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Pontiac Grand Prix Rattles, Clunks and other odd Noises



  • Yes they charged me and no there was no warranty issued.
  • I have the same year car and have the same problem. It started about 2 weeks ago. I would appreciate any info on what it might be if you find out.
  • I have a 1997 Grand Prix and my ac barely blows air in the middle and driver side vents and the air is warm. Only the passager side my ac blows air normal on any speed and its cool air, this is with it being full of freon. Also I have changed the blower motor.
  • I have a 1999 GTP with about 175k on it. Just purchased in January. After replacing a few needed things (tires, mufflers, mass air flow, tune up... it runs like new! Now, this weird thing started: When under load, there is a loud clicking/clanking sound coming from seemingly the left front wheel area. It will drive fine in any gear, at any speed - when I go easy on it, but when I put it to the floor, it makes this loud sound and it feels like something is slipping. I can make it happen at 20mph or at 80mph - I tried revving while coasting in neutral and no sound - only when in drive and when I stomp on it. It sounds and feels like something is skipping. UPDATE- i replaced the cv axle yesterday- didn't help. No play in the bearing either. Is it differential related? Tranny?

    Heeeelllp! I want to save this car.
  • it was the tranny. had a jasper put in- runs like new again!!! 300k here i come.
  • i have 2007gp and it was te power stearing, they had to replace it.
  • Never found a cause for what my noise was but about a year later it just stopped and has yet to make the noise since. I'm glad it stopped but I still wonder what it was.
  • iwhiteiwhite Posts: 1
    Just bought 2 DAYS AGO, a 2007 Pontiac Grand Prix GT 3.8 V6 Supercharged. USED. I hear a constant noise from the dashboard, sounds like an air compressor. Sometimes it stops, but when I push the CD eject button the noise starts again. This is happening with engine on or OFF. PLEASE SOMEONE GIVE ME A HINT WHAT SHOULD I DO. I HAVE NO $ AT ALL TO BRING IT TO A SHOP.
  • motorcity6motorcity6 Posts: 427
    Car in question is my 2006 GPGT purchased used 6/30/07 w/4300 miles from local Caddy dealer..Traded in a 2002 Olds Intrigue w/120k miles, bought new and was a great car..

    To the GP's ills, ISS-3rd shaft installed around 30k miles, still good, 5th battery since new, had to pay for the last one, however next one is free..and last week @ 59k miles, replaced the Front engine and Tranny mounts..On the 3rd set of tires due to various problems not blamed on tread life, mainly misalignment due to car dealer's lack of honesty..or competent help..

    Still on original brakes, wheel bearings, and using "Royal Purple" oil..Car is not "Hot rodded", however interstate driving is swift to say the least..Having owned 53 cars to date, this one is not high on my list with praise..It was a cheap buy, Black ext w/tan leather and sunroof..Had a 2010 Mustang GT for a brief period, but was offered pricing too good to keep around, however the new 5.0 Mustang will find my garage soon..

    My advice to Grand Prix owners is "sell." I live in SW Fla, so heat is the big killer of many mechanical items, however I will keep this car for other visiting family members to drive, since the manual shift Mustang is off-limits to certain family members..

    Putting a ton of money into any Grand Prix is foolish, for the resale value is priced near junk levels..I stay away from the local original car dealer except for battery problems, and alignment is done by the Chevy dealer..Oil change, tire balance, and other work is performed by a small 2-man shop with GM extensive background, plus a "Tire Rack" installer and tire balance is a must for smooth high-speed driving..

    The W body layout of the Chevy Impala and the Grand Prix is old style, however the Intrigue series from 1998 thru 2002 was a stand alone W-body..The 1998 Intrigue had the 3.8 V-6, and starting with the 1999 model thru 2002 had the 3.5, 4 valve all-alum V-6 which was a fun motor..Had a 1998 Intrigue which GM repurchased from me @26k miles, next came the 1999 Intrigue GLS and a 2002 Intrigue GLS..The 1998 Intrigue had steering and brake issues, and the 1999 and 2002 had similiar issues but not as serious, however the engine and suspension setup with some modifications to stock made it a fun car to drive..

    The S/C Pontiac does come alive above 70 mph, one of it's good qualities, a/c is okay, and wind noise is high, Monsoon stereo is okay, comfort level bad, but it is a pretty car, adores premium gas, will keep until it gets to 90K...
  • You're a car killer! I am 40 years old and only on my 4th car, 3 of them Pontiacs, the first being a Buick J-body. The '84 Skyhawk (2 litre/2bbl/5-speed) had 245,000kms running strong but body was rotting so sold it. Then '90 Tempest (3.1 litre/5-speed) had 275,000kms running strong before I sold it for a much needed van, a '95 Trans Sport SE(3800). Still have the van, still runs great at 352,000kms, and "no" I have not had gasket problems. All of the above vehicles except the Skyhawk were purchased used, and with less than 50,000kms. No major failures, no major triumphs - they were what they were. Changed the oil every 4000 kms (not 5000).
    My current Pontiac is a 2007 Grand Prix GXP 5.3litre V-8. Handles like a champ, goes like hot snot and loves to be babied too. Bought it with 27,000kms and now have 43,000kms. Only disappointment is the front brake wear. I'm needing to change rotors/pads already and I'm not exactly hard on my vehicles (obviously if you look at the numbers).
    Long story short - before you buy a used vehicle know what you're buying and when you buy it take care of it.
    BTW, the Monsoon stereo is the WORSE isn't it?? It hurts my ears.
  • motorcity6motorcity6 Posts: 427
    I have considered buying a used GXP, however after reading all the complaints of the brake and tranny problems, along with the rotten front tire life. I decided that my 2006 GT is the final GM product ever for me..

    I don't abuse cars, don't like to mess around with dealers, have seen way too many in my long life..

    Used to make the run from Detroit area to Pt. Robinson, Ont, twice a month, approx. 380 miles round trip..Smoked the roads, 6hrs of driving for the day..3 hrs in meetings..Got my worst speeding ticket ever 2 blocks from the BlueWater bridge at Sarnia, Ont..The cop was laying in the ditch w/radar gun and got nailed for $300., US..

    Neat roads in Canada, and I really enjoyed the people..Don't really go for the political ideology but it is better than the current regime in the USA...

    The Ford Mustang GT will be here shortly, however the Pontiac will be preserved/reserved for visiting family members to drive..I know how the family drives and they ain't getting the 6spd manual shift V-8 to abuse..That's for me to do..
  • I have a 2002 pontiac grand prix gt and it is making a noise at the front of my car that sounds like hitting two hollow pieces of wood together. I tried to determine if it was just going it at certain times or not. It just does it. Do you have a possible diagnosis?
  • I have a 2008 pontiac grand prix. Around 98,000 miles I noticed my car started to shutter. I had recently replaced my battery so I figured my throttle was recalibrating itself. Wrong! The shuttering starting to get worse. After I took it to a mechanic I found out that due to an inferior alluminum used in the transmission that I am now looking at having my transmission rebuilt. Has anyone else had this problem?
  • Does anyone know of any reflashes for my pontiac grand prix? (computer update for car)
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,055
    We hope the rebuild goes okay, swolemj. Are you working with a local mechanic, or with one of our GM dealerships?

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
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