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Pontiac Grand Prix Electrical/Lighting



  • jreck87jreck87 Posts: 6
    I have a 99 Grand Prix SE 3.1L and I have been having an issue with my lights dimming(all lights, dash lights, headlights, taillights, interior lights) and my blower motor for heat slows down when im at idle, but as soon as I give it gas or start to drive, the lights brighten back up like they should be and the blower motor blows hard again like it should. Any ideas on how to fix this? FYI, I have replaced my Alternator, Battery, and Serpentine belt so far and it still hasn't fix the issue. Also all my Fuses seem ok. This car does not have HUD or any fancy features like that, its the basic SE model but does have power windows, locks, power driver seat, etc. Any help would be appreciated, I'm at a lost at this point and so tired of putting money into this car.
  • reggis2reggis2 Posts: 3
    Any suggestions on how to repair or find problem with heated seat? Turn it on and nothing happens.
  • reggis2reggis2 Posts: 3
    my heated seats quit working on my 2001 grand prix gtp uprcharged 3800 engine. Is there a fuse somewhere or how do i fix this?
  • It could be two things.

    Check the relay and also check the heated seat element (it is the metal mat located inside of the seat that heats up).
  • 2collies2collies Posts: 12
    Eight months to the day after my headlights went out for the first time it has happened again. Last time I changed the Headlight Relay in the engine compartment fuse box and didn't have a problem for 8 months. This morning no headlights again. Everything else works and no matter if the switch is on auto or on, the headlights don't work. The brights work and everything else too. I changed the relay again, didn't work. I took the new relay back to the store and they gave me another one, still didn't work.
    Anyone have any ideas?
    Thanks again,
  • kckinnckckinnc Posts: 1
    if funny i have the exact same problem with my 97 and i dont know what it is i am the 2nd owner of this car i have also checked fuses and nothing i was told the previous owners child tried to install a aftermarket radio and i checked and the factory harness is still in tact .... any ideas would be great ... thanks
  • pam54pam54 Posts: 3
    Did you ever figure out what it was? I'm having the same problem.
  • 2collies2collies Posts: 12

    The headlight problems continue... My 2006 GP now has 175000+ miles on it and the problem with the headlights continues. Occasionally the headlights will just go out but the car doesn't recognize that the lights are off. Everything else works fine. I have twice replaced the relay in the fuse box and now the daytime running lights were staying on. I took it to an "auto electric" specialist who could not figure out the problem but did succeed in charging me $350. I took it to the dealer who spent hours looking but again, no solution. Now the DRL are staying on after the car is off. At least the dealer didn't charge me anything. The relay was hot as hell so I again replaced it which shut off the lights after the car was off but something is frying these relays and I have no idea what. You might think 175000 miles is time to go, but the car is in absolutely perfect shape, I have done all maintenance since brand new and I am not ready to give up on it just yet. Any ideas would be appreciated as I think there must be something in the under hood fuse box causing the relay to heat up to the point of malfunctioning. Thanks for any ideas!

  • seanwilkirsonseanwilkirson Posts: 2
    edited February 20
  • seanwilkirsonseanwilkirson Posts: 2
    edited February 20
    My 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP has has a couple of issues since I bought the car last week. I can't drive it at night anymore because I don't have tail lights, I have brake lights, just no tail lights. Along with the tail lights my entire speedometer, tachometer, radio, AC/heat, etc. is pitch black. The first night I noticed it, the lights went on and off a couple of times while driving, but not exactly when I hit a bump or turned hard, but now they stay off. Along with this, my car chime keeps binging even after I take the keys out. Another problem I'm having is 9 MPG, I know I need a downstream o2 sensor, but my car says it's running lean which means less gas right?
    So basically, I would like to know if it's an electrical component that goes bad, or if there's a short somewhere (ugh) and if my o2 sensor will double/triple my mileage.

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