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Pontiac Grand Prix: Dealer Service



  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,496
    "I like the BMW's too, but the G35 Infiniti Coupe, much better, but my problem is also rear wheel drive. The coupe has rear wheel drive, but the sedan is all-wheel drive or front wheel drive. I don't like the Sedan in the G35. I need a car with front wheel drive."

    The Infiniti G35 Sedan is RWD or AWD. The I35 was FWD.
    The (fairly strong) rumor is that the BMW 3 Series Coupe will offer an AWD variant - by next year. With a 300 HP & TQ twin turbo I6.

    - Ray
    Who could jump to BMW (ED with my Daughter), if the sedan version of the 3 Series also becomes available with that motor . .
  • sahoward1sahoward1 Posts: 19
    Now that AC season is here in Massachusetts, I'll probably leave my plastic stirrer/straw in the ashtray. But in September, I'll insert my automatic snowflake depresser and will not have to deal with it again until next May. :) And I stopped calling and writing GM about it. I'm pretty disappointed they weren't willing to provide a technical solution for me, but I'm going to start enjoying the car. I've only had it six weeks, 2000 miles.
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