode, the temperature of the air exiting from the drivers vents is substantially warmer than that exiting from the passenger vents.

    Actions taken: Drivers blend door motor and the exterior temperature sensor have both been replaced with no improvement noted. The driver side blend door can be manually moved through its full travel with no resistance noted. Running the diagnostics program through the climate control panel shows no current codes.

    Question: Any suggestions on how to resolve this problem will be greatly appreciated.
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