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Pontiac Grand Prix Electrical/Lighting



  • My windshield wipers are working but when you turn them off they go to the vertical position. Quite annoying when trying to drive down the road. Any ideas??
  • The problem started when the 2003 Grand Prix SE consul shifter bypass button had to be used to shift out of Park. The consul shifter now works without using the bypass button after using it several times but the service engine light will not reset.
  • Hi I am having the same problem with my 2003 grand prix se. Only I still have to use my shift release button. How did you fix that. To reset try turning your key so you have all power do not start pump your gas a few times then start. Not sure if it works but I read that on one of the many sites I have been on.
  • Thank you SO much!

    I have a 2006 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited with this problem. I recently installed a trailer light wiring harness so I just knew that was the problem. Unfortunately I spent an hour disassembling the whole thing only to find that the problem wasn't solved.

    I did a yahoo search "only the center brake light works" and found this forum. I walked out to the garage, turned the hazards on then off and the probem was solved!

    Again, thank you!!!
  • Hi, I should have said that the reset light started to go out when the oil was due to be changed after approximately 1 to 2 minutes, not 5 to 10 seconds like it is suppose to after it is reset. I have tried to reset it many times. My shift release started working after 3 to 5 weeks of using the bypass button. I read that it you jiggle the shifter and try lifting up on it that it may start working without pushing the reset.
  • I tried to do the little trick they recommended to do, but I found out my hazard light switch is stuck all the way to the bottom and it won't go back up! Does anyone know what to do about this? I'd hate to have to pay a lot of money for that one little problem but I really need my brake lights :cry:
  • danh6danh6 Posts: 1
    I turned my car on the other day and was driving when I noticed the DIC(Driver Information Center) and my headlights were flashing on and off. Then both shut off. I had to manually turn the headlights on. The DIC and Headlights do not start at all now. Then I turn my heater on and it is dead. I try all positions 1-5 at all different settings. Try my heated seat and it does not work. The radio works fine, I can charge my cell phone, and the car works fine otherwise.

    I have a 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix with around 55k miles on it. I checked all the fuses. I searched the Internet and this site. I could not find any forums where someone was having all these problems.

    I just lost the transmision 5 months ago on this car and can not afford another $1500 to fix this problem.

    Your help is greatly appreciated. It is snowing tonight and I have no heat.

  • Suddenly last week, my ABS and Trac Off lights decided to stay on when I started my car. I can sometimes get them to go off by turning the car off and restarting, but not always. Our mechanic had the car all day and can't find anything wrong.

    Any suggestions or advice before I take it to the dealership?
  • washfordwashford Posts: 2

    Did you get your problem resolved? I have a simliar problem with my 2001 Grand Prix. My brother thinks it is the ignition switch.

  • kobillokobillo Posts: 1
    i have a 01 gp gtp sc and just had both lights turn on. heard that the wheel hub speed sensor goes bad after 100,000 so i had them replaced but the lights dont want to turn off and cant afford to put more money into this problem. Does anyone have any suggestions it would help me out alot
  • The heads up display on my 2004 Grand Prix just quit working the other day without warning. Naturally I checked the fuse. This is my first car with HUD so I'm somewhat clueless as to what all the system is even comprised of. Anyone have an idea where to start and how hard are these to change? Thanks.
  • I just bought a 2006 Grand Prix, but the FOB doesn't work. The Pontiac dealer says its about $40 to program the FOB, but I imagine there is some way to do it myself. Can anyone help me? It is the basic V6 model and it does have the remote start feature. Please help me.
  • bettie2bettie2 Posts: 4
    Here is a website I used to program my fob, hopefully you can do it yourself I thought it was pretty easy to follow. Good luck!

    link title
  • krayziekrayzie Posts: 1
    i feel like a fool for posting this but i have had my 2005 grand prix for a year now and i have no idea where the interior light is and how it works
    any help would be good help
  • tpfuquatpfuqua Posts: 2
    My 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix GT low oil light comes on and stays on when the engine turned off. It does not come on or flash when the engine is started. Thanks for a possible solution. Tom
  • tpfuquatpfuqua Posts: 2
    My 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix GT fasten seat belt light and sound alert comes on after the engine is turned off and I have exited the car. I have fastened all the seat belts. The lights and tone stay on after the door is closed and locked. They eventually turn off. Thanks Tom
  • This morning my remote unlock would not work.
    I then noticed a list of things did not work:
    Power windows
    door chime
    door locks
    interior lights

    I checked some of the fuses all seemed fine. any ideas?
  • Hello,

    No matter what, unless I pull the fuse in the passenger side fuse box, or the J-style fuse #26 under the hood my parking lights and tail lights will not go off what so ever. I've tried turning them off from the head light switch to no avail.

    The problem started when I was installing a wired FM modulator (for ipods etc...) it was night time and I mistook the "Dimmer?" wire (solid gray wire 4th from the end on the top row) in the radio harness for an accessory wire because when I'd turn the key on I'd get power and vice versa when I turned it off. So I wired everything tapping into that wire for power. The next morning when I finished the installation the modulator didn't work, nor was that wire getting any power. I found that that wire only got power when the headlights were on. I finally did research to find there is no acc. wire in the radio harness and found the correct wire to tap into in the fuse pannel.

    Everything worked fine, but the parking lights and tail lights won't go off. I uninstalled the FM modulator and put everything back to factory state and still the lights won't turn off.

    Since then, today:
    *I unhooked all 3 inputs to the BCM
    *Totally unhooked the Headlight switch
    *swapped out all of the relays in the fuse box under the hood
    *checked all fuses
    *unhooked the harness mounted above the fuse panel
    *pulled the panel of wires under the fuse panel (they have a bolt in the center)
    *unhooked "yellow" harness on each side of the dashboard

    Nothing in the car works now because I"ve unhooked everything I could think of, it won't even start but the parking lights are still on

    Ideas or suggestions?
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