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2007 Elantra First Impressions



  • harlqnharlqn Posts: 18
    As a reference, I'll point out what items in the pictures are completely black.

    (click the images for a larger view)

    The bag hanging from the hook

    The movable cover inside the shifter path

    The face of the controls and radio surround

    The leather on the steering wheel and the wheel buttons

    The back of the front seat and the visible floor mat

    The steering column and the control faces

    The "perforated" door insert and the window/lock controls

    Only the barely-visible door inset panel (as above). This image was brightness-corrected to give a more accurate feel for the upholstery color.

    The window switches

    Overall, it looks worlds better (to me) than the official gray interior and looks even better offset by the chrome and silver accent pieces. It looks like Hyundai used slightly lighter colors in the areas more likely to fade from UV (dash) or get a lot of wear and tear (lower door panels).
  • tmporttmport Posts: 19
    Thanks a lot! Your description and those pictures are really helpful. It definitely looks like it's more of a black/dark gray interior than simply a monotone black interior, which should suit me fine. I also don't especially love the lighter gray interior, though I certainly don't dislike it.
  • irismgirismg Posts: 345
    Seems like ALL the cars are using black or gray interiors lately...I hate that. Although, I had a charcoal gray '87 Nova with gray interior, and I could live with it, since I had to.

    I had a question: what color does the dash light up in at night? I can't stand the red lighting on the Mazdas, makes me think I'm looking at brake lights all the time. My Corolla has pale green illumination. What color does Hyundai use? It's hard to test drive at night, so how would you find out if you can live with the lighting unless you ask someone who has one!

    Thanks in advance!
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,628
    Or tan, also available on the Elantra (and my personal favorite).

    The gauges on the Elantra are blue with red accents--a very pleasing display, used more and more in cars. VW has been using that color for years. Hyundai used blue lighting on the '01-'06 Elantra GT (which I have, and I like the displays).
  • irismgirismg Posts: 345 is nice!! Thank you!

    I don't know why the interiors to cars are so unimaginative these days. I remember the blue interior to my mother's white '66 Monterey, and in the '80s had a white Mercury 2-seater with a red interior! I guess those days are long gone; maybe the black interiors keep costs down if everyone their vinyl or plastic in bulk.

    I really do favor a lighter interior...tan wouldn't be the end of the world.

    Thanks again!
  • ginns5ginns5 Posts: 16
    Let me tell you, I have the tan interior on my 07 Elantra and only wish I had the black.The tan bolster on left front seat is already very dirty in 4000 miles.I think this is a design flaw in the car.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,628
    Well, I was not sad to see the red interiors go. Blue isn't my favorite either, although I did have a Celica once with a dark blue interior that was pretty nice.

    Some carmakers do black with red trim. I saw a Sonata like that in a showroom in Seoul a couple of years ago. So maybe someday Hyundai will add a little red to their interiors over here.

    I think you are right on the cost factor--the fewer the interior colors, the simpler (and cheaper) the manufacturing process.
  • bhmr59bhmr59 Posts: 1,598
    How can a light colored interior getting dirty on the driver's seat be a design flaw of the car?
  • prosource1prosource1 Posts: 234
    I am looking to purchase an SE or Limited but I gotta have a sunroof! The dealer here has not had even one Elantra with a sunroof or even one Limited on his lot yet. Are these hard to find. Even tho my daughter will be driving this car, my wife will probably have it once in a while when she has to take longer jaunts and with fuel mileage being so crucial now, the SUV is not the best to do high mileage with anymore. So I need a sunroof.
  • ginns5ginns5 Posts: 16
    I consider the interior of a car as being designed.The choice of fabric, and plastics and other materials as being PART of design.TO ME, using a seat fabric that wears prematurely is a poordesign choice.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,628
    You said before it was dirty, not worn. Have you tried cleaning it?
  • joe131joe131 Posts: 971
    That was my thought too, Backy.

    If you know you are going to be wearing dirty clothes in your car, then do NOT buy one with a light colored interior. That is if you don't like to see dirty seats and/or if you don't like to clean the car or pay to have it cleaned often.

    Man! Why does buying a car have to be SO hard? You have to think about so many things at once. It is just exhausting!
  • ginns5ginns5 Posts: 16
    yes, have tried cleaning it.Remains somewhat stained.It, to me, is just one of several "design" failures in the car.I guess design is how people perceive it.(like the clock and radio face that reflect in the windshield for example)As to my clothes being dirty, no I don't buy that.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,628
    A couple of things:

    * When it was new did you put Scotchgard or a similar stain repellent n the fabric? I've been using that on all my cars (with fabric interiors of course) for many years, seems to help.

    * Did you try taking it to a professional (i.e. some place that cleans car interiors)?

    Any idea how the dirt got on the seat, if not from your clothes? Maybe someone else drove the car? I have seen plenty of "dirty" beige cloth in cars. Just not in mine. :)
  • lightfootfllightfootfl Posts: 442
    Is the thing you are seeing actually dirt? Or is it possible that the fabric is wearing away or reshaping itself so as to appear discolored? Just a thought.
  • mgdy2shomgdy2sho Posts: 2
    I have had the same problem. I have contacted two different dealerships and both have told me that there isn't a Limited with a sun and sound package and automatic transmission anywhere in California. I have also spent hours on the internet searching inventories of dealers in a couple of other states without any luck. I agree with you about the sunroof; however, I also like the look of the black leather interior. I do want a particular color (carbon gray), but with no automatic limited with sun and sound anywhere to be found, I am thinking about possibly looking into another car. I find it extremely frustrating that the Hyundai website shows these options, yet I can't find one anywhere. :sick:
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,628
    I saw an interesting comment in the current MT (comparo of Elantra, Sentra, Lancer, and Civic). They mentioned the tan interior of the Sentra and said that while it looked more interesting than the grey interiors of the other cars, it also looked dirty from almost the moment they started using it. So maybe this is something endemic to tan interiors in general? Alao may explain why Hyundai used that multi-color pattern on the Gen 3 Elantra. It was not the best-looking fabric (on the early Gen 3's, like my '01, all the color flecks made me nickname it "puke brown"), but it was durable as nails and looked brand-new when I sold the car after 5-1/2 years.
  • harlqnharlqn Posts: 18
    These pix are with the interior light control turned all the way up (very bright)

    Click on each for a larger view

    These are the daytime pics for comparison...

    Headlights on

    Headlights off
  • irismgirismg Posts: 345
    I don't understand...a little Windex will take care of that
  • irismgirismg Posts: 345
    That's nice, harlqn! For a minute there I thought you had a blue vinyl dash, and I was getting excited! LOL Both of my mother's cars, a '66 Monterey and a '78 Sedan DeVille, had a blue interior. That would be a nice color interior to see again.

    Thanks for posting those, and sorry, I check in once in a blue moon or else I'd have seen them earlier.
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