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Pontiac Grand Prix Performance Modifications



  • Hey. Brand new to this forum and pretty new to the car world itself. I have a 1999 pontiac grand prix GT and so far all i have done is put in a cool air intake system but i was wondering what else i could do to the car to enhance performance and not spend alot of money. Anyone with any suggestions please let me know or e-mail me thanks!
  • mawdeucemawdeuce Posts: 2
    Hi, I've recently purchased a 2006 Grand Prix, SE trim with the 3.8L Series III engine. I would like to locate and purchase a K&N Filtercharger or other K&N airbox replacements for minor horsepower gains, and was wondering if there's anything I'd need to know about the emissions controls and how they would work with the system that's already in the vehicle, I'm trying to avoid the "Service Engine Soon" light if at all possible. Also I'd like to install a CryO2 system but wonder if it's even worth it with an engine that's naturally aspirated. Thanks!
  • mawdeucemawdeuce Posts: 2
    I've heard that the Tornado brand intake tube inserts can increase both horsepower and fuel mileage, and cost under $30 in most auto parts stores, if that helps any....I also had a 1997 Bonneville that experienced quicker throttle response and possibly a power boost with Bosch Platinum +4 spark plugs.....but then again I also combined that with fully synthetic Castrol Syntec oil, a K&N Performance Gold oil filter, a Fram Airhog air filter and 93 octane or higher fuel at all times, I know it'll be hard to do now though cause of the outrageous gas prices, and I never ever ever had any even slight problems with performance or emissions.....had some "gitupandgo" right up till the day I traded it for the Grand Prix I'm driving now, the Bonneville had over 160,000 miles on it but ran like a dream, but figured that since it had the same engine as your 1999 Grand Prix that you may get some use out of that info. Hope I helped a little!
  • go to they offer verious parts for performance increases and they are very reasonable in price i get all my parts from them
  • if u bolt on a supercharger to a gt engine YOU WILL BLOW A PISTON!!!! the bottom end of a gt motor cant handle the boost the rods are not strong enough and will bend or a piston top will just be destroyed they do make stronger rods and pistons for non supercharged motors
  • k&n filters are great and will now set a "check light" on the dash just...DONT USE THE OIL!!! the k&n oil is not friendly to GM mass air flow sensors. the oil with get coated on the sensor "hot" wire and get cooked on making then sensor not read correctly and will cause the light to come on you can find filter kits and numerous other performance parts at
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    You should check on e-bay or with a Pontiac GP car club. Good luck.
  • motorcity6motorcity6 Posts: 427
    2006 GPGT using a K&N filter, really didn't notice much performance difference..It's been on for about 30k miles and I may just replace it with a std air filter..Not interested in quick acceleration, high speed interstate cruising is my bag..

    At 60k miles the engine has been what all 3.8s do, reliable, however the the ISS shafts, engine and tranny mounts, and batteries have been the problem..3 ISS's, 4 batteries, and 12 tires later..Fla car, heat is killing the batteries, steering has been great for the last 30k miles..All ISS were free, and I paid for the last battery, next one is free..All Deco crap..

    Car is always garaged if not in use, and probably the cast iron engine retains the heat too long..My previous car was a 2002 Olds Intigue with the alum 3.5 engine and the orig battery went 100k in all Fla driving..

    Had 3 Intrigues, 98, 99, and 02..GM bought the 98 back after 26k miles due to brake and steering issues. My 99 w/3.5 engine was a winner, did 80k miles, and the 02 was broomed after 120k..Had the SLP catback exhaust on the 99 and 02..great system..

    Having owned 53 cars to date, 34 GM, I can say the "W" body GM configuration of the GP and Impala series is junk..The engine/tranny mounting system is "junk." I had 2 mounts collapse..never floored from a stand still..go figure...........

    Any clue on cleaning K&N filter??? Lub for S/C??? All work is now performed by a high-priced 2 person shop..GM experts!!!!
  • Not necessarily true.
    I've been into GPs for the last 11 years and I've seen some pretty radical setups. Just slapping a supercharger onto an L36 will be bad, as was said. But if you do a top swap, which is more involved, and a job not for the meek, you will have a beast. The higher compression and RPMs will grenade a motor, but the pistons, rods, and crank are fine as is. Just search Top Swap on and see for yourself. Maybe you'll get the mod bug like the rest of us. See you at the track!
  • Hi.
    Good luck with the Prix.
    Go to and get the Diablo programmer. It ain't cheap, but its what you want. I have a GTP anf I got my computer reprogrammed to work with my mods by a guy called Overkill. Check, troll the boards.
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