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Pontiac Grand Prix Steering/Suspension



  • Sthomas,
    on my 96 grand prix, when I installed the rear struts, I had to have the rear wheels aligned. I did a 4 wheel of course.But yes, the rears are alignable.
    Hope that helps.
  • I have a 2004 GP with 75,000 miles on it. I've had zero problems with it, but just recently noticed a slight tapping/twinging type vibration that I can feel through the steering wheel when I make turns. It occurs mainly when I'm making a slow turn onto a side street and it doesn't make any difference if it's a left or right hand turn. With each turn I can feel the vibration 2-3 times during the course of the turn. Also, it doesn't make any difference if I'm braking or not, I feel it both when braking during a turn or not. The car tracks straight as an arrow and I'm not seeing any premature tire wear. Any ideas at what this might be or how to check it out?
  • We just bought a (used) '99 Grand Prix GTP 4 door. It is an AWESOME car. I have a problem though; if I get on the gas in a lower speed turn (<30 mph) then the remainder of the time the car is on, the power steering system makes a very loud moan when I turn the wheel at a low speed (accelerating or not).

    After some lame research on some random forums, the best idea I can come up with is that it's the power steering pump? I dont know though, I am not too familiar with that noise... :confuse:
  • My '04 had it's steering box replaced at 35K and regreased at 97K. Considering how flawless the rest of the car has been, this small item has been a non-issue in my book!
  • I am researching issues with the noises my 2004 Grand Prix is making when I turn. It is almost like a slight vibration and makes an awful noise. My tires are not the problem, however I suspect it has something to do with my power steering and now reading the issues on this site, I think I'm right. Any ideas as to what can be done? Has anyone had this problem fixed? What was the outcome?

  • I am having a similar problem with my 04 Grand Prix. It whines when I turn. It's worse the colder it is outside. Sometimes it makes a horrible clattering noise when I first start it. I think it's related to the power steering, too but I don't know exactly what. I can't seem to locate the power steering pump or the fluid so I can check the level of power steering fluid.
  • To make it as easy as possible, just take it to the dealer. They are aware and it isn't an expensive fix. I'm now at 110K miles and the car just keeps getting sweeter.
  • My 1999 GT is whining when I turn too. The first time I noticed it was on a day back in February when the temperatures were in the single digits. It would whine when I took a corner fast and then whine for a while after that.

    It was kind of cold yesterday morning, and it did it again, and continued to do it throughout the day.

    Has anyone discovered what exactly the problem is? It went to the dealer today, but it didn't whine for them, so they didn't have any answers.
  • nickkokonickkoko Posts: 1
    does anybody know the answer to this? Wheels turn great to the right but hard to the left.
  • gp1311gp1311 Posts: 2
    I have a 2004 Grand Prix, and was wondering,how do i get the steering wheel cover off, so i can get the stereo control covers off. I didn't notice any screws anywhere, just that it won't come off. If you guys know of how to get them off, please let me know.
  • Did anyone get this figured out? My 04 is doing the same thing. A couple of buddies that know a lot more than i do about cars both thought that it was the power stearing pump. Can anyone back that up?
  • Please tell me that you had someone fix this problem for you?! Please let me know what it was cuz i'm having that same problem and that is one annoying noise!!!!!
  • Hi...I have an 02 GTP...I notice a significant vibration when i accellerate on the highway at high speeds and when making turns at high seems to be getting worse...wheel bearings gone? It only does this when the car is hot...i have had my wheels balanced and it continues getting worse...
  • nickrnickr Posts: 1
    I have (had) the same problem at 50k. All you need to do is add power steering fluid. Some vehicles from the plant had low levels added and since then, the remaining has purged out. The resevoir is behind the alternator. Once you add it, turn on the car, turn hard left and hard right and the noise will be gone!!!
  • I just took my '06 GT with slightly less than 30,000 miles (still under warranty) into the dealer this morning for service with 2 symptoms.
    1: Loud whine when making sharp left turns, nothing when turning right.
    2: Constant whining noise when driving, sort of sounds like an airplane propeller

    I had a feeling that #2 was a hub bearing issue, because my '02 GT front hub bearings went bad and made the same noise. However, I thought I must be wrong, since the '06 isn't even 2 years old yet and doesn't have that many miles on it.

    Well, my diagnosis was correct - left front hub bearing is bad. They also told me that my power steering fluid needs to be changed because it is 'burnt'.

    My questions:
    1. Isn't it a bit early for a well maintained vehical with less than 30,000 miles on it to have problems with a hub bearing? I've taken it to the dealer for all maintenance/oil changes, etc. since I bought the car new in Jan. '06.
    2. Does it sound odd that the power steering fluid would be bad at this point? The dealer was sort of evasive when I asked if it had gone bad prematurely. Of course I have to pay for the fluid change, since it is considered a maintenance item and isn't covered under the 36K mile warranty.
  • That's total Bull****! How can someone manage to "burn" power steering fluid on their own in a 30,000 mile car?? cant be done! thats a sign of a bad dealer if you ask me. In my opinion, there are many dealers available to choose from. I have always been treated like royalty at my dealer, probably because they know that if they tried to pull some lame excuse for not fixing something when the car is still under warranty, that i would take my business elsewhere!

    Im trying to support GM as best I can, but if thats how they want to lose their business and declare bankruptcy, It will slowly start to become a reality in the next few years. Ive always owned GM vehicles but am not against the idea of switching to another brand of vehicle if I get bad service from a dealer.
  • Did you ever get this fixed?

    Mine does the EXACT same thing. If I turn hard right at all it gets stuck in whine mode, and its like that until I turn off my car and restart it. It also makes some kind of engaging noise right after I put it in drive and begin to move forward.
  • This doesn't sound like the exact same thing my car was doing. My car only made the noises when the car was moving. After replacing the left front hub bearing (under warranty) and doing a power steering fluid flush (cost less than $100), I have had no more problems.
  • Hi jbarber2,

    We added more power steering fluid, as it was somewhat low. My still makes the noise when I cut the wheel hard. But adding power steering fluid did get rid of some of the noise. It hasn't been loud enough for me to justify another trip to the dealer. I'm wondering if it is a temperature thing and if it will act up again now that the weather is colder.
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